Monday, November 29, 2010

I caught it.

I have baby fever.

When I posted that I didn't have it, even a little bit, I swore on a stack of all things Holy that that was truth; and it was.

Lately, things have changed.

First, Jake is mother-effin' hilarious. I can barely stand it. We laugh together SO MUCH. He's trying to say more words. He laughs, intentionally & at particular instances (as in, he's not just laughing like a hyena at everything), when we watch TV. He's so friendly. I watch him absorb everything around him like a sponge. I'm just growing more and more proud of him every day.

Secondly, I've been through everything on my list that scared the bajesus out of me about handling deployment with a toddler and no back-up. Well, there's that, handling deployment with a toddler and no back-up. Then, there's Jake being sick, me being sick, teething so horrendous I cursed the names of dentists everywhere. Little, adorable me thought "I really want to keep my hair appointments, how do I do it with Jake?!" Sister, we got bigger fish to fry.

((P to the S....I did get to keep my hair appointments! :::hammer time::: Mama's got a lot of hair; it needs taming!))

Thirdly, I've mastered the Post Office, with multiple packages, and said toddler! The first trip to the Post Office, though? CLUSTERFRICK. It was horrible and, the next time Gary called, I apologized, preemptively, for the strong possibility that he'll never receive another box from me for the remainder of this deployment. Thankfully, I worked it out! I stepped outside the doors of that Postal building, jumped into the air, and fist-bumped the Heavens. I emerged victorious.

This is how I felt.

Fourthly, my friend, Casey, and I have started weekly dates at our house. She has a near 3 week old little girl that I just can't get enough of! Casey and bebeh came over around 9 pm on Thanksgiving and didn't leave 'til almost 2am, and I held that wee infant almost the entire time! I so caught it.

Baby Fever. This shizz is contagious.

And, to clarify, it's not that Jake is growing up that I want to have a baby around. I love that. I love that he's getting bigger, and smarter, and, all around, just the bee's knees; it's that I want another one just like him. I want to see him as an older brother. I want to share that love, that pounds my heart for Jake, with another little human being. And, hello, seeing Gary as a daddy to two kids? Pretty sure I just ovulated at the mere thought of that.

We have our plan, though. And, like so many things, we're wide open to rearranging aspects of the plan. I feel a little lamesauce referring to our preferred sequence of events as "the plan". Ideas? Suggestions? I don't effing know! How about, we have 'thoughts' on how we'd like things to go for us, baby making included? Does that one work?

When Gary gets back, Jake will be pushing 2. TWO. T-W-O. He'll be more self-sufficient, and all that business. It just all seems so enticing! One of the times I got my 'do did, I was talking about Jake driving me to the ledge and, another woman got in on our convo and said how at least twice a week she questions if she's able to be a good mama to her two young kids. I thanked her. Repeatedly. It was such a comfort to know that that's just how you feel sometimes.

I guess, maybe, what helps me be all feverish is that so many things scared me, and I've conquered them. I've found that way to navigate our day, not lose anyone in the process, and feel accomplished. I'm, kind of, in awe that it's possible. Not every day is a victory, but , in an overall sense, we get a 'W' more often than not.

The first person, outside Gary obviously, who figured out (I thought I was all stealthy in my word choices, but she cracked my code) I was pregnant with Jake told me something that is so simple, but really resonates with me: "When you have the second baby, it's easy. You've already altered your life for the first one. Now? All you have to do is add the second one to the mix"

It's not like it can happen now anyway. Abstinence and deployment, one in the same. It's just comforting to know that when it is time, we can totally rock the house with our parenting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I believe... one should wear jeans that require a bikini wax.

...Darius Rucker is a welcome addition to country music.

...that the 'gingersnap' scent coming from our Scentsy warmer is perfection.

...that as much as I super hate deployment, it's shown me that I can go through all the things that worried me about going it "alone" (serious bout with teething, J getting sick for the first time, me sick without help, general loneliness...) and come out the other side. I've learned that I can roll with the punches, that I'm more patient than I realized, that my optimism if a force with which to be reckoned. And, most of all, I get to have that welcome home ceremony that makes everything worthwhile! I can't wait! Because of those things, I can't completely hate deployment.

...that buying that track suit from Old Navy was the smartest thing EVAH! This way, we can run to the post office to mail G some loot, right after breakfast, and still look, relatively, put together.

...that I have some of the greatest friends around! I will never be able to express my gratitude for your care and concern for me during this time. It means so, so much :-) being creative. I know not everyone has the "creative bone", but it's really saved me some of these lonely nights. I plan to post pictures, after G gets his boxes, but I've made ornaments, a holiday centerpiece, and done two pretty large drawings for Jake's room. Keeps the noggin busy in a great way!

...I need to go shopping on Black Friday at least once in my lifetime!

...I should get a subscription to Sky Mall. gets old with the people who always have to have a problem with something. Do you know someone like this? And, I mean, a clear distinction between passionate and someone just always out to prove a point & show how much they like to be "outspoken". Some days? Just clock out.

...I need to remember that taking 10 minutes to vent a frustration doesn't mean I'm negative, or that the day has beaten me. It means I'm human. being productive. I feel like Super Mama when there aren't any dishes in the sink, or clean ones in the dishwasher, and no clothes in the dryer. I should actually have a cape made.... all should know: I've never had Green Bean Casserole.'s absolutely INSANE that in 2 months I'll be closer to 30 than 20!!! How the stuffing did this happen?? ((What has two thumbs and just successfully completed an aptly-timed Thanksgiving pun? THIS GIRL)) should also know: No one in this casa has ever watched Yo Gabba Gabba.

...there should be the holiday meal equivalent of maternity pants; I know you're having more mashed potatoes, and an extra slice of pie...tell me an elastic band doesn't sound like perfection!

What do you believe in this holiday season?

Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's recap.

The LaMay household has gone from Jake teething, to Jake being sick, to, now, me being sick. And, before it's all over, it'll be time for my uterus to hate me.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

When I realized the sequence of events this morning, I had to laugh. How could I not?? This just shows me what I am made of, no?

Then, I had to laugh harder thinking back on I've-never-dealt-with-a-deployment-and-a-baby-at-the-same-time Samantha, who wondered how I'd ever survive.

Well, baby girl, you've done it!!

P to the S....Before G-unit left, I told him he'll be returning to one of two scenarios. Either, A) he'll walk in the door to me huddled in a corner, gum tangled in my rat's nest of hair, wearing the same clothes I wore the day he left, talking to myself or B) I'd be effing victorious, with a 7 course meal on the table, my hair gloriously curled, in a fab' ensemble, with Jake on my hip, surrounded in blankets I've crocheted and my general awesomeness.

If I'm laughing at what we've been through past few weeks, I'd say I'm going for the latter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our baby boy's first word!!!

Lately, I've been in a bad way. I've been feeling so sad, so lonely, so disappointed...It's been a craptastic combination of my least favorite adjectives. Not to mention, I haven't been a stranger to crying. It's hard to continue to look at the glass half-full when you're feeling so beaten down. Optimism is, apparently, taking a little vacay. Some days? I just don't feel like I can handle this deployment anymore.

Then, my hubby called <3 He helped me to re-realize I can be sad, and maybe some people will help me to be disappointed in them, but that I'm never alone. I so love that man. He's my favorite. Now, if only we could be on the same continent....

Let's not have that talk.

After our phone call, things were looking in a better direction. For that I was so grateful. Jake even seemed to be more lighthearted, and he was only up the last few minutes of our call. But, we needed it. We needed that handsome voice from 8,000 miles away to make it all better.

So, we went about our day and I'm hearing the usual "mamamamamama..." "dadadadadadadada..." "nom nom nom nom nom..."

Some days he says the "mama..." and "dada...." in such a way that I have a glimmer of hope that he used it, specifically, for one of us, but no dice. You can see his wheels turnin'; you can see that those words mean something. We just weren't at the point where he was exactly sure what that meaning was.

I do try to help him along. I'll ask him "Where's Mama?" & he'll look at me like he's on the edge of his seat; like the answer is right on the tip of his tongue but he just can't get it out. So, I'll pat my chest and say "I'm mama!!" He gets a big laugh.

I think I've mentioned this before but, we call Gary's voicemail every night before bed. Gary recorded a message for us; for me to hear those sweet words and for Jake to keep hearing Daddy's voice while he's away. Before bed, I'll set his bottle on his toy chest, and sit in the rocker to make our call. Every night it's, "Let's call Daddy!!" He gets so excited as I start dialing then, promptly, stops, waits to be sure it is, in fact, his Daddy and then smiles and starts kicking his feet! I say 'dada' about 13 times during our phone call ritual. I want him to keep hearing it. But, in this instance, he's never reciprocated the 'dadadada...'. He's very excited, but usually lets me do all the talking.

So, Friday night, we were all settled into the rocker, and I hadn't made my declaration "Let's call Daddy!" yet. I was still getting settled, picked up the home phone, turned to him and was about to say it when he looks at me, says "Dada" [(NOT to be confused with 'dadadadada...')] and then stares at the phone, waiting for me to dial.


I stared at the side of his beautiful head. Tears welled in my eyes. I just couldn't believe it. He even said it with a certain inflection. It was like he knew we were about to talk to dada, but said it with the kind of inflection like he was asking "we're calling dada, right?!" It was so strong, and confident the way he said it. The look on his face was all business. He knew exactly what he was SAYING.

I wanted to go wide with the information right away, but I couldn't. I have to wait for Dada to call!! I want him to get this information first. As I type this, I'm still waiting for him to get my email and, hopefully, give us a call ASAP (& I won't publish this until he hears it first). It's unbelievably touching to me that his first word, out of all the words our little man will speak in his entire life, Dada was his first. His daddy is 8,000 miles away, and our one ( of two) fears is that Jake will forget parts of his daddy while he's deployed. I cannot wait to tell my hubby, cannot wait to hear his reaction when I say, that our baby boy knows exactly who he is. He's Dada. I so needed that.

I put Jake to bed with tears in my eyes. I watched How I Met Your Mother with an extra credit amount of lightheartedness. And, went to bed thankful. It's been hard on me, but this came at just the perfect time. I just can't wait to tell my hubster. I cannot wait to hear his reaction. I am imagining the depths of goo this will produce in him. He's going to be so touched.

Grilled Cheesus, our boy can talk.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I believe... can find whatever you want in a person, good or bad, if you look hard enough.

...that I am over the moon with excitement for my double boiler to come in from Pampered Chef!! I'll be making my first hollandaise sauce with it!

...that waking up to a dream about whether or not Kris Jenner has a turkey neck makes for an interesting morning.

...Starbucks should deliver. I cannot imagine that this has not been discussed in at least one meeting. the smell of a real Christmas tree. I hope I'm able to finagle one into our house without my gentle giant's strength!!

...I should have relished certain things PB (pre-baby); I can get a workout in at home, or on the streets around our home, but I wish I would have realized how effing awesome it was that I could run over to 24 Hour Fitness at 9:30 pm if I so desired (and I did!)!

...happiness is not a mood or a destination, but an overall feeling. That phrase blew up on FB after it was said on One Tree Hill, but I don't really agree. I appreciate the sentiment, but I think of happiness as a blanket statement. For instance, if I have a bad day with Jake it doesn't mean I'm not, overall, living my happiness. I'm not feeling happy in that moment, or trying to reach a point of happiness, but it's still there, lingering. Overall, my happiness is still off the charts :-)
(Not to be confused with being happy in a in, it smelled like a poop and there wasn't any!!=I was happy about that!)

...I'm being totally unfair to Gary Allan, but I just can't stand his face! Well, it actually has nothing to do with his face, just him. That poor guy, he's always rubbed me the wrong way and I've never known why!

...that after four days of waiting, my monthly gift was, indeed, a gift. always being an arm's distance away from Jake, and all our kids. There's no way, in my right mind, I think, or would want for that matter, to always be the apple of Jake's eye. I want him to always be able to reach to us, to fall back on us, but appreciate the space we've given him to learn and grow into his own person.

...that I never knew the true amount of patience I had until I've dealt with a toddler and a deployment simultaneously. Coincidentally, I've never known the power in sprinting storming off walking into another room to scream cry collect yourself, regroup, and come out fresh-faced for another bout with the day. is the most precious thing EVAH to have to wake Jake up from his afternoon nap (to keep bedtime on track, for those that were wondering why the eff I'd wake him up from a nap!) and creep into his room to see his butt in the air, puddle of drool under his mouth, and the way he squinty-smiles at me when he's coming around. It's like he's a teeny teenager!

...if I keep putting marathons of The Hills on during the day, Jake's going to grow up to awkwardly stare at people.

What do you believe in?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MILF status.

I was watching Kendra last night (hey, don't judge! It's not like I'm watching it to catch up on world events. I just think she's funny, and that her and her hubby are adorable together, and that her baby is way too cute...) and she was doing a radio interview over the phone.

Apparently the interviewer is very outspoken and he proceeded to tell her that because she's a mom she's now boring. This also coincided with her indecisiveness as to whether or not she'd pose for Playboy again. Did you see this episode?

She was pretty pissed at what the radio guy had to say. And, I have to say, I can so see where she's coming from. When you become a mama it doesn't mean you instantly start wearing the dreaded mom jeans, are only concerned with laundry, and never care to feel pretty again. Lord knows, I could be the next Mrs. Duggar and I still wouldn't touch mom jeans with a ten foot pole. It also doesn't mean I live to do laundry, and cook, and clean. Granted, I do love to cook, but it's not how I define myself.

Peeing on a stick that one fateful February afternoon did not instantly change who I am. Yes, Jake will always come first. That's how it should be when he's dependent on me for so many things. Totes. But, it doesn't mean I don't have my fun side. It doesn't mean I wouldn't go out every once and a while if I had the chance [thanks, deployment and lack of babysitters]. Gary and I still have life within us. As a matter of fact, we talk all the time how we thought we'd feel older than we do once we became parents. But, it's not the case. Your views may change, your priorities definitely better change, but it doesn't strip away a bubbly personality, or a wild streak that may run within you. I know our wild, and our bubbles, are still intact.

My supa fab' friend Christian told me once that I don't have the "new mom" look. I was so grateful to hear that! I think there's this preconceived notion that once that little one come out yo' baby maker, you're forever destined to have spit-up stained clothing, and rat's nest for hair. I'm not going to lie and say I haven't looked like that on more than one occasion (shit...we didn't go anywhere today, and I'm not looking my hottest now!), but I still take pride in my appearance. I still love to get ready. My shopping devotion hasn't wavered, just altered. Jake's needs always come before my getting ready routine, but, luckily, I haven't had to give them up.

Kendra basically wanted to prove something. She wanted to prove that you don't have to lose sex appeal once your name becomes mama, that you can still be fun and enjoy a good time. I feel the same and, sometimes, wonder if my friends that don't have kids think that you lose that luster once you do. It doesn't have to be true! Swearsies. Pop one out and I'll prove it.

I used to joke with Gary that since I was happily married, graduated college, and pregnant (at the time), my last goal in life was to be a MILF. Sometimes, I swear I'm so funny. Anyway, I didn't want to lose myself to motherhood, ya know? I can still outsmart the day to get my workout in, and strategically plan my shower so that I can spend a few extra minutes getting ready. I still have every intention of taking slutty fun Christmas pics for Gary. As long as these things don't impede my ability to be a good mama to our little tater tot there's no reason to let go of them. In my humble opinion, anywho.

Of course, I don't mean to imply that mamas should look their best always, or that all mamas even need to care (*I* just like to get ready, not all mamas feel this way, & it ain't no thang if that's the case...). It's simply not possible. Wait. Is it possible for anyone? I just mean in general. There's always that unforeseen bad day where you could go out in public in a potato sack and not give a rat's patootie who looks at you. In fact, you might even drop the hammer if someone gives you, and your potato sack, a questionable look. Don't worry, us mamas would have your back. Dropkick that Judgy McJudgerson!

After watching that episode, I felt like I needed to say something to defend mamahood! Even though aspects of life change when a wee babe enters the picture, you can still be you. Maybe not in the exact same context, but the line that Roland said to Joan on Army Wives when she was deciding whether or not to keep her baby seems to apply "it's just another person on your team"

With all the TV references, have I successfully convinced you that all I do is sit in front of the boob tube?

Monday, November 15, 2010

My first award!!

Totally awesome Morgan decided I deserved an award!!

That's so sweet! Thanks a bunch, bloggy friend!!

To accept this award, a few rules must be followed:

1) Thank the person that gave you the award:
Thank you so much, Morgan! I'm so glad you enjoy reading our little bliggity blog as much as I enjoy reading yours! I love following you!

2) Share 7 things about yourself:
*I'm a total pro at boogie-sucking Jake with the boogie-sucker
*Like Morgan, I LOVE salad. I have always loved salad. And, I can safely say, I will always love salad.
*I fell asleep in the movies when I was in my first trimester.
*I'm reading the Chelsea Handler book Are you there, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea.
*I'm not a fan of monopoly, but when I play I have to be the thimble!
*E! shows are my guilty pleasure
*I worked out twice yesterday.
(it's really hard to come up with these on the spot!)

3) Pass on to 12 bloggers you think are fantastic!!

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4) Contact the bloggers and let them know about award

Congrats, everyone!!

Old Wives' Tales

I don't know why, but lately I've been thinking about how all the Old Wives' Tales I heard while baking J.

Actually, I know exactly why.

When you're 4 days late, and you can pretty much set a clock by your nature, you might find yourself thinking about this topic. Oh yeah...and because, other than Jake having thighs so adorably chubby I could chew on them, I see very little semblance of baby in him so I s'pose I'm thinking about how he's evolved.

I think the most popular one we heard was about belly shape; if you were round you were carrying a girl, if you carried low you have a boy. I am proof that not all Tales are true:

When I was pregnant, we had all kinds of fun with Old Wives' Tales because we never found out Jake was a 'Jake' until D-day. So, the conjecture was hilarious (although, it did lose a bit of its charm when every cashier at Walmart knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what you were having). At our baby shower, it was GIRL GIRL GIRL. But, I looked back to my extensive research (suffice it to say graduating before we had Jake left me with a lot of time on my hands.) into Old Wives' Tales and knew (who needs an ultrasound tech? Certainly not this girl) that when you're incubating a little girl they steal their mother's good attributes, but, and I am so, so grateful to say, I definitely had that glow. Probably sweat. Whichev. Either way, I'm so thankful I didn't break out like pregnancy hormones can sometimes arrange. Thus my conclusion we were not having a girl.

Next, I knew we were Team Peen because I didn't have morning sickness. Sure, I'd feel nauseated if I had to get up real early, but I'd chew gum and that'd be the end of it. Believe, I'm still not done being grateful for that.

Oh, and hello, I mean why get an ultrasound? Simply add your age at conception to the number of the month you conceived. Even, it's a boy (23 and 1 for us), odd it's a girl. Fool proof.

I'm about to admit something so lamesauce: I did the Drano test. Hey, we had some around the house, Gary was at work...what's a girl to do?! For those that don't know, if you mix Drano with your urine and it turns green it's a girl, blue it's a boy. Mine didn't do anything. Guess I couldn't handle all the science. And, yes, I totally used a disposable cup.

And, the shape of the mom's face. UGH. I mega-loathed when people would stare at my face toward the end. My face did get more round, I was not happy about this. Anyway, it makes me feel all icky when people stare anyways, but, when they're studying you to tell you something about yourself because they "know"? I so wanted to play the hormone card and go off on them, but I'm not that good of an actress. Actually, I'd make a horrible actress. Way to self-aware, but that another post for another day. Just stop staring at my round dome!

Did you mamas that found out still hear these hard, who-needs-modern-medicine facts thrown your way? I'm dying to know if any of you didn't find out!!

I don't think anyone can deny the fact that Old Wives' Tales are fun, mostly because of how outrageous they are, but I'm not even sure people don't find out the sex anymore! During our childbirth class, we were the only couple, out of TWELVE, that didn't find out. People couldn't believe we were able to wait.

What? I didn't have morning sickness, so we were having a boy.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Weiners, get your hot weiners!!!

Thank you BUNCHES to everyone who entered the giveaways...I wish there could be more winners!

I love you guys so much, and I really hope that you enjoyed participating for some great loot!

Anywho, selected these lucky winners!! Congratulations to:

Free photo session: kddemarchia

Large Scentsy warmer: Becca

I'll be in touch with both of you lovelies!!

I believe...

...I am in love with the simple satisfaction I get from making my own pancake batter (courtesy of Jenny. Thank ya, ma'am!). It's cheaper, and I get to use completely organic ingredients. Love it!

...watching Jake, at little Ava's birthday last week, interacting with other toddlers, and their parents, made me fall in love with him even more. He's the sweetest, most social little guy. the burn I get from Pilates; I crave it!

...'jammies are meant for inside the casa, only to be worn in public if you're headed to the ER, or on a Walmart run to buy things that will prevent a run to the ER. absolutely ridiculous magazines like Us Weekly, Life & Style, and In Touch. really loving the people you love. They won't always be around; give 'em some sugar.

...Miley Cyrus could have pretty hair. laughing until your sides hurt. Blackberry should stop assuming it knows what I want to text. (I keep trying to get it to stop, and it just won't!! :::cries:::)

...buying the cheaper tissues was a massive mistake. Woops...the tip of my nose just fell off.

in Pampered Chef. If I had any less sense, I'd be buying it all up at the party this weekend!! crying tears of joy. I love when your happy meter is off the charts and you can't help but to leak. I could cry right now picturing our next welcome home ceremony!! I don't think this is embarrassing, I think it's really endearing :-)

What do you believe in?

(Does this post remind anyone else of Journey?? 'Don't stop believin''? Bueller...?)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slow motion.

As I type, Jake is standing and playing with the drawers, and door, of his changing table. I see him rock back and forth a few times, you can tell that with certain movements he's not too stable.

I want, so badly, to go over and correct him. But, I can't do that! Not only will he just move into that same position at some point, but I need to let him fall. He needs to learn how to position himself, and how to "recover" from falling. Not to mention, he corrects himself, and I'm happy he does, but sometimes it doesn't last very long.

Crap. He just fell.

I've "discovered" toddlers have two cries: The first- this is when they're very mobile, but only thisclose to walking, and they fall and let out this wail where it's only a little bit of pain, but more frustration. The second-Code Red cry, the one where something is jammed, smacked, or pinched.

In the second instance, can we not move fast enough?? When Jake just fell he lost his balance, slammed his face into the door of the changing table, and ended up on his belly, unable to move because his face was pressed up against the door.

I'll grab him in a sec.

Just kidding!! I jumped up out of the rocker, cuddled him, and showered him with kisses. He cried for a sec, but then decided the door was his Everest and he was going to climb that biatch. I'm proud of him for recovering so quickly, but it makes me so sad to hear him cry!

I swear I was in total slow-mo. It felt like it took me about 10 minutes to get up out of this chair! Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. My kid's face is smearing off and my legs won't move at the lightning speeds I'd expect. Surely, I'm moving faster than it feels, but I feel like my legs are in molasses.

Jake walks all over the house. Gripping walls, doors, the couch, coffee table...anything he can get his hands on, he uses to help get him around. So, if I hear the first version of crying, it's not really any big deal, and I certainly don't want to teach him that I'll react like he's on fire for something that's barely an occurrence. I'll walk over, help him out, but just be very casual about the whole thing.

Another example (toddlerhood is full of bruises)...
That stationary zebra toy we got him for his birthday is a favorite of his. Yesterday, he walked over, a few feet away, and was playing with it. He slipped and lightly smacked his head on the tile, but it was hard enough to hurt pretty badly. I hopped up, trying to get to him as quickly as possible. I was in molasses again! When I finally got to him, I scooped him up, kissed his head, and cuddled him. Sometimes, I just want to bubble wrap our boy! It makes me so sad that, when I'm holding him, I can't take his pain away, but I also can't fix it where he'll never fall. I swear, sometimes, this kid finds a way to fall!

You mamas feel this? It's like I'm in this parallel universe where I can see the situation, but can't do anything about it!

This molasses phenomena doesn't want me to get to my baby. I'm not happy about this :-(

But, really. I mean, c'mon, there has got to be some sort of gravitational forces at work here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mama Fail

Lunch started innocently enough.

Jake hasn't been eating too much lately, he's a little bit of a lightweight right now with the whole teething thing. But, he always loves a good half of a PB&J.

When he's done eating, I sit him on the counter, next to the sink, and clean him off. Per the usual, he's got stuff going on all over his face.

I'm trying, with most gentle version of scrubbing, to get blueberry preserves off his forehead. It was really on there! Like, paint! I just couldn't figure out how to get it off without scrubbing freakishly hard, which is something I, obviously, don't want to do to our toddler.

I got the water a little warmer, hoping that might break it up. Nothing. I got a little bit of fingernail action on it. Nothing.

It was a bruise.

I was scrubbing a small bruise on our child's forehead.

:::palm to forehead, V8 style:::


But, he was handling it like a champ! He just kept playing with my spatulas. I had no warning!

At that matters is that we laughed about it, right?!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A moment in time.

Yesterday was so blissfully amazing I barely have words.

First, Jake got up the same time as usual, 7:30am, on daylight savings. Hollaa!!!

The plan for the day was to head into Nashville. It was one of those great days; ya know the days where you feel pretty, get to wear something that feels new just because you haven't worn it in a while, and get out the door by the time you want? That was our day! The only drag was that my arms aren't long like Gary's to get great shots of me feelin' well put together, and Jake being a doll. So, there's pics of just him. No wonder he's such a ham.

Once we got to Nashville, the plan was to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. But, after what was a really smooth drive, I should have known: no one was driving because they were all waiting to be seated at the restaurant.

Let's face it, I always park far because the wheels still feel new to hasn't even hit its first birthday! So, after carrying Jake on our trek through the parking lot, and waiting to be seated, my arms couldn't handle it anymore. We headed a few doors down to Panera. Jake enjoyed a nice organic lunch, and I enjoyed watching him try organic chocolate milk for the first time. He spit it out. The boy's a little health nut! But, I loved watching him scarf his grilled cheese and yogurt.

Within the past few days, he's started waving intentionally. Here, I asked him to wave to daddy!

Afterward, we had a great trip to Trader Joe's. Seriously, I will never tire of that place. We picked up a few essentials, and Jake was just the life of the party; he was cracking everyone up by chewing on the mini pumpkin. Mini pumpkins...the new teether.

I just feel so grateful. I was looking at my kid, on a gorgeous fall day, having a small outing in Nashvegas because my hubby provides for us so well, feeling so blessed.

I could have worse company.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scentsy Giveaway!!

I have to admit something. Something I hope this giveaway will make up for.

I've never used Scentsy.

Before now...

I always thought 'it's just a more expensive candle!' Umm, no. It so isn't. Also? I think I'm an addict.

I'm lucky enough to be friends with the sweetest of Scentsy consultants, Vicki. She's so passionate about her product, it's hard not to get hooked!

One of my favorite aspects of the whole Scentsy experience is that they're flameless. That's so important to me seeing as how I have a child who grabs anything, and everything, in his quest to make it around the living room without my help!

And, the options! You can grab a full-size warmer, mid-size, or plug-in. There's even really great holiday warmers out that will totally enhance your d├ęcor. My favorites are the Heavenly and the Red Snowflake. Too cute, right?

My only hangup on this Scentsy deal? Choosing a scent! They all seem absolutely delish! Do you have a favorite? I'm loving on Baked Apple Pie, Gingersnap, and Hazelnut Latte.

That's one of my favorite things about this time of year; I LOVE having the aromas completely add to the ambiance of holiday lights, cuddling up under a blanket, or even gift wrapping! It doesn't get better than that! And, with all the parties, and get-togethers, that go on during this time of year, it's really great to know that your home will always have that inviting scent!

So, Vicki is offering up a giveaway to my readers!! She's offering up the opportunity to win a large warmer of your choice!! A $30 value!!

All you have to do is:
*follow the blog publicly
*Join GoWickLess2010 on FB
*Make a purchase from her site------> FIVE EXTRA ENTRIES!!!!
*Leave a comment with which scent you'd choose!
(feel free to also shoot me a message on FB, or to my email:!)

Enter the giveaway! You know you're going to be doing a million things for all your friends and family this holiday season.....treat yourself to something free in the process!! And, the best thing about this giveaway? You can be anywhere in the U.S., and still be a winner!!

Who doesn't need something free thrown their way during this time of year?? You're going to be spending money like crazy, why not get something for nothin?!

Good luck, everyone!!

I believe...'s more important to be an appropriate role model than establish appropriate rules. They don't do what we say, they do what we do.

...that if you don't support the troops feel free to stand in front of them; you don't have to support the war to support them. Two completely different issues. a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold morning.

...there has never been a cuter crab.

...there really is a burden of knowledge; I try to stay away from the internet when figuring out something about Jake. Not to say knowledge isn't power, it so is, but it's also extremely valuable to pay attention to what your kid, or their body, is trying to tell you. No matter what some expert may say, you are still thee only expert when it comes to your little nugget. brisk Fall mornings. I love having to bundle up, but still being able to enjoy outside because it's so gorgeous.

...I will never get tired of Disneyland.'s impossible to fold laundry as soon as it's done in the dryer, kind of like kissing your elbow.

...that because of Missy, May, Annaleigh, and Whitney I got through, probably, the worst 48 hours of this deployment. Thank you SO MUCH, ladies. Love you!!

...that getting out of a nice, toasty bed on a cold morning can be borderline torturous.

...romance need not be a big production. This is enough for me

...I will forever give the side-eye to those who pluralize "I". "I's" is not a word.... [Erin :-)]

...every single experience we've had shapes us, molds us. Those experiences have made us who we are today.

...that if I never heard/saw the phrase 'just sayin'' again, I'd more than survive. is the most beautiful thing in this world to be married to a man you admire, that you cherish. This man gives me unbelievable love and support from 8,000 miles away. The love we have closes that geographical gap. I believe I am so blessed to be in awe, and humbled, by everything between us.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

To my local followers, I've got a treat for you!

This past week, Jake and I had the opportunity to work with Holli and Jacki of Chloe Rose Photography. Let me tell you, it was a great experience!!

These two lovely ladies work with children so, so well. But, not only are they good with kids, they understand that not every situation is conducive to keeping a toddler at their happiest. Jake has only been with a few photographers, but, believe me, we understand how horrible it can be to meet with a bad one. At one photo shoot in particular, Jake completely shut down, even put himself to sleep, because the woman was rude and had no bedside manner when dealing with children. Jake wasn't happy, Gary and I certainly weren't was a total fail.

However, these ladies are so wonderful to work with, you'd never have to worry about not having an amazing experience! Jake LOVED them, even when he had been having a love/hate relationship with me that day! They brought it out of him. They got great smiles, they worked with what he was feeling---even got great shots when he decided walking around would be more fun, and, best of all, they were flexible. Nothing about them was forced. Their main concern is getting you great photos, and making sure you're happy in the process. Hey, they're mamas, they've been there, they understand, they'll take care of you. Basically, when you're in their hands, you've got it made!

And, the cherry on top? They're affordable!! You can grab a bunch of prints from them and not break the bank! We all know how important affordability is, especially with Christmas right around the corner! Let's be honest, how easy is it to find amazing photogs that are affordable? Not so much, right? Well, you've got all that covered with these ladies!

So, let these super sweet ladies catch some incredible moments for you!

One lucky winner will get a free 30 minute session!!!

(believe me, that's all you'll need. Jake & I were only with them for about 15 minutes!! And, y'all know how great those shots turned out!)

Here's what you gotta do:

*Follow my blog publicly
*Like Chloe Rose Photography on FB
*Leave a comment saying why you'd like to have photos taken. For the holidays? Sending prints overseas? Love Fall photos? Capturing your little one while they're still little? Just for fun?

(I think the blog's comment situation is starting to straighten out, but if you feel more comfy emailing me @, rather than commenting, go for it! You can also shoot me a message on FB....whatever you want! I just know how important free stuff can be this time of year, and I hope y'all enjoy!)

But, these ladies are so very generous. If you head over to their Facebook page and let them know you were referred from my blog, you'll get $5 off an hour shoot!! Basically, everyone's a winner!!!

Buy, y'all....I can't say enough about these ladies. It was an easy, breezy shoot with two ladies who genuinely care. I'm so, so excited for whomever wins this giveaway :-)

Enter for a chance to capture those memories, and not spend any money to do so!! Giveaway ends November 10th at midnight.

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Photo Shoot!!

Y'all, we had the exclusive privilege of working with amazing photographers for Jake's mini-Halloween-shoot! They captured such amazing shots of our little man!! Holli and Jackie thank you so much for a great time and beautiful photos!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Will I remember?

As I sat and watched Jake play in his room today, I thought about the way he moves, and the deliberation of his actions. I thought about how little he is, and how he looks back at me, with a smile, when he's done something he's particularly proud of. And, I wondered what I would remember.

Would I remember the little things that, now, I couldn't imagine forgetting? Will I remember how he hoards my Pampered Chef mixing spoons? Will I remember how we blow raspberries back and forth during meals? Will I remember the squeal he lets out when he sees me come to pick him up after a nap?

I know we had some pretty bad days last week, but they're already vanishing from my memory since he's feeling better. I know those things won't stick with me when we decide to have another baby, when he starts to grow into more of a little boy, rather than a toddler. But, I'm trying to make sure the little things that I wouldn't want to forget don't slip through, too.

I hope I never forget the cute way he pumps his legs so quickly when he thinks he's running from me, by holding the furniture. And, oh, the look on his face...priceless. I hope I always remember the way he looks at the phone every time I dial because, to him, it's always Daddy. I hope I remember how proud he is of himself, and the pride he looks for in my expression, when he recognizes something, as in "nom nom" is time to eat, and yellow is for Spongebob.

I know I'll never forget the way he makes me feel; how when I see him do all these little things that make my heart swell, I just can't get enough of him. That I'll keep with me, I'm sure of it. I just want to keep those little things, too.

Today, I thought about all those things, and looked at him. Really looked at him. This little guy grew in my belly. I just can't believe it. His blue eyes, his combover, his dimples, his hilarious sense of humor, how he's never met a stranger. That's been his packaged deal.

I watched how you can almost see his wheels turning when he'd decide how to move around the room by himself. I was in awe.

He's nothing short of a miracle.