Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

To my local followers, I've got a treat for you!

This past week, Jake and I had the opportunity to work with Holli and Jacki of Chloe Rose Photography. Let me tell you, it was a great experience!!

These two lovely ladies work with children so, so well. But, not only are they good with kids, they understand that not every situation is conducive to keeping a toddler at their happiest. Jake has only been with a few photographers, but, believe me, we understand how horrible it can be to meet with a bad one. At one photo shoot in particular, Jake completely shut down, even put himself to sleep, because the woman was rude and had no bedside manner when dealing with children. Jake wasn't happy, Gary and I certainly weren't was a total fail.

However, these ladies are so wonderful to work with, you'd never have to worry about not having an amazing experience! Jake LOVED them, even when he had been having a love/hate relationship with me that day! They brought it out of him. They got great smiles, they worked with what he was feeling---even got great shots when he decided walking around would be more fun, and, best of all, they were flexible. Nothing about them was forced. Their main concern is getting you great photos, and making sure you're happy in the process. Hey, they're mamas, they've been there, they understand, they'll take care of you. Basically, when you're in their hands, you've got it made!

And, the cherry on top? They're affordable!! You can grab a bunch of prints from them and not break the bank! We all know how important affordability is, especially with Christmas right around the corner! Let's be honest, how easy is it to find amazing photogs that are affordable? Not so much, right? Well, you've got all that covered with these ladies!

So, let these super sweet ladies catch some incredible moments for you!

One lucky winner will get a free 30 minute session!!!

(believe me, that's all you'll need. Jake & I were only with them for about 15 minutes!! And, y'all know how great those shots turned out!)

Here's what you gotta do:

*Follow my blog publicly
*Like Chloe Rose Photography on FB
*Leave a comment saying why you'd like to have photos taken. For the holidays? Sending prints overseas? Love Fall photos? Capturing your little one while they're still little? Just for fun?

(I think the blog's comment situation is starting to straighten out, but if you feel more comfy emailing me @, rather than commenting, go for it! You can also shoot me a message on FB....whatever you want! I just know how important free stuff can be this time of year, and I hope y'all enjoy!)

But, these ladies are so very generous. If you head over to their Facebook page and let them know you were referred from my blog, you'll get $5 off an hour shoot!! Basically, everyone's a winner!!!

Buy, y'all....I can't say enough about these ladies. It was an easy, breezy shoot with two ladies who genuinely care. I'm so, so excited for whomever wins this giveaway :-)

Enter for a chance to capture those memories, and not spend any money to do so!! Giveaway ends November 10th at midnight.

Good luck!!!


Whitney Hacker said...

I would LOVE to get Ava's pictures taken for her birthday/Christmas!! This would be GREAT! =)

Missy said...

The reason I would like to win this is to surprise my in-laws with pictures of our family since they had a house fire back in August in Pensacola, FL losing everything. They have no memories of our kids so this would be nice for them. Good luck to all of you ladies who win because Jackie and Holli are two incredible and talented women I know.

Jacquelyn said...

@ Whitney... my daughter's name is Ava too! :)

kddemarchia said...

I would love to Have pictures taken because I am 34 weeks pregnant and my husband has not only missed the entire pregnancy but will also miss the birth due to deployment. I would love to include my son in the pictures so that my husband can get to see us both in beautiful pictures...He has missed so many moments due to this deployment and I would love to have pictures so he can at least have them to remember the pregnancy for our soon to be beautiful baby girl

Whitney Hacker said...

@ Jacquelyn - I noticed that yesterday :) I think i sent it to you in an email too. HAHA!

Alena @ Charmingly Chandler said...

I follow the blog publicly. Yo.

Alena @ Charmingly Chandler said...

I'd love to win because we haven't had any family pictures taken! I don't want Sophia to be like 20 wondering why mommy and daddy were never in pictures with her. lol

Alena @ Charmingly Chandler said...

I liked Chloe Rose Photography on FB.