Thursday, November 11, 2010

I believe...

...I am in love with the simple satisfaction I get from making my own pancake batter (courtesy of Jenny. Thank ya, ma'am!). It's cheaper, and I get to use completely organic ingredients. Love it!

...watching Jake, at little Ava's birthday last week, interacting with other toddlers, and their parents, made me fall in love with him even more. He's the sweetest, most social little guy. the burn I get from Pilates; I crave it!

...'jammies are meant for inside the casa, only to be worn in public if you're headed to the ER, or on a Walmart run to buy things that will prevent a run to the ER. absolutely ridiculous magazines like Us Weekly, Life & Style, and In Touch. really loving the people you love. They won't always be around; give 'em some sugar.

...Miley Cyrus could have pretty hair. laughing until your sides hurt. Blackberry should stop assuming it knows what I want to text. (I keep trying to get it to stop, and it just won't!! :::cries:::)

...buying the cheaper tissues was a massive mistake. Woops...the tip of my nose just fell off.

in Pampered Chef. If I had any less sense, I'd be buying it all up at the party this weekend!! crying tears of joy. I love when your happy meter is off the charts and you can't help but to leak. I could cry right now picturing our next welcome home ceremony!! I don't think this is embarrassing, I think it's really endearing :-)

What do you believe in?

(Does this post remind anyone else of Journey?? 'Don't stop believin''? Bueller...?)


Jacquelyn said...

I believe that you and I are soul sisters...
for example:
A)Having Jake over for Ava's party was awesome! We love that little guy in this family, as we love you too.
B)I absolutely live by Us Weekly, Life and Style, and In touch!
C)Love is my most favorite emotion... I love those in my life both blood related and not with my whole heart.
D)Miley Cyrus is very confusing to me... Over all she is a hot crock pot full of mess... but every so often she has pretty moments. And yes I admit it, party in the USA is super freaking catchy...
E)Laughing is the very best! I love to laugh until I am crying, my sides are splitting, and/or I pee myself.
F)My blackberry and I have a serious love/hate relationship... but I can not live without it. By the way whats your BBM pin?!
G)The cheaper tissues are always a bad idea... yet because I am obsessed with saving money I buy them every time.
H)As I am typing this I am watching a silly talk show, and today they are talking about Veterans Day. SO obviously I am bawling. Crying because I am so happy to be married to my husband and that he is my hero. Proud to call the amazing women I have had the chance to meet and get to know in this crazy lifestyle my family. And honored to stand among them, both the men and women alike.
And here I go with the tears again... :)

SoVeryDomestic said...

I totally agree with every single item on this list, except wearing PJs to Walmart even in an emergency. I'd sooner leave someone bleeding out on the floor while I change - and I bet you would too ;)