Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I believe... can find whatever you want in a person, good or bad, if you look hard enough.

...that I am over the moon with excitement for my double boiler to come in from Pampered Chef!! I'll be making my first hollandaise sauce with it!

...that waking up to a dream about whether or not Kris Jenner has a turkey neck makes for an interesting morning.

...Starbucks should deliver. I cannot imagine that this has not been discussed in at least one meeting. the smell of a real Christmas tree. I hope I'm able to finagle one into our house without my gentle giant's strength!!

...I should have relished certain things PB (pre-baby); I can get a workout in at home, or on the streets around our home, but I wish I would have realized how effing awesome it was that I could run over to 24 Hour Fitness at 9:30 pm if I so desired (and I did!)!

...happiness is not a mood or a destination, but an overall feeling. That phrase blew up on FB after it was said on One Tree Hill, but I don't really agree. I appreciate the sentiment, but I think of happiness as a blanket statement. For instance, if I have a bad day with Jake it doesn't mean I'm not, overall, living my happiness. I'm not feeling happy in that moment, or trying to reach a point of happiness, but it's still there, lingering. Overall, my happiness is still off the charts :-)
(Not to be confused with being happy in a in, it smelled like a poop and there wasn't any!!=I was happy about that!)

...I'm being totally unfair to Gary Allan, but I just can't stand his face! Well, it actually has nothing to do with his face, just him. That poor guy, he's always rubbed me the wrong way and I've never known why!

...that after four days of waiting, my monthly gift was, indeed, a gift. always being an arm's distance away from Jake, and all our kids. There's no way, in my right mind, I think, or would want for that matter, to always be the apple of Jake's eye. I want him to always be able to reach to us, to fall back on us, but appreciate the space we've given him to learn and grow into his own person.

...that I never knew the true amount of patience I had until I've dealt with a toddler and a deployment simultaneously. Coincidentally, I've never known the power in sprinting storming off walking into another room to scream cry collect yourself, regroup, and come out fresh-faced for another bout with the day. is the most precious thing EVAH to have to wake Jake up from his afternoon nap (to keep bedtime on track, for those that were wondering why the eff I'd wake him up from a nap!) and creep into his room to see his butt in the air, puddle of drool under his mouth, and the way he squinty-smiles at me when he's coming around. It's like he's a teeny teenager!

...if I keep putting marathons of The Hills on during the day, Jake's going to grow up to awkwardly stare at people.

What do you believe in?

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Minivan Mama said...

Oh how I love the smell of a real Christmas tree!