Monday, November 22, 2010

Let's recap.

The LaMay household has gone from Jake teething, to Jake being sick, to, now, me being sick. And, before it's all over, it'll be time for my uterus to hate me.

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

When I realized the sequence of events this morning, I had to laugh. How could I not?? This just shows me what I am made of, no?

Then, I had to laugh harder thinking back on I've-never-dealt-with-a-deployment-and-a-baby-at-the-same-time Samantha, who wondered how I'd ever survive.

Well, baby girl, you've done it!!

P to the S....Before G-unit left, I told him he'll be returning to one of two scenarios. Either, A) he'll walk in the door to me huddled in a corner, gum tangled in my rat's nest of hair, wearing the same clothes I wore the day he left, talking to myself or B) I'd be effing victorious, with a 7 course meal on the table, my hair gloriously curled, in a fab' ensemble, with Jake on my hip, surrounded in blankets I've crocheted and my general awesomeness.

If I'm laughing at what we've been through past few weeks, I'd say I'm going for the latter.


Daily Dose of Dahl said...

If anyone can do it, it's you chica!

Hope you guys escapae the rest of the deployment illness free!

Minivan Mama said...

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! There are days where I truly believe this!

Mama Hen said...

I hope you feel better soon my friend! Thank you for your kind comment. My mom is not well and it has been very painful for me to see. God willing she will have some relief from the pain soon.

Come and enter my ornament giveaway. I never do giveaways, but this one was really cute! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Wendy said...

From how you were on leave, I totally see the second choice happening!