Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mama Fail

Lunch started innocently enough.

Jake hasn't been eating too much lately, he's a little bit of a lightweight right now with the whole teething thing. But, he always loves a good half of a PB&J.

When he's done eating, I sit him on the counter, next to the sink, and clean him off. Per the usual, he's got stuff going on all over his face.

I'm trying, with most gentle version of scrubbing, to get blueberry preserves off his forehead. It was really on there! Like, paint! I just couldn't figure out how to get it off without scrubbing freakishly hard, which is something I, obviously, don't want to do to our toddler.

I got the water a little warmer, hoping that might break it up. Nothing. I got a little bit of fingernail action on it. Nothing.

It was a bruise.

I was scrubbing a small bruise on our child's forehead.

:::palm to forehead, V8 style:::


But, he was handling it like a champ! He just kept playing with my spatulas. I had no warning!

At that matters is that we laughed about it, right?!


Ethan & Clayden's mommy said...

;) That's funny. I thought Ethan had grease on his leg from playing in the garage with Jason the other night but he had a bruise too. You are a good mom!

Wendy said...

Laughing keeps you sane!

Atleast you've got one who will let you try to get something off of his face!

I'm in Chattanooga, by the way. Have you ever been here?

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

LOVE your new blog design!

It's hard to tell sometimes what's food and what's not on our munchkins faces at a glance :D

Tatted Mom said...

Love the new look!!! =)

And, try a little bit of vegetable oil if it ever happens again. Not quite sure if it works for jellies and stuff, but if I can't scrub something off of my kids or myself, a little bit of oil on a cotton ball always seems to work!! (great as a makeup remover, too!)

kddemarchia said...

sorry had to laugh a little bit too...when I was about one I got my first freckle which was inevitable as a natural redhead...It was on my toe and my mom tried and tried to scrub it off thinking it was dirt lol

SoVeryDomestic said...

Ha! Our littlest one has a freckle on her inner thigh, and my husband is always trying to scrub it off!