Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slow motion.

As I type, Jake is standing and playing with the drawers, and door, of his changing table. I see him rock back and forth a few times, you can tell that with certain movements he's not too stable.

I want, so badly, to go over and correct him. But, I can't do that! Not only will he just move into that same position at some point, but I need to let him fall. He needs to learn how to position himself, and how to "recover" from falling. Not to mention, he corrects himself, and I'm happy he does, but sometimes it doesn't last very long.

Crap. He just fell.

I've "discovered" toddlers have two cries: The first- this is when they're very mobile, but only thisclose to walking, and they fall and let out this wail where it's only a little bit of pain, but more frustration. The second-Code Red cry, the one where something is jammed, smacked, or pinched.

In the second instance, can we not move fast enough?? When Jake just fell he lost his balance, slammed his face into the door of the changing table, and ended up on his belly, unable to move because his face was pressed up against the door.

I'll grab him in a sec.

Just kidding!! I jumped up out of the rocker, cuddled him, and showered him with kisses. He cried for a sec, but then decided the door was his Everest and he was going to climb that biatch. I'm proud of him for recovering so quickly, but it makes me so sad to hear him cry!

I swear I was in total slow-mo. It felt like it took me about 10 minutes to get up out of this chair! Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. My kid's face is smearing off and my legs won't move at the lightning speeds I'd expect. Surely, I'm moving faster than it feels, but I feel like my legs are in molasses.

Jake walks all over the house. Gripping walls, doors, the couch, coffee table...anything he can get his hands on, he uses to help get him around. So, if I hear the first version of crying, it's not really any big deal, and I certainly don't want to teach him that I'll react like he's on fire for something that's barely an occurrence. I'll walk over, help him out, but just be very casual about the whole thing.

Another example (toddlerhood is full of bruises)...
That stationary zebra toy we got him for his birthday is a favorite of his. Yesterday, he walked over, a few feet away, and was playing with it. He slipped and lightly smacked his head on the tile, but it was hard enough to hurt pretty badly. I hopped up, trying to get to him as quickly as possible. I was in molasses again! When I finally got to him, I scooped him up, kissed his head, and cuddled him. Sometimes, I just want to bubble wrap our boy! It makes me so sad that, when I'm holding him, I can't take his pain away, but I also can't fix it where he'll never fall. I swear, sometimes, this kid finds a way to fall!

You mamas feel this? It's like I'm in this parallel universe where I can see the situation, but can't do anything about it!

This molasses phenomena doesn't want me to get to my baby. I'm not happy about this :-(

But, really. I mean, c'mon, there has got to be some sort of gravitational forces at work here.


SoVeryDomestic said...

Totally!! No matter how close I am when someone falls I am never close enough! I am so going to start calling it the 'molasses phenomena', because it so is!

Mama Hen said...

It is so hard to let go and let our children have the freedom they need to explore and learn, because we want to hold on and protect them always. I remember I was with my duaghter at the playground and I was right next to her and she stepped funny on something and fell back and hit her head. I was right there! It is a hrad lesson for moms, but it will help our children to grow. Have a great day!

Mama Hen