Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I believe...

...something is always better than nothing. A sippy cup without a leak-proof-stopper thingy is better than no sippy at all; a warm smile is better than not meeting that new person at all; a text sent during a busy day is better than not letting the recipient know you thought of them at all.

...watching a movie at night cuddled under a homemade blanket, in the soft glow of a lit Christmas tree, enjoying the aroma coming from the Scentsy warmer. There's only one element missing to make this total bliss.

...Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles are the best chips on the planet.

...drinking a Diet Mountain Dew before a run will only lead to your slow, and painful, demise. immediately changing into comfy clothes when you get home. As much as I love getting dressed and going out, I think I love stripping down to jammies and comfy sweaters more! Especially this time of year! Plus, it's totally like Hansel and fam' can find me by following the trail of clothing! shouldn't use "LOL" unless you've actually L'd OL. It is not punctuation, people! ;-) lol

...those Gerber Graduates Lil' Meals, or Lil Entrees, are PERFECT additions to your cabinet when you just can't bring yourself to cook. I only get them when I have a coupon, and I prefer to make all J's meals, but they really save the day when I can't fathom the thought of making, and cleaning up after, a meal!

...occasion should be spelled with two S's. Doesn't it seem like two S's just go? Occassion. See, it works. But, google's always all, "Don't you mean occasion" Yes, google. You're right once again. is absolutely adorable how Jake stops whatever he's doing to listen to theme songs to various TV shows. He loves a good theme song! The room he's in doesn't even have to have a TV for him to stand at attention!

...running into thee awesome OB I had during my pregnancy really threw my baby fever into overdrive!

...the sooner Jake learns that he is unable to pinch off my tattoo the better! I mean, it's, kind of, hilarious, but painful!

...shedding dogs are the bane of my existence.

What do you believe in? :-)


Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Darn that google and it's self righteous over correcting. Harrumph.

A tip on the sippy cup valve thing? When you notice they are leaking more (leak proof my ass)just toss 'em and get new ones. For some reason, once they have been washed a certain number of times (no idea what that magic number is, I just do the drip test) they just don't fit as well.

Comfy home clothes = bliss

We haven't had dogs in four years and I'm still finding dog hair. Three moves, new couches, and countless throw blanket washings later. It's amazing.

Mrs. P said...

The first thing I do when I get home is change into sweats!! I hate sitting on the couch in jeans!

Minivan Mama said...

Dog hair....everywhere. Drives me crazy!