Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I believe... shouldn't be OK to offend one group to support another. How is it acceptable to offend some people in lieu of others?

...I have no words to describe how I felt when Jake said mama last week. It was just.... :::happy sigh:::

...chewing gum shortly before brushing your teeth produces one of the nastiest tastes EVAH.

...being a good person is not something that can be faked. red, Christmasy fingernails.

...the irony that I watch Man v. Food while on the elliptical is too much to handle.

...people shouldn't circle the parking lot 8 times to find a spot 4 spaces closer. Don't be afraid to burn a calorie, or two!

...I love you is one phrase that should never be shortened (ie, ILY)

...cold weather has overstayed its welcome. I am soo ready for Summer! I can deal with a few cold days, maybe a snow or two, but then I totally tap out. I am over it. I miss my cute dresses, skirts and flip flops. Enough with the layering, staticky (spelling?) hair, and dry skin. Bring on my warmth and sunshine!

...picking up the perfect Christmas outfit (I've already picked it out and accessorized it in my head!) will be quite difficult when the items I want are not online and I REFUSE to taint the joy that is shopping by throwing rubbing elbows with the crazy Christmas-shoppers. lazy man's loads. Who wants to make an extra trip to the garage for the groceries; I'd rather carry ten bags at once!

...even on a bad day, blessings are all around us. On the days where I'd like to club a baby seal, it doesn't take away the fact that I've got a pretty sweet set-up.'s a wonderful birthday present that Jake's Kindermusik class starts on my birthday!! I'm totally OH-MY-GAH excited.

...our friends are bomb dot com. We really, really heart you guys! :-)

What do you believe in?
(ten days 'til Christmas!!)

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Christian said...

I believe...
that your posts make me smile! :) You are so dead on about sooooo many things! Smart woman right here! :) I also believe that I miss you tons and that I will HAVE to see you and the lil' bambino very soon after christmas. That is all :)