Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I make stuff.

A little ways back I was saying how my creative juices were flowin' so, these pics are some of the results! I'm going to be baking like mad because my girl May posts such orgasmic recipes I can't help it! You guys know that I love to cook, and to bake, but if you can see those recipes and not get the cooking bone, you cratzy :-)

So, first things first...I made Gary Santa Hat cookies!!

I was googling like crazy one day, looking for unique things to bake for muh hubster and ornaments to make to send him, and to keep for us. I came across these Santa Hats and could not help myself!

Everything was made from scratch, even this buttercream icing. I'm so proud of it!

Isn't it adorable?!

And, word to the wise, these things are DE-LISH!!! I compared them to those sugar cookies Walmart sells in the see-through containers this time of year, but, personally, I think these taste better! Soo good!

Next, I wanted to make Gary a couple ornaments. One as if a child made it, because we've got one of those, and another that is simple but purty.

First, here's our little Snowman family!

I really enjoyed making these! They're soo simple, and exactly what I wanted to fit the "as-if-a-child-made-it" category! Jake, and our future babies, can make these together. But, I recommend an adult work the glue gun :-)

Also? I LOVE glue guns.

The directions call for ribbon to be used for the scarf, but I couldn't find any of that kind of ribbon the day I was at Hobby Lobby. Plus, I want to be creative, and make things, but what fun is it if you spend a ton doing so? I think it also bodes well for my creative desires to use what's easiest (and usually works out to be what's cheapest!) then to stress out over using exactly what someone else suggests. Use that imagination!

Next, was the pine cone ornament!
This, oh, I love. I think it's soo subtly pretty!

This one I sent hubby!

My only "complaint" was that all the pine cones around our hizz-ouse were little, baby ones. So, I grabbed a $4 bag of OK-sized ones at Walmart. My only complaint about the ones in the bag was that they were scented cinnamon and I LOATHE the smell of cinnamon. Thank goodness the smell wears off, and becomes doable!

The one I kept for us

Next, the pine cone centerpiece!

And, here's how I used the leftover pine cones from the bag I bought! I don't think the camera does the centerpiece justice whatsoever! They're so sparkly (but not too much!), and really compliment the rest of our Christmas decorations. I prefer d├ęcor that subtly add to the ambiance. These aren't all, "HEY! LOOK AT ME!", which is why I like them so much!

I think you'll be seeing many more posts like this one this month! Last night, I went grocery shopping, so I've got baking pictures galore!! I'm on a roll!

Are you making things for the holidays? If you share, maybe I can rip off your idea (but still link it back to you!) ;-) I love sharing ideas like these!


SoVeryDomestic said...

Your Santa hats are BEAUTIFUL. I love them!! <3 Way to go! Your glittery centerpiece is so so so pretty too! I want one!

Kelli MW said...

Love the ornaments! You will cherish those, remembering these days for years to come!!!