Friday, December 10, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I love our house all Christmasy! :-)

I got this tablecloth at Walmart a few years back. I have the biggest, puffiest heart for it!

So, if we're friends on FB you know I had a great light debacle! But, I got a better brand at Target, so here's the THIRD strand of lights, I'm just so happy they work!

Pretty! :-)

Can we talk about the tree for a sec? It's totally adorable in person, but it's only a couple inches taller than me!! I did the best I could to get the tree off the top of the Journey, in the house, and in the tree stand! I think it turned out pretty well! :-)

THEE TREE TOPPER!! I've wanted a perfect tree topper for quite a few years, but never found anything that, not only, is perfect, but that I'll know will stand up to the years. I love this!!!!

Check out their's adorable, reasonably-priced stuff!

((Sorry about the quality of these pics; I've been taking them at night, because that's when I remember!))

Merry Christmas!


Mrs. P said...

I totally love your pine cone ornaments!!! They're beautiful! And the lights in the window look amazing when it's dark!

You may have just inspired me to pull out our decorations and get going... I'm a little behind. Ha!

Wendy said...

I love your tree topper! She's just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics!