Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The one where Jake met Santa

Yesterday, I took Jake to meet Santa for the very first time.

Spoiler alert: THIS. KID. ROCKS.

I can hardly stand it. I was so super proud of him that I almost cried. Seriously....

We (us, and Angela with her two adorable wee ones) decided to see Santa on post because we figured the five-day-before-Christmas- mall would induce a panic attack. And, I'm so glad we did.

I beat Angela to the PX and there was no one around Santa!! We rolled up VIP-style and I waited for the picture-taker (not photographer) to finish what she was doing so I could pick a package. Jake, in the mean time, sees Santa & the lit-up tree and gets the BIGGEST smile on his face and starts waving like mad! My heart almost burst! That genuine, kid excitement turned me into a pile of mush. It still is just writing about it!

So, I took forever a few minutes to pick which photos to get and then I walked him up to Santa, to whom Jake was still waving. I put him on Santa's lap and he had the teeniest, tiniest freak out on his face; if it lasted half a second I'd be surprised. Then, he just stared at Santa then looked back to smile at me as if to say "Mom, can you believe this guy?! He's pretty awesome!"

He loved it. He loved all of it!! I could not have been more proud of him. He hammed it up, he had a great time, he thought the whole thing was pretty badass.

Look how adorable our baby boy is!

Don't you just love him?!

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Wendy said...

I love it! I am so thrilled that he cooperated for you! I need some pointers for next year!