Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our baby boy calls me "mama"

I sat down to write this post with every intention of relaying my heart flutters at hearing Jake call me mama. But, now, here's my quandry: I remembered a bunch of completely awesome stuff about him, but how do I put them into coherent sentences?! Oh it comes!

The first time Jake called me mama, I had just got done changing his diaper, and put him at the coffee table to play with his trucks, so I could hang up my coat. I was just a few feet away at the closet, but he was calling for me, "mama... mama... mama..."

It melted me right into the floor, but, for some reason, it didn't really sink in. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it was either meal time, or nap time, and he was kinda acting like 'hey, let's light this candle, huh?'?

But, it really, completely hit me to my core after dinner one night. He sits in his highchair at the bar so I can prep, feed us, and clean up without having to think about him by himself in the dining room. I pull his chair right up and he watches me cook, which I happen to adore!

Anyway, I'm getting ready to stand him up in his highchair to get all the crumbs off him and he reaches up with both arms, smiles at me, and, in his sweet little baby voice, says "Ma ma". If I weren't so incredibly moved, touched, happy.... I would have cried. I'll never forget that!

I couldn't wait to tell Gary!! He was so excited :-)

After J had said Dada as his first word, he hadn't been close to Mama; in fact, it never came up. Instead, he'd constantly mimic my sounds; he'd play with my hair and say "ha ha ha...", I'd tell him we're getting his sippy and he'd say "sss sss sss...". So, mama was a definite, but welcome, surprise :-)

He just doesn't stop amazing me! He's not walking yet, so I walk around all day with him, while he holds my fingers, but I ask him to go certain places and he does it! I'll ask him to take me to change his diaper, he walks me to the changing table and stands by the cabinet with all the diapers. At night, I'll tell him it's time to take a bath so he walks me to the bathroom. During a meal, I'll ask if I can have a taste and he grabs a fistful of food and holds it out to put in my mouth! And, when we're done with the meal, when I say "Ahhh" he opens his mouth and lets me clean his teeth! It's just insane everything that he's understanding, and all the ways we're interacting. We've, officially, reserved our spot for the Kindermusik class starting next month and I cannot wait to see the ways that helps him to grow!

He astounds me on the daily and I get so excited just waiting for it! He has favorite books, his molars are coming in/partially through and I had no idea (YAY on that one!), we've slept in until 10 on more than a few occasions (maybe because of the molars?!) and I go into his room to find him sitting up, just staring out the slats of the crib, waiting for me :-) Oh man, this kid is the bomb!!

I'd love to hear your proud, parenting stories!! I love chatting with my mama friends who have been through things before and can describe how amazing certain feats are, or even just to watch them as they tell certain stories. I love it!

Who knew mamahood was such a kick in the pants?!


Angie said...

I love this post. Probably one of my favorite!! I know for me Mommyhood is the best. I say Mommyhood because I always want to be Mommy. Last night I went and grabbed Jadon out his bed while he was sleeping. I took him in the livingroom and we laid on the couch snuggling. Well, I snuggled he slept. So, I sat him up and he opened his eyes gave me a huge cheesy grin and laid back down on me. I want to take moments like these and hold them close to my heart. My daughter will be 7 next month and as much as I am proud of the girl she is becoming, I am scared. I am scared that we won't get as many snuggly moments. She told me last night she likes being 'stylish'. My 6yr old said stylish. They grow up so quick, ;( But I love them more everyday

SoVeryDomestic said...

Currently, my 5 year old makes me bananas on a daily basis. I have never met such a strong willed child. So recently, after she totally kicked my butt (in the bad way lol), the 5 of us sat down for supper and she lead the prayer. She said a prayer on her own that included the words 'thy bounty'. I melted. So even when they make you want to put them on eBay, they're amazing.

Erin said...

Awwwwwwww :) He is busy working on his brains clearly rather than his walking at the moment. He is too smart to worry about walking right now!

My big proud moment of the week is when M told me she had to poo before she did it. This is also the moment I knew I was a mom, when my heart soared with pride because my kid said "poo".

Mama Hen said...

Oh Mama this is such a lovely post! I remember when I first heard mama I wanted to cry. I was just thinking today when my daughter turned to me and said "mommy" at the beginning of her sentence I had fuzzy feelings in my heart. I love it! I will always love hearing "mommy". I waited so long to become one and it is the greatest word on earth! I hope you are doing great my friend!

Mama Hen

Minivan Mama said...

Very sweet post! Every day each of my kids do something to make me proud. Amazing to think how far they come from being that tiny little newborn cradled in your arms.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

So happy for you! There's nothing like the first 'mama' out of your munchkins mouth!! My oldest didn't speak (where others could understand him) until he was about 3 1/2, but one of the words he did say that was very clear was "mama". It's funny how one little word can pack a huge amount of emotion, isn't it?