Monday, December 13, 2010

What deployment has done.

Deployment has turned baths from the chore of infancy to something I delight in each, and every, night.

Deployment has allowed me to appreciate Jake in ways I can never truly express; I see him as the son for which I will do anything, and the friend that can laugh and giggle and will bond with in different ways when he's grown.

Deployment has consistently reinforced what it is in life that is truly important.

Deployment has proven to me that a happy house has nothing to do with being spotless, or clutter free. It has to do with the people inside.

Deployment has shown me just how much I love my husband and my boy. There's not one thing I wouldn't do for them. They are what life's all about.

Deployment has shown me that bad days do exist, but do not last. At the beginning, (SIX MONTHS AGO!!) I ached for a day off because I was still adjusting and just felt like I was constantly on the cusp of being swallowed whole. Deployment has shown me that I want nothing more than grocery shop, run to Target, and just be with my boy; to see that smile, hear that laugh.

Deployment has afforded me the opportunity to better understand myself, and human nature.

Deployment has taught me (slash reinforced) to keep those around me who get it. People who understand how you're feeling, and will give you what you need in that time, good or bad, are invaluable. These are the people who will save you on the rare day everything hits you at once. Consequently, these will be the people who become part of your family.

Deployment has shown me that it is possible to keep a (relatively) clean house, food in the fridge, and a toddler happy.

Deployment has shown me that time on the elliptical is better than screaming into a pillow.

Deployment has allowed me to discover my love of being the next Martha! I don't remember why I got started, but making food from scratch, and pieces of d├ęcor for the casa, have been great ways to pass quiet times in here and I've grown to love it! Not to mention, it saves so much cash! Deployment has helped me develop a love for something that'll be incredibly advantageous throughout our lives!

Deployment has shown me there's not one thing more important than being truly happy, loving with your entire being, and doing what's right for your family. Jake and I may not leave the house every day of the week, go out to fab' places for lunch, or travel all over, but we have amazing times together. We have our trips to Nashville, that we really love. We get to hang out with amazing ladies (you know who you are!), and their kids. We both jump when the phone rings. We know each other inside and out. On days when I couldn't help but to let tears fall in front of him, there's a certain smile he does and wipes my face.
Deployment has allowed the ache I feel for my husband to grow in ways I didn't think were even possible. I am grateful that I have someone who, even when they're miles upon miles away, gives me butterflies. Each passing day is another day with him and another day closer to the end of deployment; I can't help but to love a calendar.

I never thought I'd want to thank deployment.


Tatted Mom said...

Love this post!!

Angie said...

Thank YOU for showing me a new way of looking at this deployment. I knew that it had made us closer, but I would have never thought about the other things. Thank you!!!

Minivan Mama said...

Making lemonade. Way to go!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Love this post (as I love all your posts!!)


Wendy said...

I so admire your optimism! Some women are strong enough to be military wives and you are definitely the real deal!

Mrs. P said...

Isn't it crazy that looking back on it all you actually kind of appreciate the opportunity to learn so much about yourself and your husband and strengthen your relationship?? In a weird way I am very thankful for the deployment.

Your optimism is truly admirable!!!