Thursday, December 9, 2010

You may gain weight from just looking at this post.

So, you remember my girl, May, right?

Well, here's the three things (I HAD to limit myself) I chose to make. And, hubby, if you're reading this ...turn away NOW!! These are the surprise goods!!!

Like I mentioned a few days ago, I really wanted to make things that were different. I have the usual suspects that I send hubby's way, but I've been branching out so much more, especially since my love of making things from scratch is growing like a weed!

To kick things off, here are the S'more bars.


As May notes, it is supa important to grease up the foil! I cut these, and then peeled them off the foil, but they peeled very easily! I was thankful! But, you could tell if I hadn't had greased it up as much it would have been a very sticky sitch.

It tastes just as good as it looks!

These tasty cookies are Red Velvet Shortbread Cookies. They're so good! Of course, I've never had anything red velvet, so I have no basis for comparison, but they're pretty good to me!

I have no idea why, but this is the only picture I took of these!

Here, I made Peanut Butter Bon Bons (I, literally, just salivated as I typed that. Hey, don't judge).

There was a whole other cookie sheet of these, but I was so busy trying NOT to stuff my face that I forgot to take a picture of all of them! For as little ingredients as the recipe requires, you get a TON of results!

These are unbelievably tasty. Unbelievably. My freakin' awesome friends, Jackie and Holli, were over the night that I had made them and, I think it's safe to say, swooned over them!
Oh, get this...they're only about 100 calories each!!

Think my hubby will like 'em?! :-)

Next on the agenda is a cake (cake AND frosting from scratch!) for awesome Angela, whose birthday was yesterday! She deserves it! Oh yes, and a pie shell for a sweet potato pie!

I promise, regularly-scheduled blogging will reappear. But, for now?



Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Ohhhh. My mouth is watering just from the pictures - especially the red velvet shortbread. Yum!!!

Tatted Mom said...

OMG, these look AMAZING! How about heading over here to AZ and delivering some? LOL. We'll have some coffee or tea, chat a while, and gain weight together, lol.


Maytina said...

Your creations are beautiful!! I love, love, love to see my treats become your treats!! <3