Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Avoiding loss

It's such a hard thing to deal with when we lose those we love. And, I don't mean drifting, or ending, friendships/relationships. Loss, as in those we love are no longer with us.

A friend of mine had a difficult time dealing with the loss of a four year old she knew. He was the son of a friend of hers. He was killed in a car accident, and laid to rest, days before Christmas.

A cell phone was involved.

I swear that 9 times out of 10, I am cut off by someone on their phone. I look over at a stoplight, someone is on their phone. I go to cross a shopping center parking lot, with Jake on my hip, someone whizzes by...on their phone.

I'm not going to pretend that I haven't been on the phone while driving. BUT, since having Jake, I've been uber selective about it; only on the phone if my deployed hubby calls ( & even then, it's on speaker and the phone is in my lap), only looking at a text during a red light. As if that means I'm not distracted. Yeah, right. Never again will I pick up my phone while driving.

What if, because you just had to answer that call, you were distracted enough that you get into a wreck? What if you take the life of another driver, of a child? You're not above it.

Yeah, yeah....those things happen to other people. Not me.


Because, if you've ever loved someone, you know how precious life can be. What if that person was taken because of some "idiot on their cell phone"? Are you kidding me? You'd be furious. You'd be devastated that someone you love was taken from this planet by something 100% preventable.

Put down your phone. It IS NOT that important. And, if it is?? PULL OVER.

All I can think about is our little boy. Yes, it'd be an absolute tragedy if myself, or Gary, or any of our loved ones were hurt, or taken, in a car accident. But, Jake? His life has only begun. I have tears as I type this. I cannot imagine anything happening to that little boy. If you're a human being, I'm sure you can understand that feeling, in one form or another.

Where we live, specifically--getting off at exit 4 toward the mall, there's a place where you can turn left, which has a stop sign, or you can go right, and join traffic. DRIVES. ME CRAZY. There's not a yield, merge, or stop sign, yet people do every single one. You get off to use this exit and get into traffic, via our own lane. There's no reason to stop, and make up your own traffic laws. Impeding traffic can have the same effects as speeding, or weaving through it.

That particular area used to drive us crazy because we'd be heading to the movies, or out to eat and just want to get there. Now? It's becoming recognized as a problem because people aren't paying attention to what's around them.

I can think of a couple teenagers I know that'll read this and not take it to heart. It's hard, I understand. It's hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone in the throws of devastation. It's so big, you just can't seem to apply it to yourself. But, please try. Please remember that you are not above it. Things can happen to you. To someone else. I know *I* couldn't bare the thought of taking a person from this Earth because of my negligence. Things happen in the blink of an eye. Things happen that can change everything forever.

My heart grieves for that little boy. For his mother. Unless you're a parent you can't fully understand the utter fear of losing a child. But, please try. Think of that person you couldn't imagine life without and imagine how you'd feel if they were taken by something preventable.

I hope this didn't come off as PSA'ish, or preachy. I was just hoping that we could learn from a horrible situation. Maybe, that way, that little boy's death won't be in vain. I know, it perked me right up. Knowing my friend was so devastated by that little boy's loss was enough to get me to think twice.

Nothing is as important as life.


Wendy said...

Your post definitely makes people stop to think. Thank you for writing it because it may just save a life. A child's life is so precious and as parents our biggest job is to protect them the best we can. Something that weighs on my mind are the commercials that show a text message and then a voice comes on saying this is what my daughter was trying to read while driving right before she died. The dang cell phones can wait!

annaleighsbaby said...

When I have my kids in the car, I am constantly in fear. But I think it's a good, healthy fear. It keeps me alert of my surroundings. Every road I go down, I imagine my reaction in the event of an accident and what I would do to save my girls. They are my number 1 priority. This a good post and people need to consider themselves and others while they are driving. I heard of a man that ran over his own 2 year old the other day. It broke my heart and I wondered if it could have been avoided. Maybe he was talking on his cell phone? Anyways, thanks for sharing.

Oh and this is Annaleigh Ussery, by the way!

Jacquelyn said...

I love it, thank you Samantha.

SoVeryDomestic said...

It's so true! I'm super paro about stuff like this with my kids. I don't drive and thankfully I'm married to 'Captain Safety' but it's the other people on the road that terrify me! Especially at night. I hope everyone who reads this thinks twice before answering their cell while driving. I feel awful for that family!!