Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Countdowns. Our life is surrounded with them.

Countdown to when hubbers gets home, countdown to my birthday (two weeks!! Although, I wish that applied to the aforementioned), countdown to our family visit this weekend (!!!!!), countdown to hubby's birthday, countdown to Christmas, countdown to Summer...

We count down all kinds of shizz. It's oddly comforting, though. For instance, my birthday is in two weeks. As much as I love birthdays (not just mine, I'm an equal-opportunity birthday lovah), I'm counting down to mine because it feels like the sooner that's celebrated, the sooner he'll be here, home with us. The same for the celebration of his birthday. And, thinking about Jake's SECOND birthday this year (can I get a whiskey. tango. foxtrot. on that one?!?) because Gary will be here to celebrate it, without having to leave a week later. Not to sound like I'm not wicked grateful for the fact that he was here for Jake's first.

Although we don't have a date for when he'll be back, I do a, kind of, retrograde countdown where every day passed is a day closer to whatever date he'll be here. I know it sounds so weird, but it really does feel good. Kind of like, I accomplished something each that passes. Please tell me there's one other person who looks at things like this!

I was looking forward to counting down to Summer because I'm sick of the cold, miss my flip flops, skirts and dresses, and the pool! BUT, I just got two pairs of boots so incredibly amazing I'd cuddle with them at night if even I wouldn't think I was a freak, so I'd love a few more opportunities to wear them before the sweltering humidity of the South rolls into town.


Everything is really about him being home. Looking forward to Christmas this year because he'll be here to celebrate with us. Looking forward to any day post-deployment because he'll be here. Period.

But, I can't say I don't totally love a countdown. It's a way to keep things optimistic; the way we prefer them! I was totally the girl in high school that had conversations with many that went like this:

"Sammie...how many days 'til prom?!"

and I'd chime "Fifty-seven!!!!!"

And, then I'd skip along my happy little way.

It's just my spastically, comforting little way to keep things moving in a positive direction. This way I get to think about that last time I'll get my hair did (please tell me you remember that Missy Elliot song from years ago that inspired my use of 'did'? No? You must think I am not so much with the grammar) before he gets home, the week that I should pick up my welcome home outfit, etc etc etc.

We gotta stay positive people!

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Erin said...

I am all about the countdowns! I seriously feel like I live for them! I think it is even more prevalent in military life because we are always counting down to coming or going.