Thursday, January 20, 2011

Family visit!

This past weekend, we had the joy of hosting our cousin Millie and her daughter, Madison! Millie's husband just deployed for the first time, so it was nice to be around one another since we're feeling many of the same things.

When I found out she was coming, my mission was to baby the shizz out of them. Who doesn't need that from time to time?! So, I made chocolate, and white chocolate!, peanut butter bon bons (which, if you are like me and thought that white chocolate was not going to be too appetizing you'd be wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.), cookies with chocolate chips that were mixed with peanut butter, and Deli-Style Mac and Cheese (because, if that doesn't scream I will comfort you I don't know what will!). I think Millie will back me up on this, but that mac n cheese will, borderline, change your life.

When we're hosting people, I get a little obsessed with taking care of said people. I want nothing more than to make someone as comfortable in our home as they'd be in their own. So, I had delicious food prepared, and was willing to accommodate them in whatever they may need. But, it turns out, I didn't need to work so hard. I birthed a teeny person that was exactly what they needed. Jake saw Millie and Madison walk in the door and lit up! As of this past weekend, Jake had only seen Millie 3 times in his life, but, when she walked in our door, he knew exactly who she was!! But, Millie's also got that warm, maternal feel to her so it's not hard to be around her!

Fun factoid about the weekend? They got here Saturday. Saturday night, Jake went to bed the usual time of 7:30. This boy didn't wake up until 11:45 the next morning!!!! ELEVEN FORTY FIVE!!!! AND, he took a 2 hours and 15 minute nap. AND, he went to bed on time. Our little nugget was up for a total of 5 and a half hours that day. I swear, these are all facts.
Now, I'd like to thank growing and teething and being worn out from playtime with his cousin for all the sleep!

I know there's a couple peeps out there who are going to want to guzzle the haterade and say that our next one is going to be some sleep-hating, noctural hellian....To that I say: simmer. It'll all be fine.
Totes :-)

It was nice to be around family :-) It was also nice to have grown-up, with maybe a wee bit of gossip, talks!! What a great weekend!

Millie, thank you so much for making that uber long drive out!! You're so my sister from another mister!! You guys are always welcome here!

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