Monday, January 31, 2011

Festivus for the restivus.

Last week, it was my birthday!!!!

I'm officially closer to 30 than 20! And, ya know what? I feel great ;-) hahaha!

Ringing in the big 2-6 was so amazing, considering that my hubby is so far away...

We started our day with our first Kindermusik class! It was so amazing! I've got another post ready to fill you all in on that, but it was so great!

We left class and stopped by Sonic, to get Jake some lunch before we headed to my birthday movie! And, believe me, I paid for it. Jake's body was all "really, trying to feed us *this* food? Umm, no thanks. Let me expel this from my body in a super sticky fashion" But, I didn't was my birthday!!!!

So, Jake eats a few tots and some of a breakfast sandwich and we head into the movies to see Little Fockers. That's what it's called, right? Well, it's escaping my memory if that's correct, but, either way, that movie was hilarious! Loved it!

I didn't get Sonic with Jake because I had my sights set on movie popcorn. I mean, right?! And, listen to the dumbest question I've ever heard (dumbest ever for the sake of this story, anyway) "Do you want butter on your popcorn?"

C'mon now. For serious.

Jake watched the previews with me, then slept almost the entire movie. I loved feeling him snuggle into me for a good nap. It was a very good time :-)

So, we leave the movies and I go home to Skype with my hubby!!! He even got to see me open the presents he got me!! I am so, so grateful for that opportunity! He got me some amazing gifts, but this has to be my favorite:
I'm about to go all Julie & Julia over here!!! Thanks to a wonderful gift, Jake will be eating homemade apple butter next week! And? Homemade mozzarella sticks.


Anywho, the rest of the gifts hubby got me are so special to me I want to keep them just for myself :-) Thanks for understanding!

Then, to top off everything, I had some really, really great friends over that night!! One fab' mama wasn't able to make it, but we love her anyways ;-) We had ridiculous amounts of food, talked about wildly "inappropriate" things, and laughed. We laughed a lot. It was such a great night and I'm so grateful they all came over! As Jackie would say, it was AMAZEBALLS!! :-)

Casey, Holli, Jackie, and Kristen....thank you so much for coming over and making the birthday night just perfect! Because, you guys? ROCK. MY. SOCKS. I'm really going to miss you guys over in Colorado!

Balloons from the fam'!

Birthday flowers from my hubalub :-)


It was a great day! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :-)


Erin said...

GORGE flowers! You got a keeper! I am so glad you had a fab birthday even while hubs is gone!

Minivan Mama said...

Sounds like a festivus miracle! What a great birthday! Wish I was turning 26! ; )