Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I believe...

...if you think your shizz don't stink, there's, most likely, a ton of people who do.

...there's nothing wrong with trying to accomplish something before the microwave hits 0. Goals, people.

...getting to see this face every day makes me a very happy mama starting healthy eating habits from the get-go. For us, that means, for the most part, we eat without watching TV, or playing with toys, and eat, just about exclusively, from home. We don't want Jake to eat in passing, we want him to be aware of what he's eating and aware of when he becomes full. I know Jake looks like my little chubber, but his weight is actually in a low percentile; it's just that he's short right now so his weight is all concentrated in one area.....his gets-raspberries-all-the-time belly :-)

(P to the S... I'm aware the older our babies get, the above won't always be stuck to like they are now. Just want to give them a good foundation, before everything they eat is brightly colored! Although, Jake has always been my little health nut. If we're FB friends, you know about the time he chose brussels sprouts over a piece of homemade brownie...) is not meant to be used to make you look like a drag queen. Now, if that's the goal, have at it!

...I'll never understand what about cardboard and plastic says 'not recyclable' to the recycle guys.

...Nashville misses me as much as I miss her. If it'd stop snowing so we can go bask in her glory that'd be the bee's knees.

...this is thee. cutest. apron. evar.! One of my Christmas gifts was a TJ Maxx gift card and I picked up this little treasure because, well, who could pass it up?!

...not every single movie needs to have a sequel. Although, the Meet the Parents movies can continue to reproduce until we have a Fockin' Great Grandparents movie.

...the fact that our dogs fart out loud is uber disgusting, and a little funny.

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Minivan Mama said...

My dog tooting is hilarious. Cracks me up every time!