Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It finally happened.

We came up on orders.

This has been our only duty station, for 6 years. You should see the faces of fellow military when we say that. People, almost, don't believe us.

When Gary first told me that we came up on orders, I got all excited, wondering what new place we'd get to see, and what adventures were ahead of us when we got there. But, it's slowly sinking in that we, most likely, won't be here for long.

I thought about the friends whom we love like they're part of our family, because that's what they've become. Family. I thought about how much we'd miss Nashville. We've so developed a love affair with that city. Our plan was to buy a house between here and Nashville, to get the good prices of not living in the actual city, but close enough to the city we'd be able to take trips there whenever the fancy struck. I thought about Trader Joe's! Mine and Jake's favorite place ever!!! If we're really leaving, I hope we can introduce Gary to the wonder that is TJ's.

I thought about Southern hospitality, and how I wouldn't be able to have our next baby with the incredible OB that delivered Jake. I thought about how there are, probably, very few hospitals where you can have a baby and have every nurse that comes in refer to you by a different love name (honey, sugar, baby girl....were some of my fav's). I thought about how we won't be able to walk around the Green Hills mall with the probability of running into a country music star (I have some friends that have!). Oh, and the Grand Ole Opry!!

I've really grown to love the South.

But, on the flipside of things, we are soo down for anything. Moving is a biatch, but, if we didn't move for the express reason of moving being a pain in my tail, I think we'd look back, when the kids are grown, and think we really just should have done it. (not to imply it's a "choice", per se, but there are things that can be done to help squash the orders)

And, hello....we'd be stationed in Colorado!!! Can you say 'gorgeous'?? Snowboarding, and Aspen, and museums, and zoos, and all the touristy crap that excites me to no end. Erin is there!!! Maybe we'd love it there even more than we love it here?! It's so hard for us to reel it back in, and make this decision based on intelligent thoughts, than the "let's just do it!!!" that our just-another-adventure-we-get-to-take-together mentality is provoking!

There are issues to consider; the possibility of a fourth deployment (I just vomited a little bit at that thought) to ponder. But, we're so down for all of it---everything outside deployment anyway! I mean, it's certainly not like we'd be moving to BumF*ck Egypt by any stretch!

But, I think all the facts we need can be summed up to the text message I woke up to this morning from Erin:

"It's a beautiful day in Colorado. Just FYI :-)"


Tatted Mom said...

So, you're inching your way closer to me in Arizona, and I'm heading back to the South. =(

But, congrats on the orders. =)

Erin said...

I have heard amazing things about Nashville! Unfortch, we do not have TJs here but we do have Whole Foods!

Wendy said...

Noooooo! We've not had time to get together. Email me and let me know about how soon. We'll try to come your way before then.

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

We want to go to Colorado, which means the AF will send us to North Dakota, so if you go I can live vicariously through you, right?