Monday, February 28, 2011

Jake: Our little oompa loompa

Last week, Jake was weighed and measured.

Let me precede this by saying that Jake has always had that adorable chub to him. With the exception being the day he was born (length- above the 95th percentile, weight- about the 65%), his percentiles, especially in weight, have always been low. But, since he was still pretty vertically handicapped, he's always looked chubbier because his weight was compacted into a little area.

Well, things? They are a'changing. He's still yet to hit his growth spurt in height, but his weight came first. He skyrocketed out of the 35%ile, he's inhabited almost his entire life, to join those in the NINETY-FIFTH PERCENTILE!


But, he's definitely our little bowling ball because he's only in the tenth percentile for height!! He's shorter than 90% of kids his age, yet heavier than 95% of those same kids! haha!

I knew he'd hit his spurt eventually because his diet is amazeballs. Not to mention, his daddy is a giant, and everyone thinks I'm tall! I'm 5'6", on a good day, but, hey, if there's some sort of optical illusion that makes everyone think I hover around 5'8"-5'9" I'll take it!

Anywho, he eats absolutely appropriate portion sizes, almost everything he eats is from scratch, and he LOVES him some fruits and veggies...he eats them every single day! I'm sooo happy he's finally in an upper percentile! So, I'm thinking he hit the weight-spurt first and next is the length! He has been obsessed with milk lately, and sleeping even more than usual, so our little linebacker is, certainly, on his way!

This brings me to the big (no pun intended!) question: What do I do with the clothes he's outgrown? The reason for much of his outgrowing of the clothing is because the cloth diapers give him a badonkadonk, but, we're getting to a point where it's, literally, him that is too big for the clothes!

I have a few Rubbermaid containers full of clothing. I have every single thing he's worn his whole life. I'm not hanging on to them for nostalgia, but because we're going to make more babies! Well, one more for sure, anyway...

So, if we have another boy, he can wear all Jake's hand-me-downs. So, I should keep them all, right? Doesn't that make sense? Even if we have a girl next, there's many of his things that she can wear. Especially since we didn't find out the boy was a boy when I was pregnant, so many things are gender neutral.

I'd love to free up the space in the containers for other things, but won't it, ultimately, be more financially-savvy to hang on to the clothes? What have you done? Are you hanging on to everything?

Calling all seasoned mamas: Help a sista out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You might be a mama if....

I started thinking about all the stuff I've done as a mama, stuff that never even crossed my mind, pre-parenthood, because it's a little strange. So, I got with my close mama friends to make sure I'm not the only freak of nature ;-) I kid, but some of these things are total gems!

You might a mama if... find yourself alone in the car singing Old MacDonald. get poop on you and finish what you're doing before you clean it off.'ve eaten food off your kid's face.'ve been breastfeeding one, feeding another cereal, and doing a ponytail on a the same time.

...if you've preferred sleep over sex. spend an entire week wearing sweats. can't go anywhere without hearing "Mom", "Mommy", or "Mama" without looking around, ready to respond. have tried at least once to put your husband in timeout.'ve had to grab the tweezers to pull random objects out of a toddler's nose. show up to church, with your very cutely dressed family, only to find you're still in slippers.

..."Because I said so" is your most-used phrase. wake up to see that you're feeding your baby, not sure how the bottle, or the baby, ended up next to you.

...your long-sleeved shirts double as kleenex.'ve seen more vomit than the frat parties of your college days.'ve baby-talked to a friend.'ve drank from your tot's sippy cup.'ve unknowingly walked around the mall with spitup down your back. wash more bibs than real clothes. can't remember the last time you ate at a restaurant where you couldn't color on the menu.

...your vast knowledge of music consists of all the songs from Nick and/or Nick Jr.

Feel free to add your own! Believe me, I'm sure your, & your friends, have some great additions!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I believe... love/hate relationships, like the one I have with the auto-correct on my phone, or Chelsea Handler.

..., although I may, or may not, still want to, knowing that you cannot please everyone is a very freeing realization. You just have to keep being a good person :-)

...Words with Friends is freakin' addicting!!

...that your blessings are different from mine, and mine different from yours. And that, those blessings shouldn't go unnoticed for fear of how it seems to speak of them. Good cheer should be shared; it is infectious! :-) are the company you keep. Have you ever been around someone who is, kind of, Debbie Downer? I'm sure it's not intentional, and it certainly doesn't make them a bad person, but over time it really can bring you down. our food rule: a fruit with breakfast and a veggie with din din :-) creative outlets. I notice a, practically, measurable increase in my mood when it's a baking day, or making a new recipe day (we eat a lot of leftovers since it's only the two of us!), or a drawing day, or a scrapbooking day.... Tis a good feeling to create!

...that the challenges thrown our way each day are opportunities to grow. I know, I don't always see it while I'm within the challenges either, but they're there. That has been the biggest lesson of our first deployment with a baby.

with that said, I believe with almost our 3rd deployment under our belts, we've met our quota, mmkay, to whom it may concern??

...watching Jake shaking his badonkadonk, in nothing but a cloth diaper, is too effing hilarious!

...this deserves to be mentioned again---> you can find whatever you want in a person, good or bad, if you look hard enough.

...between Netflix and SiriusXM radio, I, kind of, miss commercials! Well, maybe not too much.... budgeting and not being wasteful and repurposing. Oh my!

...Sam's Club is amazing for the simple fact that I haven't purchased toilet paper since November. True story.

What's everyone else believing in these days?

Happy Hump Day! :-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marriage, post-babies

I read this blog, and seem to always be in agreement with her. The post I have linked up in blue is one that especially touched me.

She writes about how your marriage morphs after having a baby.

And, it does.

There are changes that occur. But, like she says, they don't have to be the bad changes everyone seems to love to talk about.

Pretty much the entire 38 weeks I was pregnant with Jake, Gary and I talked. We talked. And talked. And talked. And talked some more. We talked about obvious things like conjecture as to if baby was a boy or a girl, who they'll look like and when they'll make their arrival. But, we also talked about real stuff. We talked about helping one another. We talked about how things would get done when an infant graced our household. We talked about dishes and laundry and sleep.

We talked about us.

We talked about how this new little person was just another person on our team, not someone to be resented because we could no longer go on dates whenever we pleased. We talked about the importance of flexibility; flexibility within daily routine and priorities.

Can I just say how proud I am of us? I mean, communication has never been an issue for us. But, with so much intensity that surrounds a new baby in the household, it's so, so important (in our humble opinion, of course!) to feel that the two of you are united.

Being from California, and stationed in the South, we didn't have grandma down the road to drop Jake off so we could take a night off from new parenthood. So, we did it up, improv-style. We realized that going out every Friday night wasn't going to be happening. So, we made our own versions of dates. Not to exploit some really great nights with too much detail, but there'd be candles, and cuddles, and appreciation for one another. We knew we didn't have to forget about each other because we decided to have a baby. We wanted to find different ways to have our special time.

Not to say we're perfect, or you should take note and follow in our footsteps, but we're perfect for us. Our methods are exactly what we need. But, like my fellow Army wife blogger Sally, I hope the mama with a fresh-baked baby at home, or the pregnant girl getting ready to become a first-time mama, can read this and know that life, and marriage, post-baby is not bad, it's different.

I wonder how it changes for others? And, how do they adapt to their new situation?

Everyone is on the same team. There's a new babe wondering why the eff the cushy, warm home they've known for 9 months is ripped away from them. There's a husband wondering what it is he can do to help the breastfeeding mama. There's a wife wondering how she'll get all the daily chores done while meeting all the needs of her newborn.

But, once the realization is made everyone is working toward a common goal, everything is easier. I want our kids to look at us and think 'I can get married because they've been an amazing example'. Of course, it's not constantly rainbows and unicorns, but it is perfect in its own way.

There were times where he'd come home from work, verify that I hadn't started dinner yet, and make arrangements. He'd take Jake after his first breast-feeding of the day, let me go nap, and only wake me when Jake was hungry again---with Sonic, or Starbucks, in hand.

These little things are as good to me as a night on the town, or jewelry, or chocolates, or whatever cliched thing women are supposed to love. It's the simple fact that he wanted to do something nice for me.

Seeing my husband as a daddy makes me speechless. Even if it's sitting on the couch, cuddled up into his nook, reflecting on a crazy day, we're reflecting together. I've been with this blessing of a man for almost 9 years now. I could not be more proud of him. I've known him as a high-schooler, as a new husband, and as a daddy. Watching his transformation has made me fall more in love with him. The way his mind and thoughts have changed because our priorities changed, the way we understand one another, the way we've grown so much closer through the journey of parenthood. It's all made me fall even harder for the man I'd eat with a spoon if I could.

I think that having Jake has made me love our marriage more. I look at Jake and see Gary. I look at Gary and see the man I've been in love with for so many years and how we're embarking on all these amazing things because of where we've let life take us.

Love is the focus. It's what's given me this life. It's what's made our worlds go 'round. It's what matters, and is fed, and tended just as much before baby, but in different ways.

Love is what makes all this worthwhile.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What I want for Jake.

Some days it needs to be a conscious effort to remember that the boy is still little. I mean, we converse with, literally, only our eyes sometimes.

And, that? FLOORS. ME.

So, sometimes it has to be an absolutely literally conscious thought to remember that he's still little because how emotionally mature he is. I think that one day, hopefully not too terribly far off (Mr. Army dictates when I get to have sex...), Jake will be a big brother and how effing fabulous he'll be at it. But, then I have to take a step back. I have to remember that he's still got so much to experience and so many firsts left. He's not done, ya know?

That sounds pretty freakin' obvious, right?! But, it's not. And, it leaves me wondering, do other mamas feel this way? I mean, we've been around our little dopplegangers since they came out of the shoot and now they're pushing a year and a half and it's such a far deviation from A to B that they must be grown ups, right?!

For the love of Grilled Cheesus, someone tell me you feel the same! Or multiple someones; that'd be great!

I say all that mumbo jumbo because I've been thinking about him in the older-tense. I was thinking that, one day, I won't be his whole world. And, I'll be ok with that. I was thinking that he'll have a first day of school, a first crush, the first time he skins his knees, the first time he has a date to a dance....

I have heart palpitations at all these thoughts.

But, they're happy palpitations.

I'm vowing (uh-oh, this is "on paper"...better keep to it!) that when Jake starts to move away from me, that I'll be ok with it; that I'll understand it's normal. And, by doing so, I'll be strengthening our relationship because I'm allowing him to spread his wings. That whole "if you let it go..." saying.

I'm friends on FB with the man that was my goalie coach, while I was a goalie obviously, when I played on a club team. He put a picture up of him and his mom and said "My mommy". It was totally sweet, though. He's got a wife, and a family, of his own, but he still thinks of his mom in that respect. That's what I want.

While we were driving the other day, I looked at Jake in the mirror that allows me to see the backseat (separate from the rearview, just so you know :-)) and I teared up. I cannot wait for him to bring home the girl he's going to marry. Knowing that she completes him in just the ways he needs makes her amazing. Seeing the way he looks at her and, being able to reflect on the way my husband looks at me, knowing the feelings he's feeling, because I'm so blessed to be feeling the same ones, is going to be something so special.

I want to be someone he respects and adores, but knows that I know how he feels about me. I want him to be ever so grateful that I'm not going to try to suffocate him, with my love for him, so that I feel our relationship is solid. Our relationship will be solid whether he's across the street, Everybody-Loves-Raymond style, or he's clear across the globe. And, I know that he'll be appreciative of that freedom.

But, more than just our relationship, I want him to be happy. Whatever it is that makes him truly happy, I want that. I want him to be a stand-up individual, who knows right from wrong, and conducts himself appropriately. I want him to be proud of where he came from, but to not be afraid to explore what else is out there. I want him to be open, to both new experiences and the views of others. I want him to know he is worthy, and amazing, one of the great blessings of our lives.

I want him to know that we'll go to the moon and back for him. I want him to know that he'll hear his birth story every single year on his birthday, just like my mom does for me, and to enjoy that bit of reflection.

I want him to be protective of his siblings, to fight only if necessary, and to befriend those that need one. I want him to be chivalrous. I want him to know there's a certain way women are treated, and that words are not just words. I want him to know how strong his impact can be on the world around him. I want him to know God, and have a relationship with Him that is all his own, not to be concerned with the views of others.

I want him to know humility; being able to laugh at yourself is a very admirable trait. I want him to know that life is not to be handled with a laissez-faire mentality. His life is beautiful, and amazing, and wide open to be whatever he wants it to be. But, I also hope he finds happiness in simplicity. The kind of simple happiness I feel when I hear the great love of my life playing with my little miracle as I make dinner.

I'm sure I've written a post like this before, but it just feels....different. It feels like all those things are going to be here before we know it; I can almost feel them approaching. I am so, so proud of him and the person he's becoming. I want him to keep that friendliness with those around him, to continue laughing with me, and to keep being down for different adventures.

Most of all, I want him to be just like his daddy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A day in the life...

Although I'm sure you guys totally understood my last post, since you're all uber rad, I want to make sure I didn't send the wrong message by typing out a Gripe-fest and than not posting anything the next day; probably made it seem like I put myself on a timeout for a breakdown! :-) Not so much! Just been wrapped up in appointments and rolling around on the floor with our wee lad!

We went to a baby shower this past weekend that my chick-date, Casey, threw for a sweet, first-time mama! I've never been to a baby shower since having Jake and it was a totally different experience. I told her little gems that I hope will help her a ton. Can't believe I have this "expertise"! I should be used to being a mama after almost 17 months into it, but I'm still in awe of it!

Then, last night was chick-date night. Casey comes over and brings her infant. I SWEAR, that adorable little babe enters the room and I ovulate. I swear. She's presh. If someone would have told me years ago that seeing babies would give me butterflies I would never have believed them!

&, finally, there are some new additions to our homestead:

First, my new phone got here! I'm still figuring it out, but I hear there's some games like Words with Friends and Angry Birds that are a must?

Due to some guidance from a few lovies, I have Skype, yahoo IM, FB, and a password keeper downloaded from the app store. Any others?! I'm not terribly technologically-gifted, so I'm all ears!

And, I am uber excited about these!!! My new stockpots! Well, I've never had stockpots before, but they're new to me! Is anyone else as in love with stainless steel kitchen gadgets as I am??

Thanks to those gorge stockpots, I canned for the first time!!! Apple Butter? Nectar from Heaven!! I was worried that I took the jars out of the stockpots too early and the lids wouldn't be secure, but they are! I'm so proud of them!!! Soo, soo, soooooo good!!!

And, last but certainly not least...our baby. I'm pretty much in love with the little tyke! He's so fun!!

FINALLY! A cardboard Spongebob book! Every time we went out I couldn't find any. So, Sam's Club ftw. Plus, he gets to learn all about Valentines Day! haha :-)

Monday, February 7, 2011

I wrote this when I needed to just bitch, but then? I watched Despicable Me and it's all better!

Us LaMays are way over this deployment.

I feel like having Gripe-Fest 2011, so I'll begin by saying this:

One of the worst things ever is when you're having a bad day and a friend reacts as if you're always upset, or that there's something wrong with you for feeling very human emotions. Very understandable emotions.

People tell me all the time that one of the things that draws them to read this blog is that I'm very happy and optimistic. I'm touched that they feel that because I'm always writing truthfully and honestly. I've never written with the conscious intention to keep things positive; that's just how they naturally come out. I am very happy. I am very optimistic. But, ya know what? It's ok if I don't feel those two particular adjectives constantly. And, right now I'm not feeling them. BUT, it doesn't mean they still don't describe who I am.

And, so, since we're all friends here, I wanted to throw that out there. I also wanted to say that little disclaimer in case someone else is feeling that way. It's ok. We all have moments
like these.

OH MY GAH. We're so done. Which is really weird because you think that would have hit us sooner. You'd think that, since the end is in sight, we wouldn't feel like punting a leprechaun. But, we do.

Nope. Sure isn't the case as of late.

I'm sick of many, many things. If the stupid south rains/snows one more time thus leading our dogs to track inordinate amounts of mud throughout the, usually freshly-mopped, floors, I'm going load them into the truck and set them free in the country. If I have to clean up the highchair one more time I'm tossing it into traffic. If I have to grab ball pit balls out from under the TV stand, either of the couches, or the coffee table I'm going to light it on fire.

And, for my big, fat, huge gripe:

If Skype, or FB, or the MWR in Afghanistan keeps me from having a fluid, uninterrupted, nonstop, and any other term describing us being technologically left the f*ck alone, conversation with my husband I'm going to lose my shit completely. Seriously. This is the one thing that keeps my sanity. At this very moment in time, not one thing on this planet is more irritating than sitting here and having a conversation with my husband, only to find out he hasn't heard anything I've said.

Except maybe the potholes these damn dogs won't stop digging in the backyard. It's driving me up the proverbial wall.

Well, I guess the shitty internet connection and the dog-dug holes are tied.

No, wait. They're not but they're neck-in-neck.

Husband is feeling uber effing irritated, too. He wants to be here to see Jake toddling around. He wants to have a great, uninterrupted conversation with his wife. He wants to come home and be part of our daily lives. In person. No more of this live via webcam bullshit.

Jake's even feeling it, too. You can tell (well, I mean, I can tell) that he's not digging the current sitch either. He's not acting any way toward me, but I know his vibes. They're not so happy right now.

& the thing is, there's no one for us to be upset with. There's no real way to personify the Army where we can direct all our hatred. There's no, like, Mr. Army. So, we're always all "doesn't this suck big, fat eggs?!?!?"

Sure does.

How irritating things are right now makes us all consider careers as cage fighters.

Oh yeah, if I have to scrape shit from a diaper one more time, I'm tossing out our economically- and environmentally-friendly cloth diapers and wipes and headed to the nearest disposables-carrying retailer.

I'd love nothing more than to take Jake over to Opryland. Get an indoor facing room (or whatever the f*ck it's called), order room service and eat on the balcony. But, what am I supposed to do with these damn dogs?? When we boarded them back in August for our CA trip, the boarder came up with all these hidden fees and other bullshit that they've never done before and it cost a disgusting amount of money. Oh, for those that don't know, our dogs are not wee; one is about 80 lbs and the other about 65. Plus, not that I'd call myself frugal, but I'm pretty amazeballs with cash, so it's hard for me to justify a weekend at Opryland when I'm trying to make the most out of the extra deployment-pay we're getting, while we're still getting it.

If this ridiculous weather would let up, I've love to head back out to get a good, delicious sweat going and let them endorphins come save the day. Instead, the stupid indoor elliptical is my only other running option. Endorphin-inducing? Sure. But, I want the sun to beat down on me and our jogging stroller. I want to be outside without freezing my tail-feather off. I want to stretch my legs out and pound the pavement hardcore. Indoor workouts are starting to make me a little nutso a la Kathy Bates in Misery.

It's such a difference, this deployment compared to the previous two. Working full time and going to school full time still left me with moments to feel sad and lonely. Now? I've got a toddler running around me and have got very little time to really absorb the situation with which we're dealing, so crying hits me like a sneak attack once in a great while.

And, oh yeah, my phone finally quit on me today. Verizon's coming out with the iphone and, since I'm an existing customer, I got to order it early. Should be here Tuesday. But, I've lost nearly all my numbers and my password keeper on my POS blackberry contains, like, my life, so super happy it died. Wait. Nope. It resurrects itself once in a while.

As much as this hampers the hatred-glow I have going, I feel sooo much better just bitching about everything. As y'all know, this isn't my style, but this feels freakin' good right now. Such a release.

And, I know it's an uber blessing to have nearly gotten through our third deployment. I'm aware that our little fam' is wicked awesome. I know we're all stronger for handling the better part of a year with grace. Yadda, yadda, effing yadda. We're friends, right? I just needed to unload. I don't let myself do this kind of stuff often because I'm all preoccupied with keeping the ol' chin up. But, like I said---I just wanted Gripe Fest 2011. It keeps from going all cabin fever, ya know?

I wonder if any spas have post-deployment specials? Like 347 minute massage and pedicure for a reasonable price?

They should.


I miss my hubby!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

I believe...'re always exactly where you're meant to be.

...being able to almost see Jake's cognitive growth is one aspect of parenting I'll never forget. good friend, Jackie, introducing me to the term "amazeballs" is a bad, bad thing when I have a toddler absorbing all things around him! Because I think it's hilarious, and it totally fits, I said, out loud, that the pumpkin roll I just baked smelled "amazeballs". Then? Immediately looked at Jake, making sure he wasn't mouthing, what I'm sure will be, the latest adjective to be added to Merriam-Webster's :-D dancing around your room in your undies, before you get dressed of course :-) of the dumbest questions ever asked is by the waitress who says "Coke or Pepsi?" Coke. Always Coke. is a sheer injustice that we (because this is a joint effort) go through teething, yet, in a few years, they all fall out. Lame, if you ask me!

...if you have a problem with something but aren't willing to do the work to change it, you don't really have a problem with something. There's a couple we know that does nothing but point the finger to others, instead of trying to figure out their role in whatever bothers them. It's amazing what you can accomplish once you stop playing the victim. I know this doesn't really affect us, because we're a happy wee family, & they're only hurting themselves, but just thinking out loud :-)

...there should be at least one moment every day where you reflect on your blessings. I'm really trying to remember to do this because the feelings that come from doing something like this are really wonderful! We've all got something for which to be thankful :-)

...the best thing about being a parent (ok...maybe not thee best) is that while Jake is eating his homemade pancakes with homemade applesauce, or organic eggs with a bowl of fruit for breakfast, I get to have a Diet Coke and small bag of Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles. Muahahahaha :-D

...seeing the blinking traffic sign telling applicable families where to go for their soldier's welcome home ceremony is soo encouraging. I got teary-eyed every time I saw it!

...Colorado holds all kinds of great adventures for us!

What do you believe in?
Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last week was our first Kindermusik class and it was soo great! So glad we signed up!

It was weird for us to have to get up so early (6:30!), but we managed! :-)

The class has 4 other little ones, Jake being the oldest at 16 months. We sit in an empty classroom (at my alma mater!), in a circle, and sing songs and dance and massage our kids. So cute!

It's very much geared toward parent/child bonding. At one point, it was "quiet time" and, we laid our babes on our blankets and gave them little massages on their arms, legs, chest, and then moved to doing movements like touching left hand to right foot, and vice versa. Jake loved it! He loved the different movements and how silly we could make it :-)

The two things I loved most were that 1) the class is geared toward kids. Every single kid had a minute where they got fussy, and cried, but it was no biggie. Everyone understood. Everyone's been there. And, 2) the class isn't strict whatsoever. When it was Jake's turn to have a crying moment it coincided with us walking around in a circle, set to music, and doing different movements while holding our kids. So, I just stepped outside the circle and did my own thing in the corner until Jake was over it and stepped right back into the rotation. Easy peasy!

The songs we sing are way too adorable, the movements are presh. The instructor was even reminding us, during certain movements, to keep eye contact with your kid. It was really very sweet.

She didn't have them the first class, but I guess we're getting take-home materials, like songs and workbooks or something. I'd LOVE to do this kind of stuff at home! Jake and I are constantly singing and dancing, but this is stuff you wouldn't, necessarily, do on your own, ya know?

My only complaint about the class was finding a parking spot! I guess the first day of class was also the first day of the semester. We left early because I remember that the first day of the semester was the most hellish parking day EVER. I swear, I spent 50% of my pre-graduation time learning and 50% finding parking. Turns out, the parking lot was just one I'd, surprisingly, never seen before! But, really? That being my only complaint, oh, and the waking up early thing...I'd have to say it's a pretty great thing!

And, everyone had different reasons for enrolling their kid. One mom was telling us she just wanted to socialize her kid. I guess it's only her and Knox (I wish I was cool enough to be able to name our kid that!) because, I'm assuming since she had a wedding ring on, her husband is deployed. She doesn't want him to be slow to warm-up to others because it's only her and him. Our reason for enrolling was music. Gary is pretty instrumentally gifted, and he's the most amazing man I've ever met. I think music opens up that different side to you. So, the plan is to keep enrolling him in these kinds of classes. Miss Jennifer, the instructor, said we'll be using child-friendly instruments during the course of the 14 weeks, so that should definitely help with our goal!

I could not be happier that we got Jake in this class! We really enjoyed our time together :-) I know we spend all kinds of time together, but it's different in this class and, I love that!

Here's a link in case anyone is interested! We, obviously, selected a class that's nearby, but I think this site can give you info for all over the U.S.! It's so worth it!

***Just a reminder, I know tax refunds and paydays are upon us, would you consider donating here, or joining the team for the March of Dimes? We'd love to have you! Even $5 is a great donation :-) Every little bit helps! You can donate via paypal, so you never have to enter credit card information, if you don't want to. Thank you for your consideration!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimmin' pools, movie stars...

OK, well, Colorado may not be known for those two things, but it looks like we are, indeed, headed that way toward the end of this year! I can't even describe how excited I am that Gary and I are the type of people who will try anything once as long as we're together <3

Plus, I just can't even believe it's Colorado! Are you comprehending how gorgeous it is there?! Me either! It's certainly not like we'll be huskin' corn in the middle of Nebraska ;-) Although, I'm sure it's quite pretty there, too!


So, we've moved a couple times, but when it's a PCS (permanent change of station, for my non-military friends :-D) move it's a whole other animal. Do you guys have any tips for us, to make this transition easier?

We're not due to report, as of now anyway, until October. So, what I'm thinking is I'll buy a couple of those Rubbermaid containers from Target every few weeks and start stowing stuff away. I realize that we're "not supposed to pack anything", but we heard that same line when the Army first moved us on post back in 2007, and I packed anyway. I'm sorry, but I don't want it to take all dang day to watch our stuff get packed! If they have to go through our boxes, that's fine. But, at least stuff is already in there, rather than running around playing the game of Tetris, trying to figure out what all can be lumped into one box! Plus, you know we're going to be using those containers as our family grows over time! And, they're certainly more durable than cardboard! I have a bunch out in the garage already; they're holding things like holiday decorations and Jake's stuff that he's outgrown. But, I so heart them.

So, enough about the joy that are rubbermaid containers, yes?

As far as travel, I'm thinking we're going to go back to disposables from the time we're starting our drive to Colorado until we get set up in our new house. When I flew with Jake back in August, one of the smartest things I did was go back to disposables for the length of the trip. Of course, I don't want to do that, especially since our cloth diapers and cloth wipes are bomb dot com, but moving can be stressful and, if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know we're all about keeping things as stress-free as possible! When we get to our new duty station, we may be in temporary lodging for a wee bit, so I'm not even going to try to worry about cleaning out, and washing, diapers! But, I will miss how adorable they are!

I've already got the application stuff going to get on post housing at Fort Carson, because you remember we're not buying our own casa 'til we're out of the Army, right? But, I think that's under control. I've emailed everything that was asked of me, so I think we're in the clear. Anything you lovelies think I should know?

I plan on having mail held/forwarded. Ummm....trying to think of what else I have mentally-prepped...

I'm so welcome to any/all suggestions! I don't know if there's much for us to do, except plan what we can so far in advance.

I've got my snowboarding pants ready!!! This time next year we're going to be visiting Aspen!!!! We might even have to get us all snowboards!! When we'd snowboard in California, we always rented the boards, but I'm thinking now we'll have to make purchases!!! And, hello...imagine Jake on a snowboard. Just imagine! Supa cute, right?!?

Oh, one more thought...I know it's not all about getting our material possessions from A to B. We'll be leaving some truly amazing friends :-( But, we do have Skype and we can always become pen pals and send pictures from our phones constantly! Anything else you suggest to close the gap when moving away from loved ones??

Thanks in advance, dolls!