Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I believe... love/hate relationships, like the one I have with the auto-correct on my phone, or Chelsea Handler.

..., although I may, or may not, still want to, knowing that you cannot please everyone is a very freeing realization. You just have to keep being a good person :-)

...Words with Friends is freakin' addicting!!

...that your blessings are different from mine, and mine different from yours. And that, those blessings shouldn't go unnoticed for fear of how it seems to speak of them. Good cheer should be shared; it is infectious! :-) are the company you keep. Have you ever been around someone who is, kind of, Debbie Downer? I'm sure it's not intentional, and it certainly doesn't make them a bad person, but over time it really can bring you down. our food rule: a fruit with breakfast and a veggie with din din :-) creative outlets. I notice a, practically, measurable increase in my mood when it's a baking day, or making a new recipe day (we eat a lot of leftovers since it's only the two of us!), or a drawing day, or a scrapbooking day.... Tis a good feeling to create!

...that the challenges thrown our way each day are opportunities to grow. I know, I don't always see it while I'm within the challenges either, but they're there. That has been the biggest lesson of our first deployment with a baby.

with that said, I believe with almost our 3rd deployment under our belts, we've met our quota, mmkay, to whom it may concern??

...watching Jake shaking his badonkadonk, in nothing but a cloth diaper, is too effing hilarious!

...this deserves to be mentioned again---> you can find whatever you want in a person, good or bad, if you look hard enough.

...between Netflix and SiriusXM radio, I, kind of, miss commercials! Well, maybe not too much.... budgeting and not being wasteful and repurposing. Oh my!

...Sam's Club is amazing for the simple fact that I haven't purchased toilet paper since November. True story.

What's everyone else believing in these days?

Happy Hump Day! :-)

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Boobies said...

Sam's Club is amazing!