Monday, February 28, 2011

Jake: Our little oompa loompa

Last week, Jake was weighed and measured.

Let me precede this by saying that Jake has always had that adorable chub to him. With the exception being the day he was born (length- above the 95th percentile, weight- about the 65%), his percentiles, especially in weight, have always been low. But, since he was still pretty vertically handicapped, he's always looked chubbier because his weight was compacted into a little area.

Well, things? They are a'changing. He's still yet to hit his growth spurt in height, but his weight came first. He skyrocketed out of the 35%ile, he's inhabited almost his entire life, to join those in the NINETY-FIFTH PERCENTILE!


But, he's definitely our little bowling ball because he's only in the tenth percentile for height!! He's shorter than 90% of kids his age, yet heavier than 95% of those same kids! haha!

I knew he'd hit his spurt eventually because his diet is amazeballs. Not to mention, his daddy is a giant, and everyone thinks I'm tall! I'm 5'6", on a good day, but, hey, if there's some sort of optical illusion that makes everyone think I hover around 5'8"-5'9" I'll take it!

Anywho, he eats absolutely appropriate portion sizes, almost everything he eats is from scratch, and he LOVES him some fruits and veggies...he eats them every single day! I'm sooo happy he's finally in an upper percentile! So, I'm thinking he hit the weight-spurt first and next is the length! He has been obsessed with milk lately, and sleeping even more than usual, so our little linebacker is, certainly, on his way!

This brings me to the big (no pun intended!) question: What do I do with the clothes he's outgrown? The reason for much of his outgrowing of the clothing is because the cloth diapers give him a badonkadonk, but, we're getting to a point where it's, literally, him that is too big for the clothes!

I have a few Rubbermaid containers full of clothing. I have every single thing he's worn his whole life. I'm not hanging on to them for nostalgia, but because we're going to make more babies! Well, one more for sure, anyway...

So, if we have another boy, he can wear all Jake's hand-me-downs. So, I should keep them all, right? Doesn't that make sense? Even if we have a girl next, there's many of his things that she can wear. Especially since we didn't find out the boy was a boy when I was pregnant, so many things are gender neutral.

I'd love to free up the space in the containers for other things, but won't it, ultimately, be more financially-savvy to hang on to the clothes? What have you done? Are you hanging on to everything?

Calling all seasoned mamas: Help a sista out!


Whitney Hacker said...

I know a lot of people that save clothes and re-use them for when they have more babies. I personally didn't do this, I have always gave Ava's clothes to others in need of clothes or just friends who's kids can wear the size that Ava can no longer wear. A lot of people tell me I'm crazy because I didn't save anything of Ava's for Aurora, but I like helping others out as well, and this is just what we chose to do. :) Plus, I can't stand clutter or a bunch of rubbermaid things laying around, ha ha, no idea why but it drives me crazyyy!

Minivan Mama said...

Here is the thing...even if you do have another boy, you will most likely want to purchase him new clothes and receive gifts from others. Plus, who's to say they will be born in the same season? I learned to keep my very favorite items and give away the others. Best of both worlds!

Boobies said...

I'll bet you are SUPER excited!! Very cool!

I never saved much of anything...because I had a son after my those clothes clearly wouldn't be appropriate...then my last child came 10 years I'm of no help on this!

lovejoy_31 said...

So far I have saved every single thing from our DD. I fully intend to continue to do so. Right now I have 8 (yes I said 8) containers in the attic. Some are from when she was an infant and others are from my SIL and other friends for when she gets older. I don't know what I will do if we have a boy, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. So don't feel bad about saving everything.

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