Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last week was our first Kindermusik class and it was soo great! So glad we signed up!

It was weird for us to have to get up so early (6:30!), but we managed! :-)

The class has 4 other little ones, Jake being the oldest at 16 months. We sit in an empty classroom (at my alma mater!), in a circle, and sing songs and dance and massage our kids. So cute!

It's very much geared toward parent/child bonding. At one point, it was "quiet time" and, we laid our babes on our blankets and gave them little massages on their arms, legs, chest, and then moved to doing movements like touching left hand to right foot, and vice versa. Jake loved it! He loved the different movements and how silly we could make it :-)

The two things I loved most were that 1) the class is geared toward kids. Every single kid had a minute where they got fussy, and cried, but it was no biggie. Everyone understood. Everyone's been there. And, 2) the class isn't strict whatsoever. When it was Jake's turn to have a crying moment it coincided with us walking around in a circle, set to music, and doing different movements while holding our kids. So, I just stepped outside the circle and did my own thing in the corner until Jake was over it and stepped right back into the rotation. Easy peasy!

The songs we sing are way too adorable, the movements are presh. The instructor was even reminding us, during certain movements, to keep eye contact with your kid. It was really very sweet.

She didn't have them the first class, but I guess we're getting take-home materials, like songs and workbooks or something. I'd LOVE to do this kind of stuff at home! Jake and I are constantly singing and dancing, but this is stuff you wouldn't, necessarily, do on your own, ya know?

My only complaint about the class was finding a parking spot! I guess the first day of class was also the first day of the semester. We left early because I remember that the first day of the semester was the most hellish parking day EVER. I swear, I spent 50% of my pre-graduation time learning and 50% finding parking. Turns out, the parking lot was just one I'd, surprisingly, never seen before! But, really? That being my only complaint, oh, and the waking up early thing...I'd have to say it's a pretty great thing!

And, everyone had different reasons for enrolling their kid. One mom was telling us she just wanted to socialize her kid. I guess it's only her and Knox (I wish I was cool enough to be able to name our kid that!) because, I'm assuming since she had a wedding ring on, her husband is deployed. She doesn't want him to be slow to warm-up to others because it's only her and him. Our reason for enrolling was music. Gary is pretty instrumentally gifted, and he's the most amazing man I've ever met. I think music opens up that different side to you. So, the plan is to keep enrolling him in these kinds of classes. Miss Jennifer, the instructor, said we'll be using child-friendly instruments during the course of the 14 weeks, so that should definitely help with our goal!

I could not be happier that we got Jake in this class! We really enjoyed our time together :-) I know we spend all kinds of time together, but it's different in this class and, I love that!

Here's a link in case anyone is interested! We, obviously, selected a class that's nearby, but I think this site can give you info for all over the U.S.! It's so worth it!

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Mama Hen said...

We loved Kindermusik! We also did Music Together. The classes were wonderful! I gave you two awards! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

SoVeryDomestic said...

We loved Kindermusik too! We have it in Canada too and it was a lot of fun. There are a lot of lame-o mom and tot classes out there but this one was rad!