Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swimmin' pools, movie stars...

OK, well, Colorado may not be known for those two things, but it looks like we are, indeed, headed that way toward the end of this year! I can't even describe how excited I am that Gary and I are the type of people who will try anything once as long as we're together <3

Plus, I just can't even believe it's Colorado! Are you comprehending how gorgeous it is there?! Me either! It's certainly not like we'll be huskin' corn in the middle of Nebraska ;-) Although, I'm sure it's quite pretty there, too!


So, we've moved a couple times, but when it's a PCS (permanent change of station, for my non-military friends :-D) move it's a whole other animal. Do you guys have any tips for us, to make this transition easier?

We're not due to report, as of now anyway, until October. So, what I'm thinking is I'll buy a couple of those Rubbermaid containers from Target every few weeks and start stowing stuff away. I realize that we're "not supposed to pack anything", but we heard that same line when the Army first moved us on post back in 2007, and I packed anyway. I'm sorry, but I don't want it to take all dang day to watch our stuff get packed! If they have to go through our boxes, that's fine. But, at least stuff is already in there, rather than running around playing the game of Tetris, trying to figure out what all can be lumped into one box! Plus, you know we're going to be using those containers as our family grows over time! And, they're certainly more durable than cardboard! I have a bunch out in the garage already; they're holding things like holiday decorations and Jake's stuff that he's outgrown. But, I so heart them.

So, enough about the joy that are rubbermaid containers, yes?

As far as travel, I'm thinking we're going to go back to disposables from the time we're starting our drive to Colorado until we get set up in our new house. When I flew with Jake back in August, one of the smartest things I did was go back to disposables for the length of the trip. Of course, I don't want to do that, especially since our cloth diapers and cloth wipes are bomb dot com, but moving can be stressful and, if you've read this blog for any amount of time, you know we're all about keeping things as stress-free as possible! When we get to our new duty station, we may be in temporary lodging for a wee bit, so I'm not even going to try to worry about cleaning out, and washing, diapers! But, I will miss how adorable they are!

I've already got the application stuff going to get on post housing at Fort Carson, because you remember we're not buying our own casa 'til we're out of the Army, right? But, I think that's under control. I've emailed everything that was asked of me, so I think we're in the clear. Anything you lovelies think I should know?

I plan on having mail held/forwarded. Ummm....trying to think of what else I have mentally-prepped...

I'm so welcome to any/all suggestions! I don't know if there's much for us to do, except plan what we can so far in advance.

I've got my snowboarding pants ready!!! This time next year we're going to be visiting Aspen!!!! We might even have to get us all snowboards!! When we'd snowboard in California, we always rented the boards, but I'm thinking now we'll have to make purchases!!! And, hello...imagine Jake on a snowboard. Just imagine! Supa cute, right?!?

Oh, one more thought...I know it's not all about getting our material possessions from A to B. We'll be leaving some truly amazing friends :-( But, we do have Skype and we can always become pen pals and send pictures from our phones constantly! Anything else you suggest to close the gap when moving away from loved ones??

Thanks in advance, dolls!


Erin said...

I am over the moon that you are moving out here!!!!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

I am totally envious but in a really supportive, positive, wish-I-was-you kinda way. :)

Rubbermaid containers? AWESOME for PCSing. Our movers were okay with our having packed them, they just glanced through to make sure there weren't any prohibited items since they had to sign off on everything.

Minivan Mama said...

Sounds like an adventure!