Thursday, February 24, 2011

You might be a mama if....

I started thinking about all the stuff I've done as a mama, stuff that never even crossed my mind, pre-parenthood, because it's a little strange. So, I got with my close mama friends to make sure I'm not the only freak of nature ;-) I kid, but some of these things are total gems!

You might a mama if... find yourself alone in the car singing Old MacDonald. get poop on you and finish what you're doing before you clean it off.'ve eaten food off your kid's face.'ve been breastfeeding one, feeding another cereal, and doing a ponytail on a the same time.

...if you've preferred sleep over sex. spend an entire week wearing sweats. can't go anywhere without hearing "Mom", "Mommy", or "Mama" without looking around, ready to respond. have tried at least once to put your husband in timeout.'ve had to grab the tweezers to pull random objects out of a toddler's nose. show up to church, with your very cutely dressed family, only to find you're still in slippers.

..."Because I said so" is your most-used phrase. wake up to see that you're feeding your baby, not sure how the bottle, or the baby, ended up next to you.

...your long-sleeved shirts double as kleenex.'ve seen more vomit than the frat parties of your college days.'ve baby-talked to a friend.'ve drank from your tot's sippy cup.'ve unknowingly walked around the mall with spitup down your back. wash more bibs than real clothes. can't remember the last time you ate at a restaurant where you couldn't color on the menu.

...your vast knowledge of music consists of all the songs from Nick and/or Nick Jr.

Feel free to add your own! Believe me, I'm sure your, & your friends, have some great additions!


kddemarchia said...

...if youve gotten puke in your hair and said screw it ill wash it after i go to the store lol

Boobies said...

This is SO true!

I am especially guilty of turning my head EVERY single time I hear some random kid say "Mommy." Even if my kids aren't with