Monday, March 28, 2011

18 months

The boy is hitting his growth spurt!!

Those mama instincts are badass; I knew his height spurt wasn't far behind his weight spurt!

Of course, they had to torture my sweet little guy with THREE immunizations which, if you ask him, are worse than nails on a chalkboard. I hate hearing him cry! But, at least we can direct all our hatred toward the nurse that administers the shots. Ya know, a good tag-team.

He has a bit of a rash that popped up on his back so, as we went down to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for is, he reclined in the jogger and snacked on fishies. This kid is resilient. Like whoa. Immunizations take a lot out of a person!

Anywho, I'm sure you remember how Jake has always looked like he'd weighed more because he was short. But, the nurse practitioner, who happens to be bomb dot com, was sooo excited about him! She said he cognitive/physical growth is just perfect! So, he skyrocketed out of the 35% of his 1 year check up to the 89th percentile!!!

Weight: 30.12 lbs---> 95%
Length: 33 in---> 75%
Head circumference: 50.5 cm---->95%

Go J-Bone!

What's even better is that, in comparison to when he was weighed/measured at 17 months, he grew THREE inches in ONE month!!! I'm so proud of him!!

He's been saying 'mama' more lately which does NOT disappoint me! It was his second word, following 'dada', months and months ago, but he'd use it very, very little. Now, I'm always mama!

:::running man:::

He knows a bunch of words, as in he follows instruction well, but isn't speaking too much. But, it's a real trip when he stares at my mouth when we read together before bed. He listens very intently and watches the way my mouth moves. He's really studying me! Oy...he just rocks my socks!

I have overwhelming excitement at the thought of Gary watching Jake, once he gets back. He's going to be blown away that his little baby is now a big boy! I can't wait!

Speaking of, today was day one of keep-uber-busy-to-make-time-pass-more-quickly. We went to a pharmacy to pick up my birth control. We waited all of 15 minutes, were told that Jake is reigning champion of the THEE CUTEST little boy title, and had a conversation with an older man that spoke like a megaphone was attached to his cranium. But, it's ok, he was very sweet :-)

Then headed to the PX to pick up a few things, that I can't mention in case hubster reads this post! Came home for nap and then back out for his appointment. I have to say, all in all this day has been fabulous!! I mean, when you go to two different pharmacies on an Army post, and wait for a grand total of about 45 minutes, you've had a great day! ;-)

Let's all hope for time to pass quickly!

Oh, little man, you could not kick more ace!


Minivan Mama said...

Yay for your little man. I'll do a running man too. (that cracked me up)

Wendy said...

Go, Jake! What a cutie!!!

So they go through another growth spurt around 18 months. Did you notice it or were you surprised?