Friday, March 18, 2011

I believe... 81 point, four letter word on Words with Friends will forever live in infamy. It will in my head at least.
(PS...let's play: sammie mo mammie)

...waking up early is ok as long as the sleep has been adequate. I've been waking up a few minutes before 7 the past few days, but I've slept like the dead for 8-9 hours! I'm ok with being up before the boy!

...I should be able to tell OPSEC to go jump in a lake so I can sky-write when hubby should be home!! I'm excited!!!!! But, I won't :-)

...this Bieber obsession needs to stop dead in its tracks! Does no one else think this kid is a total kabob? What's the draw?! can't get something for nothing. If you want care and love and respect you must be caring and loving and respectful of others. Taking without giving ain't so cool.

...the butterflies in my stomach, that I get every morning when I put an 'X' on another day down from our countdown, have got to be apocalyptic.

...sometimes it's not about what we're facing, but about the amount of support. This week, our other car tried to eff with me and the epic headache that caused wasn't about the car itself, but about the fact that I had to make decisions on my lonesome. But, look at us now! We still have two functioning cars and I didn't implode! Who's the master of their domain?? THIS GIRL. playlist is complete without some Queen, Journey, and a good remix featuring Ozzy. Jake and I went for a walk the other day and I was in the zone!! Of course, there was the strong possibility that I'd hop into the middle of the road and break down some peanut butter jelly time, but I managed to restrain myself. That's for you, Susan! And, a little for the comic enjoyment of the neighbors that'd be seeing me! :-)

...this summer is going to be amazeballs! Hubby will be here, first vacay with the little man, getting to head over to gorgeous Colorado....BOMB DOT COM!!

Happy Friday, peeps!

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