Friday, March 11, 2011

I heart shopping.

Yesterday, the boy and I headed to Nashville for Operation: Look Smokin' Hot for the First Time Hubby has Seen Me Since Leave.

(I have to bring sexy back a la Mr. Timberlake.)

We were pretty successful!

Naturally, our first stop was MAC because they're makeup is out-effing-standing (we're ignoring how majorly overpriced it is since it's for a special occasion :-) ). And, remember how I said that good ol' Ann and I are buddies? Walked into her establishment and....NO DICE! Everything was neutral, and boring, and very...ho hum. I, for one, was shocked to my very core! ;-)

Well, actually, there was this one skirt that was the clothing version of perfection, but I checked the tag on that gorgeous, yet subtle and not-too-much-for-the-occasion lace skirt: $168. I think the hanger actually burned an imprint into my hand. So, I ran out of there & headed to the nearest GAP ;-) Which is only partially true!

Anywho, I had theeee perfect outfit picked out in my head. If you've known me for any length of time you know this is NOT out of the ordinary. I have an idea of what I want, yet am open to other things. But, stores have to show me something! The mall seemed to fall between two spectrums: wildly expensive and neutral, aka "boring".

But, it was still a great day! I had lunch with this amazing lad:

I just love him!!! Don't you just want to squish his face?!? LOVE.

Because of his recent growth spurt, I opted for the jogger, rather than the Mei-Tai wrap. I felt that walking an hour around the mall with him on me, kangaroo-style, might have made us leave with me dragging him by his pant leg out the door ;-) He's a big boy!!

I got to walk around the mall (wait...I have to say this---> There's a Louis Vuitton store in the mall we went to. I need a LV purse before I expire. Need) listening to our amazing little man "talking" to me about all the clothing we passed, in his sweet little baby voice, while pointing and looking up and smiling at me.

Jake, FTW.

Just so, so proud of that boy. Watching him at Buffalo Wild Wings, the way he interacts with me, with others, the way he studies what's around him, I sooo wanted to cry. He's the sweetest!!

So, the fact that I didn't leave there with the outfit I envisioned was no problem. I had a perfect day with my son, in preparation to have the BEST DAY EVER: Hubby coming home!!! Again, not too soon, we still have some time, but it's certainly closer!! Plus, I just came home and picked out my entire ensemble on Forever 21's site, for a fraction of what I anticipated. This day rocked my socks!!

Except for one thing...

Random porcelain throne worship. I don't even know where it came from. Thank goodness Spongebob was on and Jake was just walking around watching that because it was a real rough 4-5 hours. I move that someone in their right mind start making Sprite deliveries! I think that would have greatly helped my recovery.

...I lived to tell the tale, right?!

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Erin said...

Sounds like a fabulous day...with the exception of the throwing up! I am glad you found an outfit. SO excited that homecoming is close enough for outfit shopping!!