Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've, officially, seen it all.

I actually had an enjoyable experience at the gyno yesterday.

It may have just dawned on me how that sounds...and, no, pervs, I don't mean it that way ;-)

First things first, I haven't been to the gyno since my two week postpartum check up to make sure my c-section stitches were healing correctly. In October of 2009.


But, having a stranger be able to play patty cake on me, while only being able to see one hand isn't something that eagerly anticipate! But, drastic times call for desperate measures and mama needed to visit the lady-doctor because redeployment is around the corner!!!

:::does the macarena:::

Anywho, my amazing, fabulous, unforgettable friend, Casey, offered to watch Jake for me. For that I was so grateful! Can I just mention that this is the first time, this deployment, I've left him with anyone so that I could go out? Should I be using the phrase 'go out' to describe a trip to the gyno? But, I digress...

So, Casey comes over and Jake is uber comfortable around her. I mean, it's not surprising since all the adjectives I used to describe her are totes true. And, it does take a lot for Jake to be uncomfortable. But, it still melts my heart when I see him extra-comfortable with certain people. We went to my friend's, Holli, house a couple weeks ago and you could swear that Jake's been there a thousand times! Him and Holli's daughter were fine around each other, he sought comfort in Holli a few times, it just made my heart swell with pride!

Digression #2....

OK, so I can't decide if I should be embarrassed about this or not: Right before I left, I got all teary-eyed. This is normal, right?! People, I haven't ever left him to hang out with anyone this whole deployment! Please tell me it's normal...

Anywho, I leave for my appointment and it's all gravy, baby. I knew Jake was absolutely fine, and I absolutely trust Casey (obv) so the watery-eyes left as quickly as they came. Also? I can't even believe how quickly I can get stuff done when a carseat isn't involved!

And, on to the appointment. I had a super late one, 5 pm, and, I guess, that's the best time for appointments. The on-post hospital was a ghost town. And, for my fellow military mamas, you know that's a BIG statement! That place is always crawling with people.

So, I got there at 4:50 and, after a pleasant talk with the nurse behind the counter, was getting my appointment started right at 5pm. Another super sweet nurse took me back and did the grunt work, then my doctor came in. I don't know that I've ever been so comfortable with someone who was about to pull out some of my least favorite "tools".

There was another appointment after me, but I guess I was her last for the day so she said I could ask her as many questions as I wanted about birth control. How sweet is that?! She wasn't shoving me, and my freshly-inspected lady parts, out the door so she could get home. I, pretty much, love her for that.

I have been on two different methods of birth control, but I know there are a bunch of other methods that I don't know much about. My first bc was the patch, which made me super nauseous. Then, I was on the pill (Yasmin, which I highly recommend, fyi!) for 3 years, before we decided to kick it and conceive the little man. But, I ended up choosing a new method. I'm very excited about it! But, I think what I loved so much was that I told her my vain concerns about trying another type of bc and we whittled down our list to the one I chose. I feel great about it!

So, I trotted my happy hiney down to the pharmacy, in the basement of the hospital, and waited for about 3 minutes. LEGEN-wait for it-----DARY!!!! I have never ever ever even dreamed that I'd be out of the pharmacy on post that quickly.

Birth control in hand, I go home to see our boy happily watching Spongebob with Casey, and her adorable 4-month old. He's crawling all over her, playing with her, loving her.... I wanted to cry again!! Casey? She's good people :-) I got welcome home kisses and hugs and it was just a great time.

Never did I think a great time would start with a trip to the gyno.


So Very Domestic said...

It is amazing how fast things can be done with the kids not there! Amazing. Also, it's totally normal to be teary when leaving if you haven't left him! I get teary about leaving our littlest one too and she's 2! <3

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Life without kids was so much simpler, but not quite as rewarding! Those times when we have a little "me time" albeit in the hands of a gyno, are to be treasured!!

Great post.
CJ xx

Mama Hen said...

That is great that your friend helped you out. I do not leave my daughter much either to go out and if I do it is always with my mom or sister. My last visit to the gyno was because I had pain in my stomach and they took me in last minute. I told them I had to get back to my daughter and pick her up from preschool in an hour and a half. I waited in that paper dress for well over an hour and then finally poked my head out (with my butt out as well-ugh!) and asked the nurse where the doctor was. She said, "Oh, she went to the hospital". Really? When were they planning on telling me. Anyway, I am happy you had a good visit. It would be great to meet one day. If you ever in New York let me know and we will have a fun day in the city! Have a great day my friend!

Mama Hen

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

Yay for good gyno appointments (seriously - she let you choose BC? Color me impressed!)!

Yay for great friends!

Yay for awesome babies!

Yay for a military pharmacy that gets you in and out in under 20 minutes...seriously!

Most importantly, yay for winding down deployments!!!!