Thursday, March 3, 2011

The one where I reveal my superpower.

Redeployment is upon us.

My heart just went all kinds of loco just then!!

It's not tomorrow, or next week, or anything super soon like that, but it's so close I can taste it and it has made me, happily, insane.

I feel this sense of urgency about things. I mean, if I were a superhero my name would be Samantha: The Anti-Procrastinator. I'd go around in my cape, and colored undies (because obviously), poking people until they finished their to-do lists.

But, I am a woman on a mission. Fo shizz. But, the difference between me and crazy is that I'm not stressing. At all. It's kind of like, in the back of my head, I think that the more I get done the quicker he'll be here. Which, is kind of true. Anyway. For instance, I have to grocery shop, go to my gyno appointment, and head to Nashvegas with my fabulous friend, and her wee daughter, next week. I'm all kinds of "LET'S DO THISSSSSS!!!!" I guess you could say I am fueled by copious amounts of energy.

Never will you see someone so excited to grab groceries, or to become well-known by a member of the medical community. I'm all "Do what you gotta, sister. Pretty soon, I won't need to find delight in these appointments anymore"

Every single day that passes is a day closer to the hubster being on U.S. soil. SQUEEEE!!!!

I get to pick out my outfit, and get new makeup, and decorate, and dress the boy in awesome threads....

Oh, and I have about the first 12 dinners planned for when he gets here.

Have I mentioned I'm excited?

Hey, hey, hey now. I've neglected to mentioned something of uber importance: I'll get to shave my legs!!

Not to seem like I'm a hairy wildebeast, but, let's be real, I don't shave unless it comes of utmost necessity. I mean, really. No one is feeling up on these bad boys. Hey, don't judge.

AND, I think I've planned our post-deployment vacay. WADDUP. It'll be our first family R & R since having J-stud, and it's going to be epic. Totes!

Oh, and since I'm rambling anyway, you should know that I get wicked excited about laundry. Yesterday, Mr. Rogers was right, it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood. So, I had diapers out on the clotheslines, and the dogs were laying on the patio enjoying a good sun-bath, and I'm inside, pacing the tile, with the internal monologue that went something like this:

Jake, if you could please wake up from your 3 hour nap that'd be great. I mean, we've got shizzola to accomplish today. At first, I didn't want to go out because it's the day after payday, but I figure the need for toilet paper outweighs my fear of getting elbowed by a crazy shopper, whose husband probably just deployed and she's looking for a fight anyway. Plus, I mean, my hair looks pretty good today, except for the fact that my roots are starting to grow out and I'm not getting my hair did for a little while longer so that it can be all fresh for when daddy gets his handsome hiney home. Between my hair and my welcome-home outfit and, oh yeah, abstinence I'm pretty sure he'll think I look pretty effing hawt, waiting for him to march into that hangar and be officially declared mine again. But, I'll have to remember to clean right before he gets here. I did a heavy duty clean a few weeks ago, but there's no way I'm doing it again, and then again, before he gets here. The house will have to survive. And, do I have the welcome-home banner I used when he got home from the second deployment? I should find that. Or, think about ordering a new one. How should I decorate the house? After I clean, obviously. I wonder what time his flight will land? Will I sleep the night before he gets here?....

To say I am excited might be the understatement of the century.


Erin said...

Oh EM GEEE I know it is still a little ways off but I am beyond stoked for you!!!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

So happy for you in advance, chica!

Minivan Mama said...

Now I'm all excited! So exciting!