Thursday, April 28, 2011

I've taken it upon myself.

I swear I'll try to not talk about it anymore. It's just something that is still new, and incredibly fun, and makes me feel so good I could cuddle a baby leprechaun: zumba.

There is something these eyes saw last night that cannot be taken back, so I've decided I should lay down some ground rules. I mean, I joke and say that we (me and Annaleigh) have a few classes under our belts so clearly we're professional zumba'ers (that IS a technical term, btw), or moving the bod the way you do in a class like that must mean we're supa hawt, but I'm obviously kidding [because I still move like a white girl.]

[ok, but wait. People, in the class, are starting to ask us questions and look in our faces for comfort over the fact that it must be their first class and they're nervous. At least we don't look like it's obviously our first time....or that we're blind]

So, given the fact that we'll still, probably, always stand in the back of the class, claiming our territory right under the speaker--therefore threatening the loss of our hearing, so that we don't dare stand next to one of the Latin girls up front, whose body can move like they don't have a single bone, these rules are still muy importante....

Zumba Rules of Decorum:

1) Set an example.
If you're going to be at the front of the class, because you're rocking the house with your Zumba, get your shizz together. Listen, I'm relying on YOU! If you're at the front it's obviously because you've been a Zumba'er for a while, YOU NEED TO SET A GOOD EXAMPLE. This white girl (ME) watches you for what to do when our instructor is off gyrating in a space where I can't find her. Don't lead me astray.

There was a girl a few feet from me last night that was wearing one of those spaghetti strap tanks, with a shelf bra, and nothing else that would keep her from taking out an eye. That biatch must have lost her mind. She had tatas. She was at least a C. I'm sorry, but wrangle those bad boys for the safety of those around you. Thanks to all things Holy she was diagonal from me or else there would have been some serious safety concerns.

So, even though I may be a notch or two below the title of "Best Zumba'er", I feel I am still able to throw out some guidelines.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Homemade edition.

Let's come out swingin', eh? This is the first time I've ever made monkey bread with from-scratch biscuits. Not to sound like I have a massive dome, but it. is. incredible. I had always used the biscuits from the canisters, but there is no way I could ever go back. Oodles of x's and o's for this monkey bread.

BRB...gotta clean up my saliva....

This tiny little turkey was DELISH! We had it with pita bread chips and avocado dip :-)

Alfredo sauce! Someone else check out this link, make it, then get back to me so we can talk about how amazeballs it is!

My first ham!

Sweet potato fries! Just ignore the one that was overeager :-)

One of our Easter dinner side dishes, proscuitto wrapped asparagus with goat cheese. :::DIES::: Sorry, no link; this one is from my cookbook!

Deli Style Mac & Cheese. DA-VINE. Those are strips of pastrami in it!
Sweet n Sassy meatballs. This is the first time I've made them, but I think they're now a staple in Casa de LaMay! Sorry, this one is from a mag, no link!

Cinnamon blueberry pancakes that will leave you without socks. Here ya go!

Dudes, hang on to the edge of your seats! Poppy seed honey mustard dressing that tastes EXACTLY like the one from Red Robin. Your mind? BLOWN.

Gary would take a straw to it if he could!

More bon bons! They're from my girl, May!

Surely (Madre, know that I totally hear you saying 'and, don't call me Shirley!') there's a twelve step program for someone like me, but, hey, cheap and uber tasty is how we do it around here! What can I say? It's how we roll ;-)

It was ok when the government was threatening to take our pay; I got eggs and a bag of flour, we won't go hungry!

Look at me tryin' to go all Martha over here....a girl can dream, right!?

Bon App├ętit!!
(with a little bit of Mrs. Julia Child, obviously)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

We definitely did! Even though the weather was super ugly, it was nice to stay home and celebrate and be in jammies! Plus, the aromas coming from the kitchen didn't exactly disappoint! :-)

I made my first ham. I wasn't really nervous, or anything, I was just surprised that a ham, basically, takes care of itself. I obsess over turkeys (and they turn out wicked juicy!), so it was a nice change! Gary has always loved ham. LOVE. I definitely got his stamp of approval. He said that, when he was carving it, the meat was falling off the bone, and it wasn't at all salty; he said it was the best ham he's ever had! I, basically, babysat the ham, but I'll still take that compliment!

Oh, and I also made some pretty tasty side dishes, but you'll see them soon enough, k?

Our day was so good, though. Jake got a kick out of his Easter basket, and searching for eggs. I love seeing that face light up. He's the bomb!

Without further ado...

Jake's Easter basket! I found some great deals at Target The Easter Bunny brought some pretty great stuff! That giant chocolate bunny may be a bit much for him, but it's a tradition! Gary might be dropping it off at work tomorrow....

Totally digging his basket gifts!

Easter egg hunting!


My two pretty awesome dudes!

He should have been our Easter ham....I could just eat him!

And, we finished off the day with some good, ol' fashioned play :-)

PS....someone should teach how to really utilize the good camera we have! I feel like I'm letting it down!

Hope you, and yours, had a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zumba is crazy, yo.

So, remember my fab' friend, Annaleigh, that marched with us, along with her great little fam', at the March for Babies?

Well, we're gym rats now (again...BECAUSE WE CAN!!!) and we've got stories to tell about zumba.

Friends, this workout is nutso. We have serious doubts that the instructor has any rhyme or reason to anything she does. In fact, we're pretty sure she jumps and shakes her hiney just to the beat of the mixed CD she plays for the class.

That being said, THIS IS THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

We laughed, and danced, and hiney-shook for an hour and left there feeling pretty bomb diggity! It was so fun!

And, we do this stuff in the dark, with a strobe light! Are all zumba classes like that? Because this is stuffed full of wicked awesome!

Shocking, too, because I felt so stiff and very much like there are some genetic proponents I'm missing to be able to hang in that class, but we still did it! It got easier as time went on, and we felt more loose and understanding of what the heck it was we were supposed to be doing, but we left there pretty confident that we burned a calorie, or two, judging by the sweat on our foreheads and the amounts of laughs we belted out! Annaleigh is one great gym buddy. But, step off....SHE'S MINE!

Anywho, we're headed back to Zumba tonight, apparently I don't think my calves endured enough last night, yoga tomorrow and then we plan try a spin class. Gotta be honest, that class scares the bajesus right out of me, but we're sooo down.

Well, I want to make sure that I throw out there that I started talking to the lady next to me, saying how it was our first time and that we didn't really know what to expect. At the end, she looked at me and said I was doing a good job! She's clearly crazy, but seemed pretty genuine :-)

Oh, and this zumba craziness really comes in handy because Jake's tap-dancing on my last nerve today and I want to be in a place where convulsing will not be judged.

AND, I get to hang out with Annaleigh!! :-)

But, again, she's mine.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Having Gary home is nothing short of unbelievable. I missed seeing my giant husband walking around our humble abode! However, there are some transitions going on....

First, I'm constantly trying to give Gary food on Jake's plates. Ya know, the ones with dividers, or pictures of dinosaurs, or dump trucks? Yep.

Ooh, and he LOVES the apple butter I canned a couple months back so he's been having sandwiches for lunch. I may, or may not, have tried to cut his sandwiches into tiny squares, like I do for a wee boy that roams our casa.


But, ok, once you're a mama, you're always a mama, right?!

My favorite transition? Instead of dreaming that one day I'll see my hubster shirtless again, I GET TO SEE IT ALL THE TIME.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

But, on the real, I think it was the second night he was home, I made this fab' dinner and, we looked at each other from across the table, we almost felt a countdown. We got to shake that crappy cloud from our minds and celebrate that he isn't leaving in two weeks! This ISN'T leave! This is the real deal!

Happiness: This is NOT a drill!!

Oh, and I can't leave out the little man! He's wayy too excited. Way! He's constantly running around this house, looking for his dada! He even waits outside the bathroom door while he's showering!

And, I could not be more grateful that I get to get back in a gym. If I had to pull out the yoga dvd's, or watch Netflix while on the elliptical one more time, I was going to go ape sauce ;-)

It's amazing how quickly things get back to our blessed normal, though! I know we're no stranger to deployments, but it's definitely nice to feel that feeling of fitting like a puzzle again <3

Monday, April 18, 2011

We marched!

Yesterday was our March of Dimes walk in Nashville!

It was a really great day. Completely gorgeous weather, free food, tons of support for the babies, great friends to walk with...couldn't have asked for much more!


I may be nursing lingering sadness that the line to get my face painted was uber long, thus leading to the blank face, but we pushed through ;-)

Walking around the festivities, and reading all the stories of babies born weighing a couple pounds, even less, and the struggles they overcame were truly inspiring; made me want to scoop up that baby boy we get to call ours and be even more grateful for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Not everyone gets that chance, but, hopefully, the March of Dimes was able to raise enough money to find ways to give every baby a healthy start :-) Big, fat thank you (AGAIN!) to everyone who donated to our team! Such a selfless act that goes to an amazing cause...and you helped me earn a free t-shirt! I hope we can find a March of Dimes walk in Colorado next year!

One more thing: My friend, Annaleigh, a fellow walker, and I started going to a gym on post (since our hubbies are home and we can!!!) Saturday, the walk was Sunday. I should mention that the first class we took was a cardio kickboxing class with a woman, I went home and told Gary, I'd, from here on out, refer to as "The Bulldog". She's the kind of instructor that goes through a set of squats, 16 reps, and says "just a few more" about 37 times. That biatch is full of lies! Anywho, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out on the walk from muscle failure, but we made it! We even have yoga and step classes waiting on us this week! I've always loved a good sweat, but when the instructor suggested her Boot Camp class later that Saturday? I made a mental note to only take her class once a week....

Here's proof we survived the day! :-)

Where the walk began

An incredible turnout!

I get to take pictures with this giant of a man again!!!

Clearly, Jake's role in the events was just too much to handle :-)

If anyone's wondering why hubalub is wearing pimp-style aviators it's because his sunglasses broke, and we stopped by a gas station, and they were $6 AND unbelievably hilarious. All of it's a win!

This is Annaleigh's, husband who came out to walk with us. He's completely hilarious, and had the G-unit's back while he was deployed. Pretty sure that makes him the bomb!

Before pigging out on Red Robin, we made sure to end the day soaking up our own healthy little nugget <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



April 6, 2011 at 5:45 am, our soldier returned to us.

Even though this was our third go-'round those butterflies never get any smaller.


The first two deployments, I was friends with Gary's Captain's wife. I never worried about getting a picture of us because she always made sure to snap one for us.

Exhibit A:

But, she's not around anymore so I half-considered hiring a photographer to catch the moment with us. Enter one of my favorite people, Casey. She offered to come with us, even after the arrival time was before that of the sun. She, seriously, blows my mind.

The hours leading up to the flight's arrival, I was in complete denial. I couldn't believe that it was really happening, that it was really finally over. I had some trouble falling asleep, but did manage to get some before my 2am alarm went off.

Jake. That boy never, ever ceases to amaze me. I went into his room at 3:25am and he was stirring. He looked up at me, smiled and was ready. It's amazing how in-tune we are with one another. He knew awesome was about to go down.

My one-in-a-million friend Casey showed up, happily, at our house 3:45am. She was there for us 100%. It's like this ceremony was as much for her as it was for us. I freakin' love you, Casey!!!

So, I got Jake dressed, he looked ever the stud with his Argyle shirt and low-top Chucks, got myself dressed, and was going to show Casey the settings on our camera. Turned on our expensive, great-quality Nikon, only to have the batteries die. It can zoom in on a picture a football field away, but can't alert me that the batteries are low?

Technology fail.

OK, I have to be honest: I didn't give a shizz about the camera. I was uber grateful that it died before we got there. It wouldn't have been my favorite surprise to turn that bad boy on to catch my husband touching U.S. soil for the first time in 10 months and have it die then. That would have been the definition of lamesauce, yes? Although, we did search all Jake's toys for AA's, Casey, savior yet again, brought her camera and saved the day.

The plane landed and, per the uje, they took FOREVER to deplane. They pushed the stairs on up to the door (--->surely there's a more fancy term?) of the plane and just waited. I know they have to link up all their decoder rings and say a chant, or something, but seriously! I almost wet myself with anticipation!

Our handsome soldier spotted us in the crowd, which Casey got video of, and my heart stopped.

Once the Chaplain spoke, and released them, we ran right up into the loving arms of our tall drink of water. Jake, at first, was trying to sleep (even in all the commotion he wanted to sleep. Hey, I trained a bomb dot com sleeper!) and was a little standoffish, but he opened right up. He stared at his daddy, right in the eye, began to rub his cheek--as if to make sure it's really him, and, promptly fell asleep on his shoulder. His dada was home.

Minutes before we headed outside to watch the plane land

They were all given yellow roses to hand to their families.

I don't give a crap how this sounds, my hair looked amazing.

Hello, studly!

Oh, how I love this man.

Our house is a home once again <3

Congratulations to all the families in our unit....We did it!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

294 days.

For 294 days it's been me and this boy:

He's been my rock. He's been why I carried on, pushed through when I felt that having my husband home was so distant.

He's seen me at my best, he's seen me at my worst. He's loved me no matter what I've looked like, how I felt, or if he saw a tear, or two, fall from my eyes. He's made grocery shopping fun. He's become so mentally mature that, sometimes, he's the hug from a friend I needed.
Together, we've been through sicknesses, teething, and the worry an Army wife feels when she hasn't been able to hear from her soldier. Sometimes, it's like I'm looking at my husband when I look at him. They could not look more alike.

He's been my comic relief. His sense of humor is completely hysterical. It's really amazing that, as young as he is, he's still picked up on goofy/silly ways of his parents.
My husband is the most amazing person I know; I want for nothing because I have him. It's just a nice addition to know that I can have my husband's voice in a phone call, and see his mini-me in front of me. They're pretty awesome :-)

Moments like these are right around the corner.

For 294 days, Jake and I have kept this house in one piece, waiting on our soldier's return. For 294 days, Jake's little face has reminded me that no news is good news. For 294 days, he's been the little buddy I've needed to get through the every day, to mark another day off the calendar.

June 2010, the day "dada" deployed

April 2011