Friday, April 1, 2011

294 days.

For 294 days it's been me and this boy:

He's been my rock. He's been why I carried on, pushed through when I felt that having my husband home was so distant.

He's seen me at my best, he's seen me at my worst. He's loved me no matter what I've looked like, how I felt, or if he saw a tear, or two, fall from my eyes. He's made grocery shopping fun. He's become so mentally mature that, sometimes, he's the hug from a friend I needed.
Together, we've been through sicknesses, teething, and the worry an Army wife feels when she hasn't been able to hear from her soldier. Sometimes, it's like I'm looking at my husband when I look at him. They could not look more alike.

He's been my comic relief. His sense of humor is completely hysterical. It's really amazing that, as young as he is, he's still picked up on goofy/silly ways of his parents.
My husband is the most amazing person I know; I want for nothing because I have him. It's just a nice addition to know that I can have my husband's voice in a phone call, and see his mini-me in front of me. They're pretty awesome :-)

Moments like these are right around the corner.

For 294 days, Jake and I have kept this house in one piece, waiting on our soldier's return. For 294 days, Jake's little face has reminded me that no news is good news. For 294 days, he's been the little buddy I've needed to get through the every day, to mark another day off the calendar.

June 2010, the day "dada" deployed

April 2011


Erin said...

Awwwwww!!!!!!! So excited for you guys!!

Wendy said...

Look how much he has changed! I cannot wait to see your hubby's reaction. Document well for us! I'm so happy this is coming to a close for your family. I'm probably going to cry when I see the post of you all together again!

Minivan Mama said...

He is so cute. Really, really cute! How could you not keep going for that little guy!