Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!

We definitely did! Even though the weather was super ugly, it was nice to stay home and celebrate and be in jammies! Plus, the aromas coming from the kitchen didn't exactly disappoint! :-)

I made my first ham. I wasn't really nervous, or anything, I was just surprised that a ham, basically, takes care of itself. I obsess over turkeys (and they turn out wicked juicy!), so it was a nice change! Gary has always loved ham. LOVE. I definitely got his stamp of approval. He said that, when he was carving it, the meat was falling off the bone, and it wasn't at all salty; he said it was the best ham he's ever had! I, basically, babysat the ham, but I'll still take that compliment!

Oh, and I also made some pretty tasty side dishes, but you'll see them soon enough, k?

Our day was so good, though. Jake got a kick out of his Easter basket, and searching for eggs. I love seeing that face light up. He's the bomb!

Without further ado...

Jake's Easter basket! I found some great deals at Target The Easter Bunny brought some pretty great stuff! That giant chocolate bunny may be a bit much for him, but it's a tradition! Gary might be dropping it off at work tomorrow....

Totally digging his basket gifts!

Easter egg hunting!


My two pretty awesome dudes!

He should have been our Easter ham....I could just eat him!

And, we finished off the day with some good, ol' fashioned play :-)

PS....someone should teach how to really utilize the good camera we have! I feel like I'm letting it down!

Hope you, and yours, had a great weekend!

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