Monday, April 18, 2011

We marched!

Yesterday was our March of Dimes walk in Nashville!

It was a really great day. Completely gorgeous weather, free food, tons of support for the babies, great friends to walk with...couldn't have asked for much more!


I may be nursing lingering sadness that the line to get my face painted was uber long, thus leading to the blank face, but we pushed through ;-)

Walking around the festivities, and reading all the stories of babies born weighing a couple pounds, even less, and the struggles they overcame were truly inspiring; made me want to scoop up that baby boy we get to call ours and be even more grateful for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Not everyone gets that chance, but, hopefully, the March of Dimes was able to raise enough money to find ways to give every baby a healthy start :-) Big, fat thank you (AGAIN!) to everyone who donated to our team! Such a selfless act that goes to an amazing cause...and you helped me earn a free t-shirt! I hope we can find a March of Dimes walk in Colorado next year!

One more thing: My friend, Annaleigh, a fellow walker, and I started going to a gym on post (since our hubbies are home and we can!!!) Saturday, the walk was Sunday. I should mention that the first class we took was a cardio kickboxing class with a woman, I went home and told Gary, I'd, from here on out, refer to as "The Bulldog". She's the kind of instructor that goes through a set of squats, 16 reps, and says "just a few more" about 37 times. That biatch is full of lies! Anywho, I was pretty sure I was going to pass out on the walk from muscle failure, but we made it! We even have yoga and step classes waiting on us this week! I've always loved a good sweat, but when the instructor suggested her Boot Camp class later that Saturday? I made a mental note to only take her class once a week....

Here's proof we survived the day! :-)

Where the walk began

An incredible turnout!

I get to take pictures with this giant of a man again!!!

Clearly, Jake's role in the events was just too much to handle :-)

If anyone's wondering why hubalub is wearing pimp-style aviators it's because his sunglasses broke, and we stopped by a gas station, and they were $6 AND unbelievably hilarious. All of it's a win!

This is Annaleigh's, husband who came out to walk with us. He's completely hilarious, and had the G-unit's back while he was deployed. Pretty sure that makes him the bomb!

Before pigging out on Red Robin, we made sure to end the day soaking up our own healthy little nugget <3

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