Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Homemade edition.

Let's come out swingin', eh? This is the first time I've ever made monkey bread with from-scratch biscuits. Not to sound like I have a massive dome, but it. is. incredible. I had always used the biscuits from the canisters, but there is no way I could ever go back. Oodles of x's and o's for this monkey bread.

BRB...gotta clean up my saliva....

This tiny little turkey was DELISH! We had it with pita bread chips and avocado dip :-)

Alfredo sauce! Someone else check out this link, make it, then get back to me so we can talk about how amazeballs it is!

My first ham!

Sweet potato fries! Just ignore the one that was overeager :-)

One of our Easter dinner side dishes, proscuitto wrapped asparagus with goat cheese. :::DIES::: Sorry, no link; this one is from my cookbook!

Deli Style Mac & Cheese. DA-VINE. Those are strips of pastrami in it!
Sweet n Sassy meatballs. This is the first time I've made them, but I think they're now a staple in Casa de LaMay! Sorry, this one is from a mag, no link!

Cinnamon blueberry pancakes that will leave you without socks. Here ya go!

Dudes, hang on to the edge of your seats! Poppy seed honey mustard dressing that tastes EXACTLY like the one from Red Robin. Your mind? BLOWN.

Gary would take a straw to it if he could!

More bon bons! They're from my girl, May!

Surely (Madre, know that I totally hear you saying 'and, don't call me Shirley!') there's a twelve step program for someone like me, but, hey, cheap and uber tasty is how we do it around here! What can I say? It's how we roll ;-)

It was ok when the government was threatening to take our pay; I got eggs and a bag of flour, we won't go hungry!

Look at me tryin' to go all Martha over here....a girl can dream, right!?

Bon App├ętit!!
(with a little bit of Mrs. Julia Child, obviously)

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crazymom4x said...

wowzers, my mouth is watering! I'm going to make sweet potato fries tonight! love it <3