Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zumba is crazy, yo.

So, remember my fab' friend, Annaleigh, that marched with us, along with her great little fam', at the March for Babies?

Well, we're gym rats now (again...BECAUSE WE CAN!!!) and we've got stories to tell about zumba.

Friends, this workout is nutso. We have serious doubts that the instructor has any rhyme or reason to anything she does. In fact, we're pretty sure she jumps and shakes her hiney just to the beat of the mixed CD she plays for the class.

That being said, THIS IS THE BEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

We laughed, and danced, and hiney-shook for an hour and left there feeling pretty bomb diggity! It was so fun!

And, we do this stuff in the dark, with a strobe light! Are all zumba classes like that? Because this is stuffed full of wicked awesome!

Shocking, too, because I felt so stiff and very much like there are some genetic proponents I'm missing to be able to hang in that class, but we still did it! It got easier as time went on, and we felt more loose and understanding of what the heck it was we were supposed to be doing, but we left there pretty confident that we burned a calorie, or two, judging by the sweat on our foreheads and the amounts of laughs we belted out! Annaleigh is one great gym buddy. But, step off....SHE'S MINE!

Anywho, we're headed back to Zumba tonight, apparently I don't think my calves endured enough last night, yoga tomorrow and then we plan try a spin class. Gotta be honest, that class scares the bajesus right out of me, but we're sooo down.

Well, I want to make sure that I throw out there that I started talking to the lady next to me, saying how it was our first time and that we didn't really know what to expect. At the end, she looked at me and said I was doing a good job! She's clearly crazy, but seemed pretty genuine :-)

Oh, and this zumba craziness really comes in handy because Jake's tap-dancing on my last nerve today and I want to be in a place where convulsing will not be judged.

AND, I get to hang out with Annaleigh!! :-)

But, again, she's mine.


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Minivan Mama said...

Zumba = fun ! We don't have a strobe light though.