Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It turns out, I'm kinda crunchy.

Last week, Jake popped up with gnarly diaper rash. It was BAD.

And, what was so strange about it was that we were doing everything the same; washing diapers in the same detergent, changing him at very regular intervals, maintaining his healthy diet. It, a little bit, boggled our minds. Plus, he hated diaper changes :-( His sores were pretty brutal. Both of us wanted, and did, cry.

It went on for a couple days and was getting to the point where a doctor needed to be called. However, my friend, Stephani, added me to this group she started on Facebook, Kinda Crunchy Mamas. Until she added me to the group, I hadn't really realized that I was 'kinda crunchy'. I know we do the whole cloth diaper-breastfeed-limit waste-everything reusable etc kinda stuff, but I was, mostly, coming from a common sense perspective (not to, at all, imply that if you don't do those things you have no common sense!). Why rely on something else, as in buying diaper rash cures or cleaners for the home or, even, sauces I can make myself? It's pretty freeing to be so self-reliant (and cheaper!!), but I didn't realize those thoughts/ideas are as synonymous with 'crunchy' as you can get!

Anywho, back to the Armageddon in J-bone's diaper. We made the decision to buy a small pack of disposable diapers, because cloth diapers don't have the chemicals that disposables do that pull his waste away from his body; instead, he's just sitting on it (which is supposed to be uber helpful with potty training! YAY!). Remembering that I am, indeed, kinda crunchy, I started looking up natural cures/remedies for our situation. It seemed astronomically easier than making an appointment, which would take at least a week to be seen, with a doctor followed by waiting in line at the pharmacy for whatever medicinal cure could be mustered up. So, I googled.

We did things I never, ever imagined doing to our child to cure anything. First, we did pretty normal things, like an oatmeal bath (which equally benefited my hands!) in the morning and baking soda bath at night--both of which were items we had on hand, and moved onto the lesser known. The lesser known are hysterical. After each bath, we'd put a paste on him that consisted of olive oil and drops of water. After each diaper change throughout the day, we'd pour a bit of vegetable oil between our hands and lube up his diaper area then put his diaper on as usual. His new aromas induced some hunger.

Within twelve hours, so, basically, from the time he woke up--and we started our fight against diaper rash--- 'til the time he went to bed, he was almost cured. We think it had something to do with his pretty serious bout with teething that something so horrible popped up, but we remedied it all on our own! I was so proud of us! Not one phone call to the pediatrician. Not one purchased item for the cure. Go us!

We're still keeping up with our little routine. We're back to only one bath a day, which is the oatmeal bath, and we only veggie oil him up after diaper changes, but it's amazing! He's back in cloth, since our small pack of disposables ran out, but we're just lining his diaper with our cloth wipes--to keep substances off the cloth that could effect its absorption, and keeping our routine going! I did run over to Walgreens for some tea tree oil, and aloe gel, to add to his cloth wipe solution, but we handled this on our own and it's such a relief that our little sweet pea is no longer in pain!

So, next time your wee nugget has a diaper issue run to your kitchen! :-)

Another remedy that definitely doesn't hurt? Nakey baby time.

sorry on the quality, taken from my phone

Sunday, May 15, 2011



I cannot fathom having another vacation as bomb diggity as this one. Seriously, folks, my heart is all a'flutter at how puppies, and rainbows, and unicorns this vacation was.


We went to Gatlinburg, TN where we rented a cabin and proceeded to have the best time known to mankind. It felt like we were there a month because of the scenery alone. We kept saying how we didn't even need to do any of the touristy stuff around town because being in such a gorgeous cabin, in such a gorgeous location, was enough! But, us LaMays did up Gatlinburg in every touristy way possible, minus the black socks and Birkenstocks.

I'm relaxed just thinking about the vacation, but I'll try to write more....


Not only was the incredible change of scenery enough, but the cabin was fully equipped. We loaded up a cooler full of enough stuff to get us through the week and never looked back. Ya know how, sometimes, you go on vacation and your eating habits go to the crapper because of limited options? Well, I froze a dinner to take with us (for those interested, beef tamale pie loaded up with squash, cauliflower, tomato, zucchini and whatever other veggies I could find!) and brought a load of blueberry pancakes so that we kept things cheap AND healthy. HOLLA! I love that, even on vacation, we were able to keep our rule of a fruit with breakfast and a veggie with dinner!

I'd like to give a shout-out to the little boy we made that kicks aces: We drove about 9 hours, total, and the kid? COMPLETE. DREAM. He slept about an hour and a half each way and otherwise stared at the window, read his Spongebob book, or played with us. I was a wee bit nervous that he'd get bored, but we stopped about half way through on each drive to stretch our legs and grab something to eat (Cracker Barrel, FTW!), so it worked out mucho perfecto!

The chickies will appreciate this: I wore a hat and a bathing suit the whole time. No doing hair. No underwires. It was epic.

Anywho, here are more pics than you'd ever care to see!

Our launch!

My favorite part

zonked out.

Had to wake up to do his calisthenics, obviously

The view from the second story of our cabin!

Our cabin!
I know!


Oh yes.

In a booster seat for the first time!!

Pumped about our first day of festivities!

So, we were about to visit the Ripley's museum and were starving out of our mind. After a brief consideration of the fact that I may start gnawing on my love's arm if he didn't feed me soon, we came upon this restaurant and knew that heading back to the cabin for lunch wasn't happenin'!

The Ripley's people are just faboosh! We got park-hopper tickets, which allow us to go to any of the 8 Ripley's museums for the next year-as many times as we want, for $32 TOTAL with our military discount. Normally? $154 value!!!

Even before we got to Dollywood, Gary wouldn't stop talking about funnel cake. You could swear it was his last meal ;-) Homeboy cracks me up!

I only had one bite. I spent all vacation in a bathing suit...c'mon now! ;-)

Hating life.

ZIP LINING!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys, listen to this! When I was planning the vacation, shortly before hubaroonie got home, I was told there was zip lining in the area. Naturally, I thought 'I MUST DO THIS'. So, we went about our sightseeing and knew that we'd try to hit it up towards the end of the trip. Turns out, the only type of zip lining available were tours. So, I couldn't just zip line from A to B and be done with it; I had to go down a mountain. I'll wait while you read that sentence one more time, for emphasis....

We picked a zip line place, at random, and I totally chickened out. It wasn't at all what I expected. So, naturally, I ask Gary to go first. We couldn't go together because of the nugget, so I had to gather my cajones by watching him go first. He got done and ....it was my turn....

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They drive you up the mountain to your first station. The guy that drives you up the mountain does so in a Jurassic Park-type jeep, with no doors and [earmuffs for the children] HE DROVE LIKE A FUCKING MAD MAN. Gary and I both said we were more sure we'd die from the drive up there, on the littletiny dirt path than from the actual zooming through the air part.

We survived :-)

It was the biggest. rush. ever. You zip line from station to station, we had 5, because if you went from the first to the last, you'd easily go 60 mph. We only got up to a cool 40 mph. FORTY MILES PER HOUR. MID AIR. Whiskey tango foxtrot were we thinking?! Oh, right....that I want to be the coolest mama evah!

One of the greatest experiences of my life! OK, I keep talking about me...I don't mean to! Gary had an incredible time, too! At our last real vacay, as opposed to simple getaway, we went to Jamaica and swam with dolphins. I LOVE that we're racking up these experiences!

When you zip line, you're standing on a platform and you basically just step off. Two instructors go up there with you and they jumped off, or hung upside down, or bounced on the way down...ya know, no biggie....

Stepping off the platform was crazyawesome. It's like 'Oh, shit....HERE I GOOOOO'. You're zipping past branches and leaves and hundred year old trees. INCREDIBLE. There's nothing like it. I'd hop off a platform right now if I could!

The hard part is stepping off the first platform. But, I did that, and got to the second station where the second instructor was waiting, and told him I was sure that I was the best zip-liner ever because I JUST STEPPED OFF A PLATFORM and zoomed zipped through the forest. He said he'd have to get me a yellow 'guide' shirt ;-)

The views were amazing. The guides were amazeballs. The experience was unforgettable. This so needs to be a MasterCard commercial!

Gary was so proud of me, so we had to take a picture of how full of adrenaline we were after such a feat!

Finally, on our way home. After the best trip ever. What's really amazing is that, I think, a lot of how amazingness of the trip had to do with Jake. We're at a point in our lives where we're planning things for our kid(s). We're going to be able to take them places and surprise them with things and, most importantly, see things through their eyes. Unforgettable.

Gary and his sunglasses. His pimp-aviators broke, shocker since they were such high quality..., and it was uber bright outside while we were driving. Cracker Barrel supplied these gems :-)

GRRRRREAT trip! It was great to play pool when Jake went to sleep downstairs. It was great to wake up, look out our windows, which were floor-to-ceiling, just fyi!, see our beautiful surroundings and have these wild experiences.

It's all about the company :-)

Monday, May 9, 2011

We get around.

I swear, I don't think I've known what day it was one day last week. I just showed up at the gym at the right times purely by muscle memory; we've had quite the week!

First, can we talk about the fact that I got a $50 Ralph Lauren bikini for $30 at the PX?? You know you need a new bathing suit when you're headed on vacation (TODAY! :::does the macarena::: ) and getting it at an awesome discount makes it even cuter. That's science.

At the time of this picture, Jake had taken the bottoms and thought it'd be fun to parade them around the house :-)

Next, I had a very special Mother's Day, but I still don't feel like I've earned it. At one point yesterday, I was on the phone with my own madre and I told her that. It's like once the boy's ten then I should be officially celebrated or something! Either way, this little lad is the reason I was able to take part in a really great holiday.

He's totally a keeper.

Next, we've had some messy meals up in this hizzy. Jake LOVES sweet potatoes. So, he was having some organic beef sirloin roast (oh yes...it is as good as you'd imagine!), sweet potatoes and asparagus. Wellll, at some point during the meal, J-Bone got an itch he couldn't resist. With a clump of sweet potatoes in his teeny little fist. This is the result:

FINALLY! I got to take Gary to one of my favorite places EVAR. Seriously, if it were next to a TJ Maxx and Old Navy I might have imploded.

Be still, my beating heart.

I also showed Gary the wonder that is Panera. Last time Jake and I were there, I got him a grilled cheese with organic cheese, a go-gurt, and an organic chocolate milk. I thought I'd go chocolate to give him a little treat since his diet is so consistently healthy. Homeboy spit it out.

This pic is just because he's so effin' cute! haha :-) & also because he's FINALLY starting to get his real boy hair. Up until just a couple weeks ago, he's always had the soft, fluffy baby hair. The boy is growing up!

I remember my youngest brother, Colin, having this puzzle foam mat of the alphabet and I've always wanted one for Jake. After some serious searching, I found one at a local store and, clearly, he hates it...
I can only put half the alphabet up because we're in the process of converting one of our rooms into a playroom so, for now, the mat is in his room and his toys take up too much space to show all the letters! Oh well, he can learn in increments :-)

Lastly, Gary's unit had its post-deployment awards ceremony. It was really special to see soldiers being recognized for their hard work, and to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I thank God every single day that I never got those knocks on my door.

Obviously, Jake's role in the ceremony was just too taxing.
Cheese and rice, I love this kid!

Post-ceremony we celebrated the start of block leave at Olive Garden. So grateful to see my peas and carrots together again.

Happy sigh.

Now, as in right. this. second., we're headed to Tennessee for a well-deserved R&R. Another picture-heavy post sure to come your way! See ya next week, bloggy friends!