Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It turns out, I'm kinda crunchy.

Last week, Jake popped up with gnarly diaper rash. It was BAD.

And, what was so strange about it was that we were doing everything the same; washing diapers in the same detergent, changing him at very regular intervals, maintaining his healthy diet. It, a little bit, boggled our minds. Plus, he hated diaper changes :-( His sores were pretty brutal. Both of us wanted, and did, cry.

It went on for a couple days and was getting to the point where a doctor needed to be called. However, my friend, Stephani, added me to this group she started on Facebook, Kinda Crunchy Mamas. Until she added me to the group, I hadn't really realized that I was 'kinda crunchy'. I know we do the whole cloth diaper-breastfeed-limit waste-everything reusable etc kinda stuff, but I was, mostly, coming from a common sense perspective (not to, at all, imply that if you don't do those things you have no common sense!). Why rely on something else, as in buying diaper rash cures or cleaners for the home or, even, sauces I can make myself? It's pretty freeing to be so self-reliant (and cheaper!!), but I didn't realize those thoughts/ideas are as synonymous with 'crunchy' as you can get!

Anywho, back to the Armageddon in J-bone's diaper. We made the decision to buy a small pack of disposable diapers, because cloth diapers don't have the chemicals that disposables do that pull his waste away from his body; instead, he's just sitting on it (which is supposed to be uber helpful with potty training! YAY!). Remembering that I am, indeed, kinda crunchy, I started looking up natural cures/remedies for our situation. It seemed astronomically easier than making an appointment, which would take at least a week to be seen, with a doctor followed by waiting in line at the pharmacy for whatever medicinal cure could be mustered up. So, I googled.

We did things I never, ever imagined doing to our child to cure anything. First, we did pretty normal things, like an oatmeal bath (which equally benefited my hands!) in the morning and baking soda bath at night--both of which were items we had on hand, and moved onto the lesser known. The lesser known are hysterical. After each bath, we'd put a paste on him that consisted of olive oil and drops of water. After each diaper change throughout the day, we'd pour a bit of vegetable oil between our hands and lube up his diaper area then put his diaper on as usual. His new aromas induced some hunger.

Within twelve hours, so, basically, from the time he woke up--and we started our fight against diaper rash--- 'til the time he went to bed, he was almost cured. We think it had something to do with his pretty serious bout with teething that something so horrible popped up, but we remedied it all on our own! I was so proud of us! Not one phone call to the pediatrician. Not one purchased item for the cure. Go us!

We're still keeping up with our little routine. We're back to only one bath a day, which is the oatmeal bath, and we only veggie oil him up after diaper changes, but it's amazing! He's back in cloth, since our small pack of disposables ran out, but we're just lining his diaper with our cloth wipes--to keep substances off the cloth that could effect its absorption, and keeping our routine going! I did run over to Walgreens for some tea tree oil, and aloe gel, to add to his cloth wipe solution, but we handled this on our own and it's such a relief that our little sweet pea is no longer in pain!

So, next time your wee nugget has a diaper issue run to your kitchen! :-)

Another remedy that definitely doesn't hurt? Nakey baby time.

sorry on the quality, taken from my phone


Minivan Mama said...

Eek...glad his tush is feeling better. The kitchen IS full of wonderful medicine that really works!

Mama Hen said...

I am happy you were able to get rid of the rash. The poor little baby! It is so hard to see our little ones hurting. I also try to stay as natural as can be. I hope you are doing well my friend! Have a great day!

Mama Hen