Monday, May 9, 2011

We get around.

I swear, I don't think I've known what day it was one day last week. I just showed up at the gym at the right times purely by muscle memory; we've had quite the week!

First, can we talk about the fact that I got a $50 Ralph Lauren bikini for $30 at the PX?? You know you need a new bathing suit when you're headed on vacation (TODAY! :::does the macarena::: ) and getting it at an awesome discount makes it even cuter. That's science.

At the time of this picture, Jake had taken the bottoms and thought it'd be fun to parade them around the house :-)

Next, I had a very special Mother's Day, but I still don't feel like I've earned it. At one point yesterday, I was on the phone with my own madre and I told her that. It's like once the boy's ten then I should be officially celebrated or something! Either way, this little lad is the reason I was able to take part in a really great holiday.

He's totally a keeper.

Next, we've had some messy meals up in this hizzy. Jake LOVES sweet potatoes. So, he was having some organic beef sirloin roast (oh is as good as you'd imagine!), sweet potatoes and asparagus. Wellll, at some point during the meal, J-Bone got an itch he couldn't resist. With a clump of sweet potatoes in his teeny little fist. This is the result:

FINALLY! I got to take Gary to one of my favorite places EVAR. Seriously, if it were next to a TJ Maxx and Old Navy I might have imploded.

Be still, my beating heart.

I also showed Gary the wonder that is Panera. Last time Jake and I were there, I got him a grilled cheese with organic cheese, a go-gurt, and an organic chocolate milk. I thought I'd go chocolate to give him a little treat since his diet is so consistently healthy. Homeboy spit it out.

This pic is just because he's so effin' cute! haha :-) & also because he's FINALLY starting to get his real boy hair. Up until just a couple weeks ago, he's always had the soft, fluffy baby hair. The boy is growing up!

I remember my youngest brother, Colin, having this puzzle foam mat of the alphabet and I've always wanted one for Jake. After some serious searching, I found one at a local store and, clearly, he hates it...
I can only put half the alphabet up because we're in the process of converting one of our rooms into a playroom so, for now, the mat is in his room and his toys take up too much space to show all the letters! Oh well, he can learn in increments :-)

Lastly, Gary's unit had its post-deployment awards ceremony. It was really special to see soldiers being recognized for their hard work, and to honor those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I thank God every single day that I never got those knocks on my door.

Obviously, Jake's role in the ceremony was just too taxing.
Cheese and rice, I love this kid!

Post-ceremony we celebrated the start of block leave at Olive Garden. So grateful to see my peas and carrots together again.

Happy sigh.

Now, as in right. this. second., we're headed to Tennessee for a well-deserved R&R. Another picture-heavy post sure to come your way! See ya next week, bloggy friends!

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