Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From the most beautiful table to the most rad diaper.

We recently picked up the most bombdotcom diaper ever made.

This little piece of awesome was made by PLUMP Diapers (follow them on Facebook!), and is of incredible quality! It's called a FAIO, fleece all in one. It's super, super soft and Jake was sooo excited when he saw the print!

We have enough cloth diapers to get through our kids' pre-potty training careers, but when you see a diaper like this? YOU BUY IT.

just because he's cute

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jake's humble abode.

Pretty proud of us LaMays as of late; we've trekked through our casa and found unused stuff to sell on a website for the local area, that basically acts as a virtual yardsale, and came up with some great finds. A couple weeks ago, I sold $180 worth of stuff on that site within 4 days! Enough, and then some!, to cover this playhouse for our little man.

I've been dying to get him something like this for a very long time. Here in the south, the temps had been pushing the 100s for a little while and Jake's skin just can't take the combination of heat and humidity. I mean, he's warmer than the average bear usually, just like his daddy, but he's working really hard to get those last teeth in so he's quite the hotbox these days. And, all that rolled into one produces little raspberries on our bebeh that I am not a fan of. So, we knew spending more time inside during the summer simply could not be paired with boredom.


Poor baby's sweaty 'do!

Of course, we still spend time outdoors, we're obsessed with the Splash Park!!, but at least we don't always have to sweat our faces off outside!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

I thought about doing this post about our first trip to the Splash Park as a Wordless Wednesday post, but I, obviously, suck at making it wordless. I really intended to make it wordless! Swearsies. But, I thought it'd be confusing if I didn't explain what some of the dishes were....

Moving onward!

The Splash Park was the simplest, most amazing outing. Isn't that how it usually works? The simpler something is the more satisfaction we tend to get from it? Well, this was so true here. Watching Jake run around, and seeing the smiles radiating from this rad little boy, made my heart swell.

We met our friends, the ladies of the Ussery clan, for some Starbucks and some wet n' wild fun and it was so worth it. The short ones had an amazing time and, pretty sure, us parents weren't hating seeing how happy they were!

Annaleigh's oldest daughter, Bryleigh, is a seasoned vet of the Splash Park, but Jake was the rookie. However, he didn't hold that title down for long. Once he realized that he was, basically, in a giant shower, he never stopped moving! He ran around the park constantly!

Of course, being the good Irish(wo)men that we are, we could only stay a little over an hour; I didn't find it necessary to charbroil our child. Hence the shirt you'll see him wearing, in conjunction with his swim diaper (which kicks major ace if you ask moi!). We have to protect our fair skin!

ovulation inducing.

he loves playing for the camera :-)

We were taking a short break from the sun, so he had to brush up on his mechanic skills.

(The Usserys' stroller, bee tee dubbya)

I so love this boy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The farmers' market.

OK, wait. Before we get into this, this market we went to wasn't only for farmers so can I still call it a farmers' market? And, two, I've always put farmer's market, but isn't farmers' market grammatically correct?

Seriously. These are the things I think about.

Anywho.... the market!

Without fail, my little fruit/veggie basket is full. It makes my heart all tingly knowing that J is eating, and loving!, what I stock this basket with and the farmers helped that out even more!

Whenever I have the opportunity to use my Trader Joe's :::heartexplodes::: reusable bag, aka every time I shop, I jump at the chance! No joke, homies, I just can't get enough of that place. It makes me even happier when I get to fill the bag for cheap!

1 lb of red potatoes for $1.50

I can't help but to think this picture is wildly inappropriate. Just an insight into my maturity level...
Digression over.
3 cucumbers, $1

1 dozen free range (COLIN!), organic eggs $3

Ok, this honey was a wee bit of highway robbery. Wait. Take that back. I buy honey because I make poppy seed honey mustard dressing in hoarders' amounts. I believe a 24 oz bottle is $5-$6. I picked this jar up because it said $5 for 44 oz. GREAT! Too bad it was really $FIFTEEN. I handed it to Gary, when I still thought it was $5- to make sure it was ok with him to get, while I looked at something else on the seller's table. Gary was in the midst of buying it anyway and later told me the price. I was all "whaaaa????". But, it was good to help out a fam' and, it's not much more expensive than store-bought would've been. And, yes, it's tasty!

We even got a couple mini fried pies (because obviously) and two lemonades. Total we spent $27.50. Uber cheaper than store-bought, which is uber helpful to us because we're a fruits and veggies kinda people! We've already added it to our weekend rotation! It goes into slot number one, right after breakfast on Saturday mornin' :-)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

He doesn't even know what a big deal he is.

It's no secret that my baby fever is hotter than these summer temps in the south. We're trying to not start trying again right now, especially since we're moving later this year, but this little boy is making it very difficult.

He's my absolute favorite. I'm so proud of everything he does. I'm proud of how he hands me his empty sippy and smiles when I say "more please?". I'm proud of how he finds joy in just about everything. I'm proud that he likes to sit and read a Spongebob book while I admire from the couch, or how he, intently, watches Baby Einstein and I can see those wheels turnin'. I'm pretty much proud of him for his simple existence.

I am head over heels for this little boy, but he doesn't even fully grasp it. Do we ever? I mean, even as a mama now, I don't think there's any way my own madre can love me the way I love him, but I know she does. He doesn't even know he has a ton of people who love him for just being.
His uncles are wild about him. I know they wish they were closer so they can see him and so Jake can go out with the boys, but I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he's never far from their minds.

I was thinking about my brothers while driving the other day. I was thinking how proud my mom must be of her kids. We have me (who's obviously awesome. can I get an "amen"?! ;-D) who married her high school sweetheart, graduated college and decided to have one amazing little boy. My first brother, Kevin, is 24 years old and working and figuring out what exactly he wants his life to be; mulling over careers in the Marines, or the Navy, dependent upon what suits his plans best. My middle brother, Patrick, kicked hiney and took names his first year of college in Minnesota. He was even a starter on his college's football team. Does everyone grasp what a HUGE deal that is to start as a freshman?! GIGUNDO! And, lastly, there's my fellow bookend, Colin, who is getting ready to start high school, playing the school sports he wants to play and maintaining a dang-near 4.0 GPA. I can't even fathom how proud my mom is. But, part of me thinks I can. I'm proud of Jake for just being him. I'm proud that he knows what's right and what's wrong. I'm proud that he adores fruits and veggies. I'm proud that he's an observer and is very aware of what's around him. He's not doing anything fancy, but he still makes me swell with pride. My head may pop right off my shoulders when he's bringing home the good grades, and finding his passions---sports or not, and showing his integrity.

Jake, these are the things the guys in our family do. Better get used to it!

He may never know how important he is to us, how important this family is to me and his daddy, but I hope that he can feel it. I hope that every time he searches for me, when I'm not in the same room as him, and always starts looking in the kitchen first, that that carries into adulthood and he recalls the good food and fun holidays and how good it feels to have family around, blood related or not. I hope his life is as happy as he's made ours.

Every day, on the way to the gym, I drive by a baseball field complex where there are about 10 different teams of T-ball players practicing and/or playing games. Seriously? THIS is a testament to my self-control: I saw this little boy walking back to his car with his mom in that tiny uniform and tiny cleats and tiny hat. I think I ovulated on the spot.