Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The farmers' market.

OK, wait. Before we get into this, this market we went to wasn't only for farmers so can I still call it a farmers' market? And, two, I've always put farmer's market, but isn't farmers' market grammatically correct?

Seriously. These are the things I think about.

Anywho.... the market!

Without fail, my little fruit/veggie basket is full. It makes my heart all tingly knowing that J is eating, and loving!, what I stock this basket with and the farmers helped that out even more!

Whenever I have the opportunity to use my Trader Joe's :::heartexplodes::: reusable bag, aka every time I shop, I jump at the chance! No joke, homies, I just can't get enough of that place. It makes me even happier when I get to fill the bag for cheap!

1 lb of red potatoes for $1.50

I can't help but to think this picture is wildly inappropriate. Just an insight into my maturity level...
Digression over.
3 cucumbers, $1

1 dozen free range (COLIN!), organic eggs $3

Ok, this honey was a wee bit of highway robbery. Wait. Take that back. I buy honey because I make poppy seed honey mustard dressing in hoarders' amounts. I believe a 24 oz bottle is $5-$6. I picked this jar up because it said $5 for 44 oz. GREAT! Too bad it was really $FIFTEEN. I handed it to Gary, when I still thought it was $5- to make sure it was ok with him to get, while I looked at something else on the seller's table. Gary was in the midst of buying it anyway and later told me the price. I was all "whaaaa????". But, it was good to help out a fam' and, it's not much more expensive than store-bought would've been. And, yes, it's tasty!

We even got a couple mini fried pies (because obviously) and two lemonades. Total we spent $27.50. Uber cheaper than store-bought, which is uber helpful to us because we're a fruits and veggies kinda people! We've already added it to our weekend rotation! It goes into slot number one, right after breakfast on Saturday mornin' :-)

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Minivan Mama said...

LOVE farmers' markets! Just part of the summer for me! Enjoy your eats!