Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jake's humble abode.

Pretty proud of us LaMays as of late; we've trekked through our casa and found unused stuff to sell on a website for the local area, that basically acts as a virtual yardsale, and came up with some great finds. A couple weeks ago, I sold $180 worth of stuff on that site within 4 days! Enough, and then some!, to cover this playhouse for our little man.

I've been dying to get him something like this for a very long time. Here in the south, the temps had been pushing the 100s for a little while and Jake's skin just can't take the combination of heat and humidity. I mean, he's warmer than the average bear usually, just like his daddy, but he's working really hard to get those last teeth in so he's quite the hotbox these days. And, all that rolled into one produces little raspberries on our bebeh that I am not a fan of. So, we knew spending more time inside during the summer simply could not be paired with boredom.


Poor baby's sweaty 'do!

Of course, we still spend time outdoors, we're obsessed with the Splash Park!!, but at least we don't always have to sweat our faces off outside!

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Minivan Mama said...

That playhouse looks like fun! Can we come over and play? ; )