Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The most beautiful dining table who ever lived.

Our new dining set came in yesterday and to say I was pumped might be a big, fat, monumental understatement!

I mean, take a gander at this piece of art...

:::does the running man:::

The table is marble, and weighs 165 lbs, so Gary had his good friend, Robertson (being that I am an Army wife, it just feels weird to call people by anything other than their last names...), come over and help him put it together while I was off zumba'ing with the tenacity of a speed freak because I was uber excited to come home and see our new dining set put together!

Robertson was awesome enough, and a good enough friend to muh hubster, to take payment in the form of as many dinners as he wants. So, since they took a break for some dinner, I came home and caught the tail-end of their construction.

It's just soo purty!!!!!

The seats are real leather. This made my heart stop. When I only had one brother, way back when, Kevin and I were eating at my parents' dining table. Their seats were leather. I look next to me and find that my brother, who was about 3-4'ish, is taking his fork and poking holes in our parents' leather chair in the shape of an upper case 'Y'. I remember looking at him and my eyes getting all big and thinking, "so....I'm going to be back to being an only child...". Surprisingly, my mom did not Homer-Simpson-strangle him, and he's still around and kickin'.... It makes me nervous to have nice stuff when the kiddies are little, but, as my good friend Cristal says, we have no intentions of making our house work around the wee ones; they're going to have to learn to be respectful of our stuff. Plus, in my best Cher-from-Clueless voice, AS IF I'm ever going to take my eyeballs off that table!!

Jake and I just got done having breakfast a little bit ago. He's, officially, in his booster seat now, but the table and chairs are still new to him (even though he ran around the boys as they put it together last night and laughed at everything Robertson had to say!), so he was taking his pancakey hands and touching all over the new leather chair and marble table, and, pretty sure, I imploded. In my head I'm all, "JAKE! PUHLEASSSSE STOP! IT'S TOOO PRETTY FOR THATTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". But, on the outside, I'm keeping my shizzola together because he's just learning something new and I suppose I shouldn't hold that against him ;-)

Anywho, that's our new dining set! If you need me, I'll be at the table folding laundry, drinking a soda, taking a nap, sitting and staring, picking up crocheting, blogging, maybe even eating.....

I'll, basically, just be at the table.


Erin said...

So pretty!!!

So Very Domestic said...

Love love love it!!

Things that are awesomesauce about this post:

1) you did the running man
b) you referenced Cher from CLUELESS!
iii) I want that table

I wonder if it's uber lame to have the same table? We're like, a zillion miles away!

Minivan Mama said...

Jealous of the table!

Mama Hen said...

Beautiful! Enjoy! :)

Mama Hen