Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday

I thought about doing this post about our first trip to the Splash Park as a Wordless Wednesday post, but I, obviously, suck at making it wordless. I really intended to make it wordless! Swearsies. But, I thought it'd be confusing if I didn't explain what some of the dishes were....

Moving onward!

The Splash Park was the simplest, most amazing outing. Isn't that how it usually works? The simpler something is the more satisfaction we tend to get from it? Well, this was so true here. Watching Jake run around, and seeing the smiles radiating from this rad little boy, made my heart swell.

We met our friends, the ladies of the Ussery clan, for some Starbucks and some wet n' wild fun and it was so worth it. The short ones had an amazing time and, pretty sure, us parents weren't hating seeing how happy they were!

Annaleigh's oldest daughter, Bryleigh, is a seasoned vet of the Splash Park, but Jake was the rookie. However, he didn't hold that title down for long. Once he realized that he was, basically, in a giant shower, he never stopped moving! He ran around the park constantly!

Of course, being the good Irish(wo)men that we are, we could only stay a little over an hour; I didn't find it necessary to charbroil our child. Hence the shirt you'll see him wearing, in conjunction with his swim diaper (which kicks major ace if you ask moi!). We have to protect our fair skin!

ovulation inducing.

he loves playing for the camera :-)

We were taking a short break from the sun, so he had to brush up on his mechanic skills.

(The Usserys' stroller, bee tee dubbya)

I so love this boy.

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