Friday, July 29, 2011

I have a problem, yo.

Seriously. I'm aware that if these, which I am about to describe, are my problems, I am beyond blessed. My friend, Erin---whom I get to see SOON!!, and I used to talk about it all the time. When are problems are whether or not to go out to eat, or that we are super tired during those times our hubbies are gone, or even, the ever important, what to wear when I see my hubby for the first time in half a've got it goin' on. And, we do. And? We are aware.

The past 3 weeks, Gary's been going to a combatives course. It teaches various MMA-style fighting techniques; it's offered through the Army. The thing about it is that it changes our day-by-day pretty drastically, so it makes the hours fly by. Before I know it, breakfast is done and I'm cleaning, and getting our day started, during Dora; then, it's playtime for me and Jake; then it's naptime; then, I'm prepping dinner, so my boys can eat while I'm gone; then, if I'm lucky, Gary's home in time for me to make it to zumba. The day goes by in a flash. We basically high-five as we pass each other through our front door.

OK, maybe we see each other more than that during the week, but you get my point, right?! ;-)

Anywho, my problem----> The past couple weekends we've had some great cookouts (cookouts, not BBQs---the south has indoctrinated me!) with friends. But, I'm so "busy" enjoying watching our little nugget playing with other babies that I rarely snap pics of them. I want pictures of my bebeh with the other bebehs, but I'm always like "Aww, you guys have cute pouring out your ears! Where's my camera?! Eh, who cares...." I love enjoying it firsthand! We were leaving one of our favorite family's, the Usserys, house and one of their little girls gave me a kiss and then reached over and gave Jake three kisses! I was too busy being all misty-eyed and gooey to even try to photograph something like that. I have to try, right?!

Anywho squared, I bring up my photography conundrum because Jake is growing so much. His favorite phrases are "mmm, mama" and "nom nom, mama" when I'm getting him something to eat. I have a mental note to catch that on film.

Then, there's my fave-a-roonie thing, he's become a bookworm. And, luckily--depending on who you ask, I suppose--Borders is going out of business and having some really great sales. So, I'm able to feed the reading addiction I've passed to the boy. That's always important to us; not only to give Jake plenty of reading material, but to catch some sort of proof of his bookwormish ways :-)

A couple books I got myself. LONE SURVIVOR is, hands down, the most heroic story I've ever come across. It's the true story of 4 Navy SEALs in combat. I finished it in about 4 days and, I have to say, as soon as I finished I almost flipped to the beginning and started again. Absolutely incredible.

I just started SEAL TEAM SIX last night and I'm loving it already. I highly recommend these reads.

All of Jake's books were $2 or $3, plus the 10 or 20% off from the closing sale. It's great because we can keep plenty of new reading material in front of him, but not pay $8-$10 on a book that he'll, inadvertently, rip apart while he's reading. I love seeing his face when he gets a new book!

We're keepin' him stocked!

And, here are the moments I'm so glad I actually run to grab my camera for....

This one I took on my phone. I was passing his room, while doing some daily chores, and found this scene----which melted me into pieces. See? SOMETIMES I can remember to catch a moment in something other than a memory!

This was on another day. More often than not, he'll go between his toy chest and rocking chair, where we read right before bed, and read whichever book is closest. This time, I actually got this on my camera. Of course, I had to run and grab my camera because, I swear, I spent multiple minutes just staring and had to catch it before the moment was over!

Now, it's like, "Hey, mom, c'mon...the flash distracted me from my sentence. Now I'm all lost. GAH"

But, we're headed to Nashville this weekend, to celebrate mine and Gary's near-decade of being together (9 years! And, he still rocks my world!xo), and I swear, by the holy grilled cheesus, I WILL COME BACK WITH PICTURES.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The black and white of being a mama.

I need to preface this post: I'm nice, a total people-person. If you and I met in Target, we'd have a full-on conversation. It's not, in any way, out of the ordinary for me to strike up conversation with random people at the gym. I enjoy new people. I'm a total extrovert. However, this post is about the people you encounter and your bullshizz radar starts going all loco....

Since procreating one of the most amazing people EVAH, things don't really scare me that much. I don't really think I was especially timid before, but I'd always keep in mind that I have a giant husband at home that can come save the day, should my day need saving, when I'm out and about. Now, I'm all "Listen, biatches. ZERO FEAR. Totes." Being a mama does that to you; you can't let anything happen to yourself----you have a family for whom to care.

Here's the story that inspired such a post.

A couple nights ago, after the gym, I decided to stink up Walmart by picking up a few things without changing. Stink aside, the past few trips to Walmart have been met with some odd ones in the parking lot. Ya know those people who approach and start feeding you lines of horse hockey to get something out of you? Well, I'm walking back to the truck and this guy driving by, I'd seen him circle the parking lot a few times---apparently looking for someone he thought would eat up his story, calls out "Miss?". Unfortunately for him, it was about 3,200 degrees that day, it was killing me that I couldn't ease Jake's teething for him, and the only remedy (skinny dipping. for the heat. not the teething. obviously) for the day was not feasible. Needless to say, I was in no mood to be screwed with.

This creepy, older guy starts telling me his entire life story. How he wants to celebrate something with his "old lady", but if he goes to see her--which she doesn't even really want--- (he's a trucker, apparently) he'll go to jail. GREAT! Yes, sir, please tell me how I can help a potential felon. Absolutely. I'm all ears.

Apparently, my inner monologue was quite sarcastic that day.

But, hey, this girl wasn't buyin' what he was tryin' to sell.....

Anywho :-)

So, he wants me to take his pile of clothes, in his creepy-mobile, in exchange for gas. I did a quick rundown in the ol' cabeza:

1) "old lady" doesn't want you.
2) You're creepy
3) Something you do, which is yet to be determined, could land you in jail.

((secret thought #4---just how manly am I that he's offering me
his clothing? Fo' shizzle, I'm chock-full of girl parts!!))

Please, where do I sign up?!

I guess I was silently thinking too long and he says "Oh, you don't have to be scared". In combination with my I-have-no-problem-stabbing-you-in-the-jugular-with-my-house-key look, I respond "Ohhh, I'm not scared"

Truth is, I wasn't.

I have a husband and a son that need me; just remember, possible creepsters, I am mama....hear me roar see me stab.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My version of a cocktail: food and fashion.

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. Went ahead and got myself into a cleaning mode, did a pretty decent clean of the ol' casa, then unraveled. Things started happening that made me feel like I was being pulled in about 37 different directions, then my iPhone slipped off the book I was reading, which was on the counter, and COMPLETELY shattered the front screen. Never fear, a new phone and, more importantly, A PHONE CASE will be here tomorrow.

Thought you could get me down, huh, adulthood? Well, to that I say: Suck it, Trebek.

So, because today has been eventful, and gyrating in zumba can't take place for a few hours, I thought I'd talk about two things I love, besides muh boys: food and fashion. This is how I roll.

No clue what the catalyst was, but I got a wild hair to make homemade pizza. I was all Frankenstein-like and just had. to. create. So, create I did. I didn't really follow a recipe; I just wanted to wing it and learn from myself. So, I decided to make the crust out of a biscuit recipe I had. The biscuits are amazing, and light, and flaky, and fabulous; four adjectives I highly enjoy using to describe my food.

I think I got this pizza stone about 3 years ago, from a Pampered Chef party, and it's as amazeballs as ever.

The pizza's toppings were chicken, veggies, and, of course, cheese. I sidestepped sauce for experimental purposes. Next time, I'll try it with different variations. It's not like pizza can't switch it up!

Right before heading in the oven. I cooked it SUPER slow because, again, I was being all ballsy with my kitchen experimental pizza.

Finished product! Would it be in bad taste to say this pizza was AMAZING?! Ahh, who was!!! :-) It had to be handled a little more gently than typical pizza because the crust was the biscuit dough, but it was sooo good!

This is ridiculous. No other way to describe it. I've been looking at Pinterest, via my--now shattered--phone, and came across a cookie dough-oreo-brownie brownie. I thought "This is out of control. When should I make it?" So, I made it for a cookout we went to last weekend and they made everyone's bellies happy!

I didn't get any pictures of when it was actually cooked, but if you ever have a sweet tooth whip this up and it'll take care of that for about....ever.

On to the fashion....

I'm obsessed with high-waisted these days. I swear, I should have been born in the '50s. This outfit, down below, consisted of a tube top and black skirt, which hit about 3 inches above the knee; it made me feel very ballerina-esque. The skirt fanned out, away from the bod, and definitely made me feel like a tutu, without seeming that way to anyone else--I'm sure. I think my ballerina thoughts were part of my J.D.'ish inner monologue...

This necklace has almost morphed into a part of my neck. I. LOVE IT. It's a cute, quirky little accessory that brings me audacious amounts of joy.

One of my favorite new skirts EVAH. I love the super thick belt. And, I love how said belt can, kind of, act as the outfit's accessory. But, we should be clear. I still wore the feather necklace.

The detailing on the skirt makes my heart happy. Makes me all dreamy, and whimsical.

I wore this outfit on the date-day hubby and I got while my madre was here. I love, again, the little pieces of the outfit. The thick belt, the feather necklace--told ya, I love it!, the little bit of tiers at the top of the top. I heart it! Sometimes a girl just needs to feel purty!

OK, peeps, thanks for taking a gander a completely gratuitous post. I just needed to decompress and talk about stuff that makes me happy!

Also, a bunch of the stuff I'm wearing in this post was purchased from Vanity in our local mall. Apparently, this store has been open for 2-3 years and I am just now discovering it. Blasphemy, I think yes!

But, it's meant to be, Vanity is across the way from Old Navy. Obviously a sign from God.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Here's your sign.

About a week ago, Jake and I were walking into the commissary on, perhaps, a day that can be referred to as "The Day with the Most. Humidity. Ever." We were getting our errands (ie, birth control pick-up and groceries) done early because, well, just look back to what I titled that day. I wanted it over before it got all Hades-like out.

It was one of those days where, because I wanted to be inside an air-conditioned establishment, I moved slower than molasses, and the car seat went all stranger danger on me and became impossible for me to unfasten.

As luck would have it, I felt UBER cute that day. Ya know those days? It's like "HEY, people! LOOOOK AT MEEEE! I'm in public AND cute!!". So, I'm training to maintain the cute while simultaneously controlling the newfound places my sweat is excited to explore.

I find a shopping cart in the parking lot, set Jake up in it and am headed toward the sweet, sweet air-conditioned building when a woman stops me. I don't know if the commissary was doing this before bin Laden's death, but they're doing a 100% military ID check as soon as you walk past the automatic doors.

I must have looked like I reached an oasis because the woman decided to detail how much hair I have, as if it's any news to me:

" Girllllll, look at you! You've got all that hair. Wooo-eeee, you must be HOT! You look like that one girl on that soap opera. What's it called? Shooot, I don't know but you've got all that hair, it must keep you soo hot! GIRL, you must be HOTTT..."

I SWEAR, to sweet baby Jesus, that the more she detailed how much my hair insulated me, not only did my hair grow but my sweat doubled. I kept a polite smile on my face, as I felt sweat trickle down my back, and silently cursed her for keeping me just far enough from the interior of the building to enjoy the full effects of the AC.

For some reason, I'd take a gamble to say that she's the woman that tells a 9-month pregnant woman how large and in charge she is.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The business of PCSing.

So, in just under 8 weeks we'll be residents of Colorado.

Gary's started his briefings and paperwork to get this partay started. And, I'm feeling it. I feel like there's all this stuff I should be doing, but there isn't. Gary sets our appointments with the movers and with housing. I just wait. That shadoobie is hard!

There really isn't anything to get rid of, nothing to pack ---as of now, no apartment to lock down (since we decided to live on post AGAIN given that we don't know the area too well---thank you so much for your help though, Whammy!! xxoo), and no plans for me to make. Yet, I still feel like the days go so quickly and that there's bunch to do.

But, there's not, ok, Sammie?!

It's not my default setting to have trouble going with the flow, but the Army makes everything a pain in the hiney. So, that's what I'm anticipating: painful hind-quarters. Actually, I think I'm just having a moment. For instance, Gary's at work, Jake's napping, we're not going out (it's payday, peeps! Hide out!), I may or may not be able to make it to the gym tonight--depending on when my studmuffin gets home. It just feels like I should be doing something because of the PCS deal.

Oh, did my non-military peeps forget what PCS stands for? Sorry, loves: Permanent Change of Station.

But, I really am sooo excited to move to Colorado. The first thing anyone says, when they hear where were going, is how beautiful it is there and how much we'll love it. And, there's all kinds of crap for us to do, which we love! This was my FB status yesterday:

In just under two months, we will reside in Colorado. We'll definitely miss our FABULOUS friends ♥ , and Trader Joe's (obviously), but Colorado will, more easily, help fulfill my dream of Jake becoming a 5 year old snowboarder.

This is true to the uber-degree. I can't wait for us to spend more time outside since we're not being feasted on by mosquitoes. I can't wait for snowboarding, and hiking in all the gorgeous places we're being told about. Love us an adventure, or two!

I feel I should start the process of mourning my departure from Trader Joe's.

It's just so crazy how fast this is happening! I feel like it was just yesterday when Gary and I skyped, while he was in Afghanistan, and he told me he came up on orders. But, it was months ago! Now, it's right around the corner!

Just food for thoughts: We're not opposed to any tips to make this easier! Even though, it'll be fine. It is fine. Just don't know the nature of the PCSing beast since we've never done it before.

Wish us oodles of luck!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Our 4th of July

From a personal standpoint, my 4th was all full of rainbows, puppies, and unicorn farts (you need to know, Gary just asked what, exactly, a unicorn farts? Glitter. Obviously) because my husband was here! That's what really makes any holiday these days; when the three of us get to celebrate, as little or as big as we want, together. So very pulled into Elation-Station. Fo shizz.

We headed to the carnival on post for some music and fireworks, but no funnel cake! Why?! Because I make it at home! Suck on that, $5 per plate carnie food! Digression over. Not suprisingly, we didn't make it to the fireworks. Those turds didn't even start going off until 9:45 and, for those that know Jake, once the clock strikes bedtime [7:30] homeboy's done. But, we thought we'd get wild and give it a go anywho...

We strolled (STROLLER HUMOR!) up around 7pm, pick out our spot, lay out our blanket, and reach under the sunshade of the stroller to get Jake out....he's asleep. Should I have mentioned that he didn't nap that day? Probably because he got up at 10:15. But, whatev.

We don't mess with bedtime often, but we decided to see how things panned out. And this is how it went down...

Members of the Army's Jump Team

After we staked out our spot, Gary took Jake for a walk around our little 'hood. My heart goes all loco looking at my boys <3

OK, so here Jake's being all very Field-of-Dreamsy....After his short walks with his Pops, he did not even let one toe off the Spongebob perimeter. Maybe he's playing that game where the ground is lava?!

This was the only night shot I got! It got to be 9pm (we hoped they might have started the fireworks around 8:30) and we just couldn't make the boy wait any longer. Gary was told they wouldn't be starting for another 30-45 minutes, so we just had to tap. We made the best of it though; opened up our backdoor vertical blinds and watched the show in the dark of our living room, from the comfort of our own couch. We've definitely had worse nights <3

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The one where Grammy came to visit.

First things first, my friend, Amber---of 17 years!! we met in the 3rd grade!, is totes awes and introduced me to, quite possibly, my favorite visual aide: finger guns. Ya know how, sometimes, I get all excited-like and I do :::running man::: or :::the macarena::: etc?! Well, expect a whole lot of


Well, my madre came out ::finger guns:: and Jake could not have been more excited! This pic below is him watching her blow dry her hair! He was obsessed with her! One day, post nap, he woke up and immediately ran over to the bathroom and, when he didn't find her, continued to search the house for her until he found her (she Where's-Waldoed herself into the couch I guess ;-D). He was so happy when he did!

But, this visit was so much fun! It was great having my madre here and even better seeing her and Jake together. So sweet :-) She'd get Jake in the morning, if she heard him before we did, and make him breakfast, get his diapers going.....she took care of us! Jake definitely knows good people :-)

It uber worked out for us because not only did hubbaroonie and myself get to have an entire day of just US time, we got to go to our unit's ball while leaving Jake in completely trustworthy and capable hands.

The ball was sooo much fun! It was great to get my 'do did, wear one of my favorite formal dresses EVAH, and have a fancy-shmancy night out with my better half. I can't even describe how grateful I am for that amazing evening!

sorry, taken from my phone

Doesn't my hair/neck ratio make me look like a piece of broccoli?! No worries, it was only in this pic, swear :-D

The back of this dress was my FAVORITE part!


And, yep, hubby's eyes are looking exactly where you think they are.

I got this dress on for a GREAT price! The quality was amazing and it came super fast! If the opportunity arises, I'll order from them again! It was a relief to know that on the one fancy night we've had in a while, the odds of someone having the same dress was slim to none!

The very next day, Grammy was able to keep Jake all to herself and give us a total day off! It was AMAZING! I did miss the short one, but it was so nice to date my hubby again :-) We saw Bad Teacher, ate a ridiculous amount of movie popcorn, ate at a local Japanese steakhouse (Yamato was soooo good!), and then stopped for some dessert at Applebee's. Such a great, carefree day! I'm pretty fond of my giant.

We were VERY happy to have the opportunity to hang out as a twosome :-D

Once we got back to Grammy and the boy, we made sure to have some splash park time---so Grammy could see the boy in his element! The boy has really grown to love the water. All the other parents kept pointing him out as the example for having no fear!

It was such a great week with my mama! We were sad to see her go, but can't wait 'til she comes back out! We all miss you, love you, and are so grateful for everything you did/do for us!


:::finger guns:::