Friday, July 15, 2011

The business of PCSing.

So, in just under 8 weeks we'll be residents of Colorado.

Gary's started his briefings and paperwork to get this partay started. And, I'm feeling it. I feel like there's all this stuff I should be doing, but there isn't. Gary sets our appointments with the movers and with housing. I just wait. That shadoobie is hard!

There really isn't anything to get rid of, nothing to pack ---as of now, no apartment to lock down (since we decided to live on post AGAIN given that we don't know the area too well---thank you so much for your help though, Whammy!! xxoo), and no plans for me to make. Yet, I still feel like the days go so quickly and that there's bunch to do.

But, there's not, ok, Sammie?!

It's not my default setting to have trouble going with the flow, but the Army makes everything a pain in the hiney. So, that's what I'm anticipating: painful hind-quarters. Actually, I think I'm just having a moment. For instance, Gary's at work, Jake's napping, we're not going out (it's payday, peeps! Hide out!), I may or may not be able to make it to the gym tonight--depending on when my studmuffin gets home. It just feels like I should be doing something because of the PCS deal.

Oh, did my non-military peeps forget what PCS stands for? Sorry, loves: Permanent Change of Station.

But, I really am sooo excited to move to Colorado. The first thing anyone says, when they hear where were going, is how beautiful it is there and how much we'll love it. And, there's all kinds of crap for us to do, which we love! This was my FB status yesterday:

In just under two months, we will reside in Colorado. We'll definitely miss our FABULOUS friends ♥ , and Trader Joe's (obviously), but Colorado will, more easily, help fulfill my dream of Jake becoming a 5 year old snowboarder.

This is true to the uber-degree. I can't wait for us to spend more time outside since we're not being feasted on by mosquitoes. I can't wait for snowboarding, and hiking in all the gorgeous places we're being told about. Love us an adventure, or two!

I feel I should start the process of mourning my departure from Trader Joe's.

It's just so crazy how fast this is happening! I feel like it was just yesterday when Gary and I skyped, while he was in Afghanistan, and he told me he came up on orders. But, it was months ago! Now, it's right around the corner!

Just food for thoughts: We're not opposed to any tips to make this easier! Even though, it'll be fine. It is fine. Just don't know the nature of the PCSing beast since we've never done it before.

Wish us oodles of luck!


SoVeryDomestic said...

Colorado is defo more granola than the south in a lot of ways so even though you're losing your beloved Trader Joe's, I have no doubt there is something similar up there (it's still down there to me lol). Plus didn't one of your girlfriends find organic grocery delivery in CO?! Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Daily Dose of Dahl said...

You'll be awesome at this because that's how you roll girl.

A piece of advice? Anything that is bolted or screwed together that has to be taken apart to be moved (like, say, a crib or bed or dresser and mirror), label a ziploc bag with what it is and put the hardware in it. Makes life SO much easier during unpacking!