Friday, July 29, 2011

I have a problem, yo.

Seriously. I'm aware that if these, which I am about to describe, are my problems, I am beyond blessed. My friend, Erin---whom I get to see SOON!!, and I used to talk about it all the time. When are problems are whether or not to go out to eat, or that we are super tired during those times our hubbies are gone, or even, the ever important, what to wear when I see my hubby for the first time in half a've got it goin' on. And, we do. And? We are aware.

The past 3 weeks, Gary's been going to a combatives course. It teaches various MMA-style fighting techniques; it's offered through the Army. The thing about it is that it changes our day-by-day pretty drastically, so it makes the hours fly by. Before I know it, breakfast is done and I'm cleaning, and getting our day started, during Dora; then, it's playtime for me and Jake; then it's naptime; then, I'm prepping dinner, so my boys can eat while I'm gone; then, if I'm lucky, Gary's home in time for me to make it to zumba. The day goes by in a flash. We basically high-five as we pass each other through our front door.

OK, maybe we see each other more than that during the week, but you get my point, right?! ;-)

Anywho, my problem----> The past couple weekends we've had some great cookouts (cookouts, not BBQs---the south has indoctrinated me!) with friends. But, I'm so "busy" enjoying watching our little nugget playing with other babies that I rarely snap pics of them. I want pictures of my bebeh with the other bebehs, but I'm always like "Aww, you guys have cute pouring out your ears! Where's my camera?! Eh, who cares...." I love enjoying it firsthand! We were leaving one of our favorite family's, the Usserys, house and one of their little girls gave me a kiss and then reached over and gave Jake three kisses! I was too busy being all misty-eyed and gooey to even try to photograph something like that. I have to try, right?!

Anywho squared, I bring up my photography conundrum because Jake is growing so much. His favorite phrases are "mmm, mama" and "nom nom, mama" when I'm getting him something to eat. I have a mental note to catch that on film.

Then, there's my fave-a-roonie thing, he's become a bookworm. And, luckily--depending on who you ask, I suppose--Borders is going out of business and having some really great sales. So, I'm able to feed the reading addiction I've passed to the boy. That's always important to us; not only to give Jake plenty of reading material, but to catch some sort of proof of his bookwormish ways :-)

A couple books I got myself. LONE SURVIVOR is, hands down, the most heroic story I've ever come across. It's the true story of 4 Navy SEALs in combat. I finished it in about 4 days and, I have to say, as soon as I finished I almost flipped to the beginning and started again. Absolutely incredible.

I just started SEAL TEAM SIX last night and I'm loving it already. I highly recommend these reads.

All of Jake's books were $2 or $3, plus the 10 or 20% off from the closing sale. It's great because we can keep plenty of new reading material in front of him, but not pay $8-$10 on a book that he'll, inadvertently, rip apart while he's reading. I love seeing his face when he gets a new book!

We're keepin' him stocked!

And, here are the moments I'm so glad I actually run to grab my camera for....

This one I took on my phone. I was passing his room, while doing some daily chores, and found this scene----which melted me into pieces. See? SOMETIMES I can remember to catch a moment in something other than a memory!

This was on another day. More often than not, he'll go between his toy chest and rocking chair, where we read right before bed, and read whichever book is closest. This time, I actually got this on my camera. Of course, I had to run and grab my camera because, I swear, I spent multiple minutes just staring and had to catch it before the moment was over!

Now, it's like, "Hey, mom, c'mon...the flash distracted me from my sentence. Now I'm all lost. GAH"

But, we're headed to Nashville this weekend, to celebrate mine and Gary's near-decade of being together (9 years! And, he still rocks my world!xo), and I swear, by the holy grilled cheesus, I WILL COME BACK WITH PICTURES.

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Erin said...

I want to hit up borders so bad you have no idea! You little man is, as always, precious! Can't wait to get to meet him (and you of course lol)