Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My version of a cocktail: food and fashion.

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. Went ahead and got myself into a cleaning mode, did a pretty decent clean of the ol' casa, then unraveled. Things started happening that made me feel like I was being pulled in about 37 different directions, then my iPhone slipped off the book I was reading, which was on the counter, and COMPLETELY shattered the front screen. Never fear, a new phone and, more importantly, A PHONE CASE will be here tomorrow.

Thought you could get me down, huh, adulthood? Well, to that I say: Suck it, Trebek.

So, because today has been eventful, and gyrating in zumba can't take place for a few hours, I thought I'd talk about two things I love, besides muh boys: food and fashion. This is how I roll.

No clue what the catalyst was, but I got a wild hair to make homemade pizza. I was all Frankenstein-like and just had. to. create. So, create I did. I didn't really follow a recipe; I just wanted to wing it and learn from myself. So, I decided to make the crust out of a biscuit recipe I had. The biscuits are amazing, and light, and flaky, and fabulous; four adjectives I highly enjoy using to describe my food.

I think I got this pizza stone about 3 years ago, from a Pampered Chef party, and it's as amazeballs as ever.

The pizza's toppings were chicken, veggies, and, of course, cheese. I sidestepped sauce for experimental purposes. Next time, I'll try it with different variations. It's not like pizza can't switch it up!

Right before heading in the oven. I cooked it SUPER slow because, again, I was being all ballsy with my kitchen experimental pizza.

Finished product! Would it be in bad taste to say this pizza was AMAZING?! Ahh, who was!!! :-) It had to be handled a little more gently than typical pizza because the crust was the biscuit dough, but it was sooo good!

This is ridiculous. No other way to describe it. I've been looking at Pinterest, via my--now shattered--phone, and came across a cookie dough-oreo-brownie brownie. I thought "This is out of control. When should I make it?" So, I made it for a cookout we went to last weekend and they made everyone's bellies happy!

I didn't get any pictures of when it was actually cooked, but if you ever have a sweet tooth whip this up and it'll take care of that for about....ever.

On to the fashion....

I'm obsessed with high-waisted these days. I swear, I should have been born in the '50s. This outfit, down below, consisted of a tube top and black skirt, which hit about 3 inches above the knee; it made me feel very ballerina-esque. The skirt fanned out, away from the bod, and definitely made me feel like a tutu, without seeming that way to anyone else--I'm sure. I think my ballerina thoughts were part of my J.D.'ish inner monologue...

This necklace has almost morphed into a part of my neck. I. LOVE IT. It's a cute, quirky little accessory that brings me audacious amounts of joy.

One of my favorite new skirts EVAH. I love the super thick belt. And, I love how said belt can, kind of, act as the outfit's accessory. But, we should be clear. I still wore the feather necklace.

The detailing on the skirt makes my heart happy. Makes me all dreamy, and whimsical.

I wore this outfit on the date-day hubby and I got while my madre was here. I love, again, the little pieces of the outfit. The thick belt, the feather necklace--told ya, I love it!, the little bit of tiers at the top of the top. I heart it! Sometimes a girl just needs to feel purty!

OK, peeps, thanks for taking a gander a completely gratuitous post. I just needed to decompress and talk about stuff that makes me happy!

Also, a bunch of the stuff I'm wearing in this post was purchased from Vanity in our local mall. Apparently, this store has been open for 2-3 years and I am just now discovering it. Blasphemy, I think yes!

But, it's meant to be, Vanity is across the way from Old Navy. Obviously a sign from God.

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